Leg Fully Skinned, Broken Bone Sticking Out After Motorcycle Crash

Leg Fully Skinned, Broken Bone Sticking Out After Motorcycle Crash

Video from Thailand depicts the aftermath of a motorcycle crash. As is typical of motorcycle accident victims, both motorcyclist’s shoes abandoned his feet.

The motorcyclist suffered pretty severe leg trauma. His right leg is fully skinned top to bottom, and a broken bone sticks out from the mess with all flesh stripped off of it. He seems to be alive and conscious, and able to communicate with the rescue worker.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

71 thoughts on “Leg Fully Skinned, Broken Bone Sticking Out After Motorcycle Crash”

    1. I watched an interview once where a woman talked about getting her leg bitten off by a great white shark and she said she didn’t feel any pain at all, she only felt a pop in her leg. I imagine this would be similar and there’d be no pain.

        1. Now mental pain is a different story. I think in that moment since he still had his helmet on and the guy wasn’t letting him move too much he probably didn’t realize how bad his injury was…but he will later.

    1. I don’t know , apart from the obvious breaks,, the muscles and foot look in real good condition, I would say all they’ve got to do is open him up and pin the bones,, but his done thta already for them,

      I recon sort the bones out, hopefully still blood supply to the foot, then just recover cover with the skin,, I think the injury looks a lot worse then it is,,

    1. You literally made me lol in the office. I love when people ask what I’m looking at that made me laugh.

      Its almost as funny when I take bodies to the morgue and people ask ” What’s under that cover?….derpa derp’

  1. That bright blue bulge in his underwear shows that at least his penis is still intact. At least he’ll be able to masterbate. Then again…one legged wanking could be more dangerous than riding a motorcycle.

    1. @brokeback,

      Historically speaking the battle of the bulge has not always been so kind, in 1944 the centre was lost. This time however, even though there was still a lot of damage caused to both western and eastern fronts, the centre was saved from devastation.

      Erect they shall stand so long as the seeds of hope remain.

    1. Yes, I had an educated guess this post would bring out your expertise on the matter, boozer. Such accidents are really brutal. Yours is no exception.

      He got away with it by the skin of his ass! The skin of his leg, not so much.

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