Little Boy Run Over in Brooklyn, New York

Little Boy Run Over in Brooklyn, New York

A four year old boy in Brooklyn neighbourhood of New York City, state of New York, USA, was walking down the side walk minding his own business when suddenly, an out-of-control car jumps the curb, knocks a tree onto the child and proceeds to run him over. However, the boy survived with only minor injuries. His name has not been released but he is one lucky little bugger.

Anyone want to guess the gender of the driver?

Thanks, MrsPink!

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      1. @Stoughton3….. Welcome to the Best Gore…!!! Believe me, same crap happened to me too when I joined in. So I was like, “Oh, well, okay, never mind”. I have developed a few friendships in the long run, and no, you are not a leper, if there is such a thing, trust me, I am the one (leper) not you. 🙂 So take it easy and consider me your door-greeter of BG and your new friend. 🙂

      2. @stoughton, I cannot log in by using the “log in”, i have to click on ” reply” on someone’s comment and log in there.welcome to the site! It is an awesome place to hang and laugh, with some really funny members. I am a newbie myself, but lurked for years. This is my escape.

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  2. A Boy Saved by a Tree!
    by Harumph
    * With apologies to Joyce Kilmer

    I thought that I would never see
    A small boy saved by a small tree.

    The tree undoubtedly gave its all,
    And saved the boy with its quick fall.

    It covered the child, and shielded him.
    Lives can be taken on a whim.

    A female driver made this mess.
    I trust their skills now even less.

    One day they’ll finally learn to drive.
    Until then though, I’m terrified!

    This poem was made by lil’ ole me.
    It couldn’t have happened without BG!

    1. Thanks everyone for your warm reception of that! Sometimes writing a poem can really be worthwhile and precisely makes the point. For me this was one of those times. That is why I shared it with you. 🙂

  3. Looks like the tree hitting him first helped protect him in a way. It knocked him down before the car went over him. If he was to have been hit with the bumper, it may have been a different story.

  4. The tree its branches spread in disbelief, looking at the boy for all he’s worth,
    so sacred every branch and bud, each stem, each twig and leaf, each root that’s stretched for life beneath the earth.

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