Little Girl Falls Out A Moving Car and Into Traffic

Little Girl Falls Out A Moving Car and Into Traffic

Fucking hell… people still driving in violation of DWA!

The video is an example of parenting fail. Little girl was left on the rear seat all by herself, with no child seat and without safety locks engaged. What could possibly go wrong? A child couldn’t possibly give that shiny handle a tug just as the vehicle is taking a sharp left turn, could she? Duh!

It’s only good that there was a car with a dashcam following the failed parent’s car cause now we have another proof of the worthlessness of fleshy viruses. The best thing is, that after they realized that their daughter fell out of the car, both parents jumped out of the car and left it in the middle of the intersection with doors on both sides wide open. DWA truly is a dangerous violation. How about you let mother who was on the passenger seat go get the girl while you pull to the side to prevent further disaster? Better yet, how about you get yourself a child seat and lock the doors so this doesn’t happen in the first place?

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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    1. I wouldn’t rather be dead, but I’d damn sure be a lot of other bad things before I had a kid. I wonder how many of the parental units hanging around here’ll be all up in arms when they see your comment, Mr.Head. Oh, well.

          1. Catch me working like a fucking mule daily , I support my siblings financially. I wont stop fucking the shit out of whores even if my pockets are empty.. I am only human good sir. Shit happens .

        1. Nothing inherently wrong with that. Often, it comes from a sense of understanding the responsibilities that come with it and choosing to not go that route in life.

          On the flipside, many who DO want kids are in no way capable to do so: financially, emotionally, physically, etc. They have taken the human right to bear children and used it as justification for having them, regardless of circumstance.

          When it comes to creating a family, being “selfish” (rational self-interest) is absolutely necessary. If your own personal value system causes harm to yourself, you certainly should not entertain the thought of reproducing.

          1. ive always wanted children but put it off until i was stable ….now i am past that time and i regret my choices……ahh well….i envy those who are ‘selfish’ and have children….lucky souls they are

        2. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish as long as no one else depends on you. I’m not married, and I don’t have any kids. It’s my choice, and I’m sticking with it. I love living for myself, and being able to do whatever I want to do. I enjoy freedom, and independence, that so many of my friends with kids do not. It’s great.

          1. I have two kids and another on the way and i wouldnt swap them for anything. Nothing in the world compares to the love you have for your family.

            If your daddy was a junkie or your uncle raped you as a child id understand why you wouldnt want kids. If you are blessed with a proper family then i feel its natural to want to continue that history and heritage into the future.

          2. Yeah, I can see that. I love my parents, and my aunts, and uncles. So, I feel sorry for somebody who wants to be childless in this life because of a bad family. Sucks for them to let other people control their choices.

    2. Just keep your sausage wrapped and you’ll be fine PH.
      “People who don’t want kids are selfish”…
      Hardly – it’s the ones having kids so they will “always have someone that loves them” that are the selfish ones. No promises of eternal love either.

  1. I fell out of the car once when it was moving though I was too young to remember and my mum slammed the car door on my fingers, again I don’t remember it. Nowadays by law a child has to be sat in a childs car seat and restrained properly with a seat belt. When you look at the driving laws and the way they’re barely implemented in some countries is it a wonder people come to our countries and absoloute hazards to everyone when the get behind a wheel.

    1. By law, yes. But ignorant people don’t follow the law anyways so…. And its not even people coming to our Country that are allowing their kids to sit in a moving vehicle unrestrained… My husband’s cousin turned a corner and her kid fell out of the car. It happens everywhere and those are the people that need to be repremanded for it. Im sorry, but it pure laziness on the parents part and its child endangerment. I would NEVER allow someone to move the vehicle if my kids weren’t in their proper restraints. That’s just stupid.

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