Little Thai Boy Gets Mangled and Loses Brain

Little Thai Boy Gets Mangled and Loses Brain

Been a while since we’ve had real, raw, Thai pointers on Best Gore so here’s a fix.

Little boy was run over by an unknown vehicle. The encounter left the boy’s body badly mangled and brain ejected out of his skull. The boy was clearly betrayed by blue flip flops – you can see one of the in one of the photos. Damn those flip flops.

I don’t actually know for sure if the victim is a boy or a girl. I’m guessing a boy but in some photos it looks more like a girl. Not sure, hard to tell.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

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22 thoughts on “Little Thai Boy Gets Mangled and Loses Brain”

    1. Drccoco will say something along the lines of “Right on obliterator”
      Where I would reply “Drccoco go easy on the thais”
      Then he will respond with “I have to avenge my great grandfather who was banished by a coven of thais”
      then I’ll say gibberish and that’s the end of that. Just saved a lot of comment space

  1. Honestly, if I was the driver, I wouldn’t stop either.
    Third world roads are very dangerous, stupid jaywalkers cross highways all the time, and since most cars don’t have ABS or Airbags, you may get yourself killed by trying to dodge a reckless pedestrians . Besides, even if it wasn’t your fault, you may get lynched by the kid’s family.

    1. It’s the best use of the index finger known to Man. Most people only get to pick their nose with it, or make their choice on a fast food menu. These Thais get to blatantly gawk at dead people with theirs. I’d say that’s pretty damn cool. 🙂

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