Long Smear on the Road – Guy Is Crushed in Half by Truck

Long Smear on the Road - Guy Is Crushed in Half by Truck

This video lacks a bit in terms of picture clarity, plus I don’t have any background info so I’ll just leave it here for the combined wit of viewers to figure out the whats and whys.

The little I know is that the guy was crushed in half by a truck. There is a rather long smear on the road from the encounter. The video was filmed from a moving truck passing by the accident scene which allows one to appreciate how far the victim’s upper body is from his lower body. Victim’s wearing a t-shirt that looks like a football jersey.

Toward the end, the video freezes on a pixilated frame. It’s not your computer, it’s the video.

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      1. His left hand looks like ….well, when a cartoon character gets its foot run over, it just flattens and they jump around afterwards. That’s what it reminds me of….,, but he lacks the legs to jump around.

          1. last thing should be relief you don’t have to concern yourself with those things anymore. even if it were a survivable incident, it makes a person realise what really matters to them in life

  1. This may become even more common in the summer if Brazil fail in their world cup bid . I mean , the Columbians did murder one of their internationals when he scored an own goal in a previous world cup !

  2. I think Paul Simon Describes it best while singing,
    Slip Sliding away,,,,,,,,
    Slip sliding away,,,yea,,e,, yea,,eeeeee
    You know the nearer your destination,,
    The more ya slip,, slidin awayyyyy! 😉

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