Long Sweater Gets Caught in Motorcycle Gears, Leads to Severe Hand Trauma

Long Sweater Gets Caught in Motorcycle Gears, Leads to Severe Hand Trauma

A long sweater a woman riding a motorcycle was wearing somehow got caught in the gears, leading to her hand getting sucked in and shredded. The video shows witnesses helping her whiny ass to release her mangled hand.

Loose garments and spinning machine parts don’t mix very well.

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84 thoughts on “Long Sweater Gets Caught in Motorcycle Gears, Leads to Severe Hand Trauma”

    1. That says a lot about her husband. She thinks he cares more about the bike it appears.

      What dumbshits. They need to stop damaging her arm further and take that wheel apart. Give her some good pain meds to knock her out and disassemble the wheel. Oh well!

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  2. Why the hell would anyone put there hand near anything thats spinning that fast, Anyone who’s worked on a bike would say that’s a dumb idea. Just like the idiots who look down the barrel of a loaded gun, anyone who knows about guns would say that’s a dumb idea. This is how we know whos a idiot and who’s not.

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    1. That’s probably how this whole thing went down… @brokeback

      One of her meat-curtains could’ve got snagged in the gears as they were flopping in the breeze…

      She reaches down… frees her flopping meat-flap and proceeds to get her sweater stuck instead…


  4. How this day was any different than the ones before .
    Nonetheless kudos to her for being this inventive to rev up the bike with one of her hand from the axle side .
    More like the freak show there ……
    now you have it ! now you don’t !!
    And Goddammit where is that devil of a bloody sweater ? all I am seeing here is a lot of blood , sweat and some of that cleavage.
    From now on she will have to go riding one handed .

  5. Riding a motor bike in flip flops (we call them thongs in Australia) is her first mistake… The dude rescuing her should of taken his flip flops off and bitch slapped her stupid arse!!!

  6. Accidents happen. But for the record her husband should be attentive to this lady’s trauma. I hope he won’t beat her for this injury and its subsequent disfigurement. My aunt lori has Down’s syndrome and is ten years older than me. When i was about 13 i learned a valuable lesson about people with disabilies: no one is perfect. Yet we do have our gifts. Well. My aunt at this time was 22-23 and at this time lived a few blocks away and stopped by one day when my parents were at work. Lori needed some detergent so we went to the basement. Lori had a great bubble butt. I told her as much. Although she was slow my hard on had given me away. I led her to the bathroom and without passion or even kissing her l pulled on her jeans but couldn’t get them unhitched. Never tried to stop me. She just asked what you doing. I said it aloud, nervous. She got red – faced and undid them for me. Then i pulled them down to her ankles panties and all. I made her rotate halfway with anxious baby steps…. And bent her over this toilet ….. It took effort and a little spit to get my dick in her ass. But her special gift was now mine. Just like a one armed woman must adapt her special charms, we should all be so pliable and careful of judgements.

    1. I’m confused as to what the moral of your story is.
      Is it not to judge people with a disability, or is it to fuck a person ( who is also family) that is disabled??
      Please enlighten me

      1. Exactly @Jane what a creepy Moron he can be and I laughed at the way he went on to jot it over .
        Sick turd to be fucking his own aunt ……..and delcaring it here on this platform for all to read and applaud his cunt fucking sickening deeds.

      2. I lost my thread early on because of my feeble attempt to compare two different instances: the now disabled one-armed lady next to my first sexual experience. I have no excuse for my muddy narrative. I think i tried to approach the idea of one’s special gifts and how disabilty tends to improve upon some other aspect which is lacking. People were kind of dogging the wounded girl for missing her arm…. But maybe due to this misfortune something will have to improve for her out of necessity. My aunt is slow, but i am not. Her ass fucking made us both better people.

    2. WTF? well at the start I thought here’s someone who is compassinate enough not to make a mockery of someone in distress but right through the middle of it your exploits exhibit what a sick mentality you have in taking undue advantage of the people and that too your very own aunt who suffered from Down’s syndrome and whom you took for a ride What message you mean to convey is undecipherable and losat its true semblance .
      For doing what ya did we’ll have a Medallion cut out and sent to ya .

  7. omg i grew up riding bikes crashed several time seen the doc for a few talk about a needel in a hay stack, whats the odds? shit like this blows my mind. the law of common sense comes to mind, id hate to be in her place. has anyone ever even herd of people doing as she did? i havent.

  8. So I gotta call bullshit on this it’s clear she lost her diddling hand but the whole part were a Spaniard hands him a less than razor sharp knife is balderdash I’ve yet in my close to 49 years see a Mexican to carry a dull knife aka cabbage cutter the small southern town I was born and raised saw a drastic influx of the taco eaters at the time of year the cabbage would be harvested and it was common practice to first observe one shaving with said knife only to spend the next 12 hours cutting cabbage in the fields only to eat beans sharpen knife and repeat the same process the next day!!! Moral of my story is this what take off the wheel what not severe the minuscule peice of skin barley attaching the hand to the arm??? Hell who knows may even saved em a couple peso’s

  9. At least she can still cook, give handjobs, do laundry, give back rubs, scrub floors, swat flies… though she can never again solve a rubik’s cube , juggle, give 2 handjobs at once, serve at tennis, do gymnastics or type and masturbate at the same time.

  10. I’d be interested to know if they managed to salvage anything of her hand? While the video looks brutal I think most of the damage was covered with her sweater. They may be able to reattach her hand if it was merely a clean two snap.

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