Louisa-Muscatine School Bus Crashes and Flips on the Side

Louisa-Muscatine School Bus Crashes and Flips on the Side

Multiple angle view video of a Louisa Muscatine Community School District bus crash has been released after parents of each child that can be identified in the video agreed to the release.

The video sparked a debate in Iowa about equipping school buses with seat belts, which I think is over the top. For one – no matter what you do, kids of that age are often unruly so there will always be some who will not wear the seat belt just because. Thus all seat belts would achieve is add extra time to boarding and vacationing the bus, and may even add an extra level of danger if the bus was hit by another large vehicle.

But most importantly, If we start making seat belts in buses mandatory to wear, where will it stop? If we’re gonna care so much about safety of the kids, we may as well require them to wear helmets, and equip buses with amusement park seat pads that come over the head to lock one in place…

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      1. From the Dukes of Hazard. An eighties tv show about the south. google the general lee car. It’s about some good old boys never meaning no harm making their way the only way they know how but that’s just a little bit more than the law will allow.

  1. That was a good lesson for those children, they learned that life can come crashing down around you regardless of perceived safety and/or position if the guy at the wheel is a complete and utter fuckwit.

    All children should be forced to go through the above lesson before being given the right to vote.

    1. By the way, when “Louisa” was born, did he/she have ambiguous genitalia, or was this a transgender case? Maybe his parents didn’t know how to spell Louis properly or everyone named Louisa has facial hair in Iowa. Hmmm… Lots of possibilities out there, but as @Senior Piggy said “That’s the ugliest Louisa I’ve ever seen” 😆

  2. I think seatbelts should be fitted but I can’t see it working if was the law to wear them. As you pointed out Akneska it would be pretty unworkable. Bus drivers would become responsible for little brats who don’t know how to do what they are told which isn’t fair on them.

    1. Yes, putting the onus on the driver’s wouldn’t be fair, not with school kids, who, as you said, are not usually inclined to abide by the rules.

      I imagine the kid in the grey hoodie will be a tad apprehensive about getting on the school bus again, he took off faster than Buzz Lightyear !

  3. Seat belts on busses are not something unusual here, either is Airbags… Its only optional in ‘muricah, because they think its gonna ruin their “cool” levels?… We’re talking about security here, not chaining you to a chair for no damn reason.

  4. Buses are designed based on the principle of compartmenalization. Seat belts are not required because the high seat backs and short seat bottoms are specifically designed to keep children (and adults) contained in the smaller space avoiding injury.
    That being said…when a bus flips on its side, those kids will bounce. But it could’ve been a lot worse.

  5. I find your argument against mandatory seat belts pretty week. Most european countries now have all public vehicles fitted with belts by law, and it’s against the law not to wear them. I’m not sure how many lives this has saved, but I’m sure it’s worth that extra 2-3 second longer delay to save a life.

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  7. Hello everyone longtime fan of BG but seeing this I had to make an account. Louisa and Muscatine are names of counties in western Iowa along the Mississippi River across from Illinois and Muscatine is also the name of the town. I live in the Quad Cities and this is 45 minutes away from me. This actually happened a couple months ago.

    1. Me too, like, almost had the same thought.
      Mine was more: Holy shit, the ceiling just became the ground, and the ground is on top now, omg…
      And, stupid as I am, I laughed…
      Also, it’s funnier in French…

  8. This is why I drive my kids to and from school. I never trusted bus drivers driving my kids around, who knows what they’re on. When my two youngest started pre school they had to take the bus and the driver was always rocking side to side like he was tripping on acid.

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