Lucky Fuckers Narrowly Escape Death

Lucky Fuckers Narrowly Escape Death

Not sure where this takes place.

On a three lane highway, a vehicle is on the emergency lane with hazards and at a standstill. Out of the blue, a large truck is in a rump rip-roaring mood and decides to play bumper-trucks.

There are two men on or around the parked vehicle as the rushin’ truck reveals its in no mood for any stalin’. The so oh oh urgent truck takes what’s left of the backended vehicle with it.

Props to @honkeykong for the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

90 thoughts on “Lucky Fuckers Narrowly Escape Death”

  1. Wholy Fuck… Lucky Fuckers is right. Looks like Europe by the license plates. Must have won the Lucky Fuck Lottery on this day. Could you imagine even having the mindset to even comprehend running off the freeway after jumping for your life? WTF!! That red cab rig didn’t even slow down.

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  2. License plates look like European and the still image looks like niggers on the road. So in my drunken wisdom you can only come to one conclusion, two shitskin invaders were… A) stealing the rims off of a broken down vehicle B) broke down on the road in their stolen vehicle C) looking for white women to howl at D) truck driver was trying to delete knuckle draggers E) all of the above.

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          3. @stephgw64
            Why would you assume the 1/2 is you? Who are you and why would I read your profile?
            But, yeah, great joke though that you just made up.
            Really short story. I was stopped at a red traffic light one day last week when a very short school bus stopped beside me in the center lane. A cockeyed drooling retard with its window down was telling its friends the exact same joke, only difference is it was funny.
            Oh, and nice posture in the photo. You look like something Jeff Dunham would have his arm up inside of.

            Sorry. I assumed that you knew who honkey kong is. He says that he lives very close to a D-1 college campus that hosts legendary ACC football games but he would rather stay home making Run DMC mixed tapes.
            And no, I don’t know what you mean.

            Sarge. Get a job, lose the weight and throw out the shit stained recliner that your skin has grown into. It’s not your mothers job to keep you alive.

            SS. Great work on headlines and video descriptions. Just imagine if you had finished high school.

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  3. Aww! that was a close shave for the duo who probably had stopped by the highway to jerk off their slimy load and who knew the two would simply wink away the death all because they didn’t realize how lucky someone can get when they decide to loosen up their nuts on the motorway.
    I think their parked car took the worst hit as after the bloody impact it went , VAMOOSH ! .
    Gotta say the freak on the wheels enjoyed careening side to side jumping lanes nearly killing the others as well .
    This was their pure luck when death decided in sparing duo;s lives.

  4. I worked for the RAC for 10 years in the UK
    & the worst place to park is on the emergency shoulder of the motorways . . .
    if you have to park there for whatever reason it’s best to climb over the siding & just sit in the grass verge until help arrives…. this is a true tale . . . .

  5. those cunts were caught up in some sort of a space time bending matter poetry reading continuum or some very similar homo shit. if you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of the fucking enterprise, for all you gaytards out there in the final frontier.

  6. It happend at A4 motorway in Poland around 4.30 am today. Later on there was another 2 accidents (1st crash – one guy being trapped inside wrecked car. 2nd crash – 2 people killed). Both took actions just few kilometers after this one.

      1. All news I could find were published from 6 up to 18 hours ago. 3 of the articles were mentioning this crash (red truck, early morning, unknown reason for sudden move to the right side, etc.) Maybe it did happend few days ago and they just used this to make it look more tragic along with the other crashes.

    1. Nah mate, just shit quality video. Go to the slow motion at 00:24 and you can see them both jump off the back of the truck right before impact. Does look like they appear out of nowhere at full speed though.

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