Man Assists Driver to Park, Driver Pins His Foot to Curb

Man Assists Driver to Park, Driver Pins His Foot to Curb

Man Assists Driver to Park, Driver Pins His Foot to Curb

I got no backinfo about this video. The sheer incompetence of the driver however strongly suggests a female behind the wheel.

The CCTV footage shows a guy assisting the incompetent driver to park into a spot which should need absolutely no assistance. But the driver soon shows why she needed assistance. Unfortunately for the assistant, he got his foot pinned hard to the curb, when the driver apparently confused the brake pedal with the accelerator.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Thank you for eleven years of Best Motherfucking Gore.

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      1. Yea but In All Fairness Guys,,, With Both @happy or, (@vincitomniaveritas ) and @SeraphimSerenata Posting at Different Times And Such,,, you can See how Something Like This Could/Would Happen To Any Of Us Also!

        I Am Actually Surprised That It Does Not Happen More Often, With All Of The Many Years, Being Almost (12 Full Years) Now, that With Our Brother Mark Posing On Here,,, I Can Honestly Say, That I Can Only Count (On One Hand), How Many Times That It Has Happened, and That Is Pretty Fucking Good My Brothers.

        Nothing Wrong With Seeing Any B G Video more than once, as they are after all ALL Good Ones

          1. @darkrose

            Lol, Girl,,,,, Lol. Cause As You Say Deja Foot cause that poor guy had to have the same foot broken again before it even had a chance to heal-up properly, just because Mark wanted to film-it again, lol, That Selfish Bastard 😉

        1. Dre, did you ever consider that maybe Mark knew that this video had already been posted, but he thought that the comments were a let down? Maybe he is just giving us another chance to live up to his expectations.

        1. If Illuminati control doesnt exist, why do the numbers of the roulette wheel from 1 to 36 add up to 6 66?

          Why is England’s emergency number for dialling 999?

          Why did the occult numerology of 911 exist WAY prior to 9th/11?


          USA emergency number: 911

          Porche 911

          Featured in:

          Back to the future: 911 (features twice at time of terror attack at ‘twin pines’ shopping centre)

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          Stanley Kubrick made a move about Illuminati “Eyes Wide Shut” It was the last film he ever made, before he died/was killed.

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          Michael Jackson’s album was “Blood on the Dancefloor” but if you look closely, he is standing on the mortarboard Freemason’s temple floor. Was he saying, murder, on the Freemasons?

          We’ll never know, but funny how he ended up dead a few years later also.

          Food for thought?? .. It fckn should be!!

          Freemason mantra: ”Hidden, in plain view” ..

          Gee .. I wonder what that means?? ..

          1. Yeah, Freemason cunt Bill Clinton got real upset when asked by an indie reporter if he’d ever been to Bohemian Grove, he said : ” I’ve never been there , son.. ”

            Maybe so, but ..

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  1. Holy shit, I think I just travelled back in time! Now all I have to do is do it again, and go back to 1943 and make sure Hitler wins World War 2 by telling him what a nuclear bomb is, and so that (((THEY))) are successfully exterminated from the earth so that we can FINALLY live together in peace.

    1. Everyone says that women should be in the kitchen, but that is the most dangerous place in the house. I have learned that when it comes to my house, they should stay in bed. Everything else they do, should be done at their house.

  2. Hey guys! How many years do you watch BestGore and what was the reason?
    I don’t know how long ago, I think maybe 13 or 12 years ago, I heard about 2 man being slaughtered (sorry for my English) one with a chainsaw and one with a knife… that was the moment I searched on the internet for that video and that’s how I found BestGore. First years I didn’t had a account because I was a little bit ashamed that i liked to watch al this horrible things.. but I’m coming out: I love this site and watched it every day..
    So my question is : how long do you guys watch this and what was the reason? Maybe fun to know from each other.

    1. I can’t remember when I found BG, but I started reading about/looking for these types of things when I was 13 and found some of the Faces Of Death VHS tapes at the local video store. It was good, but it didn’t really work for me. Aside from a lot of it being fake, it just didn’t answer any of my primal curiosities about violent death.
      In 1999, at 18 yrs old, I got the internet and found Rotten and another site that I wish I remembered the name of. Anyone else remember a second gore site from back then? It was a good one, but I think it had non-gore categories as well.

      When did BG come online? I feel like I’ve been coming here forever.

          1. @shadarus no, that wasn’t it. This was in maybe 2000.
            I do remember the site hate a pics section and a vid section. Each video had several links next to it like “Windows Media”, “Streaming”, etc.
            It was in the days of dialup and it took forever to watch anything.

            I remember a video that was popular on the site where some Asian girl was vomiting into a bowl after shoving her entire fist into her mouth. Then she ate…well, drank the contents of the bowl. Looked like creamed corn and raisins. Lol

            I wish I could remember the site name.

      1. Yeah ! Hahaha I remember. And faces of death omg I never ever ran harder out of the house of my friends when they turned the video on play. Never understand why people hurt animals. Thanks for sharing:)

          1. Really ? I never watch the whole video.. it was to messed up. Dont know why people want to hurt innocent cute animals.. I could torture the people who do this for weeks months years!

  3. On the first version it clearly showed a shit for brains man driving and exiting the vehicle, kinda makes the write up look a bit stupid! 9 times out of 10 on here it’s men doing dangerous shit behind the wheel. Learn to drive men!!

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