Man and Child Die Trying to Overtake Truck on Motorcycle

Man and Child Die Trying to Overtake Truck on Motorcycle

According to the info I got, this happened on a road near the city of Talakondapalle in the state of Telangana, India. The video shows the aftermath of a fatal accident in which several members of the same family died.

The cameraman didn’t offer conclusive shots, but to me it looks like at least two people – a man and a child, presumably a father and a son – died on the road. There could be another dead person in the mass but like I said, the cameraman didn’t offer better shots. The woman crying could be the surviving mother.

Apparently, the bikers didn’t wear safety helmets and lost control of the motorcycle while overtaking a truck.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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48 thoughts on “Man and Child Die Trying to Overtake Truck on Motorcycle”

  1. So here is the translation guys , there where some parts which i could not understand too i tried hard.

    Guy1: call the police
    Guy2 talks to distress girl : can call your relatives?
    Distress girl : ahh?
    Guy1 : non understandable dialect
    Distess girl : crying says ” Kill me too ! oh my sons.
    Guy 2: non understandable dialect
    Distess girl : look at it, even the bike wont work , whose is the truck / lorry?
    Guy2: is this your truck/lorry?
    3rd person: where is your vehicle?
    3rd person: calling the police
    Guy1: this is too gory
    Guy2: which village are you from?
    Distress girl: im not from here, im from warangal ( its an urban district in telengana)
    Guy1 : looks at the corpse and goes all grossed out
    Distess girl: i was not feeling well so we where riding to a homeopathy hospital for check up but later i denied and turned back , now my fate is burned and because of me my sons have died and im the only one left
    3rd person: non understandable speaks in a different dialect
    Distess girl: i work there ( some place she mentions)
    Guy1 : are you guys coming from this way or that way?
    Distess girl: we where going home from here

  2. It’d be much better if she died too. Poor bitch won’t ever forget what she saw. The brains and blood everywhere.
    Stupid man destroyed the family. People now a days have no patience. Shitheads risk there lives and the lives of the ones around them for saving a mere minute or two.
    8-10 years ago my family of 5 used to commute on a single moped (When we had a pretty fucked up financial condition), but we were lucky enough to not end up like this (At least not yet but who knows the future :P).

    1. I know @thedre, same here 🙂
      The video is all about a crying woman. We didn’t even get a close-up to the kids…
      Oh, and by the way, is India trying to beat Brazil and Dieland, right now? Cause I see lots of videos from there lately…
      I see a road that will be hard to clean up, too 🙂
      Ah, those kids, we can never stop them from playing and messing around, huh?!
      Nah, come on, they’re not even dead…Just kidding, I know they are 🙁

  3. It’s a pity how one testosterone-induced mistake has life-changing consequences. 🙁
    The mother is actually taking it in quite well, I would have expected her to be hysterical.
    Perhaps she is just in shock.

  4. Lost both her sons because she couldn’t man up and make it through a cold without going to the witch doctor. She’s worried the motorcycle is broke, lol. Typical.

    On another note-phuk you camerman!! Was not viewable until I downloaded and rotated in VLC.

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