Man Crossing Road Gets Plowed Square On by Truck

Man Crossing Road Gets Plowed Square On by Truck

Man Crossing Road Gets Plowed Square On by Truck

Not much backinfo, but it looks like the video is from China. The CCTV footage shows what looks like an older man trying to cross a road.

He enters the road and waits for a truck to pass in the far lane. But as that track passes, another one approaches but this time in the lane he was standing on.

Typically, the Chinese driver did not look in front of the vehicle and plowed the man square on despite him standing right in front of the driver’s nose.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

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      1. The truck in question is exactly the same as the trucks parked on the other side if the street. Looks like the truck didn’t even make it out if its own compound. Therefore one could conclude the driver was pissed with his boss, big time, and ran him down for giving his Sunday afternoon shift away to the new guy…….

    1. @LudicrousLassy. No; it doesn’t work that way, the important thing is the mass of the vehicle.

      A moving object possesses kinetic energy which is the amount of work, measured in joules, required to accelerate an object of a given mass from rest to a stated velocity. Having gained this energy during acceleration from zero to the stated velocity, the object retains this value of energy unless the velocity changes.

      The same amount of energy is required to decelerate the object from the stated velocity to zero.

      When objects collide there is a transfer of this kinetic energy between them. A proportion of the energy will cause changes to the velocity of the objects, and the remainder is absorbed by the structures and released as heat.

      If no energy is absorbed by the objects in the collision, it is termed an elastic collision i.e. the total kinetic energy of the two bodies after the encounter is equal to their total kinetic energy before the encounter.

      In contrast, an inelastic collision occurs when the kinetic energy is not conserved due to the action of internal friction which, through vibration of the constituent atomic particles in the objects, causes a heating effect and deformation of the objects.

      In this truck v man scenario, the kinetic energies of the two objects are not conserved and the collision is inelastic.

      The kinetic energy ‘lost’ results in some heat, and a lot of deformation; the dent in the front of the vehicle and the structural changes to the pedestrian.

      If we assume that the other factors involved in the collision e.g. mass of the pedestrian, angle of collision, initial velocities, resilience of the vehicle and pedestrian and the coefficient of restitution (how much of the kinetic energy remains for the objects to rebound from one another vs. how much is lost as heat, or work done deforming the objects) remain the same, we can look at the effect of the mass of the vehicle on the energy brought to the collision.

      Mass of the pedestrian is m

      Mass of truck is M

      Speed of truck is v (I’m not using velocity as that also factors direction)

      The energy transferred to heat and deformation in an inelastic collision is (Mv)2 / 2(m+M)

      Given that the mass of the truck is significantly greater than the mass of the pedestrian you can see that the major contributor to the damage is the mass of the truck.

      Doubling the speed will result in even more energy transfer.

      In simplistic terms, which is going to cause more damage if they are both hitting you at the same speed, a ping pong ball or a brick?

  1. The fuck took him so long to proceed crossing once that truck passed? He was looking at it an awe and then got smashed haha. “Rwooorww rook at rat truck” *im just gonna stand here and stare at it*- BAM

  2. An idiot walks out into a busy street and you defend the idiot? Typical liberal thinking. I am a trucker and it takes me roughly 300-500 feet to stop. You can’t just walk out into the street like you own it. Especially one with trucks.

    1. I think that I have figured this one out. caRnAGE got the most votes, and was contacted by Mark after the “nomination game”. Then Mark takes a trip for the purpose of “self-discovery”. Someone else hinted to this, which got me thinking, but I believe that they met up in an undisclosed location so that caRnAGE could be trained in the ways of the Mark. I imagine that part of the training is similar to police training, in that caRnAGE would walk through a building with various cardboard cutouts that would pop up. One example would be an image of an old man with curly sideburns, walking towards an infant, would pop up. Bang! Mark asks caRnAGE why he shot the man. “Sir, he was going to mutilate the baby’s penis, Sir”. “Very good” Mark would say. Some trials may be as basic as writing such phrases as “white knights are bad”, a hundred times on a chalkboard.

          1. Well… When you’re part of a crew and one of you gets made.. It’s like.. We all get made!.. The only reason Kong and I can’t get made, is because we’re only half Sicsillyan and MARK can’t trace our family back to the old cuntry…

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          1. xsookiex I avoid his films and also that matthew mconanahey. You sit down to watch what you think is an adventure film and in the first 10 minutes it turns into a romance woman’s film and why is it when a man dates a muslim woman he has to get all political?

          2. I think the only flick I’ve seen with him in it is ocean’s 11 lol he’s too much of a sleazeball for my liking. I dont recall ever having seen McConaughey!

          1. all i said was HK let’s don’t cry over carnage, that’s not exactly jelloing, anyway have you noticed since we debunked that fake carnage that he’s disappeared? odder and odder…No jelloing sookiex

          2. Yeah @sloth12 . I was just messin with ya anyway. When people are here all the time, and then they disappear, it gets people wondering. When I’m gone, I would like to believe that I would be missed, and talked about.

          3. You’ll definitaley be missed HK. Funny jokes, quick witted, cheeky. Sometimes i wonder if my posts sound harsher than if i was saying it.
            Funny how people go missing, Like that David Paulides 411 thing. Carnage really did just go quiet, he posted some on the forums for a while then nothing.


          4. Thanks @sloth12. You would be missed as well (We probably aren’t helping with the “woman’s romance thing”). I agree that things can get lost in translation when texting something, rather than the spoken word. Sometimes when I text people, my keypad will automatically be on “all caps”, and I don’t bother to change it. I often get text back like “why are you yelling at me!”. Also, that clip you posted has been blocked in the US.

          5. Yeah i know HK , sometimes i call people a fucking cunt and they don’t see the funny side of it.

            I often wonder if you lot can see what i post, it was about a shooting in london. Thanks for letting me know it didn’t get through.

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