Man Crushed by Car Against Wall of Convenience Store in Monterrey, Mexico

Man Crushed by Car Against Wall of Convenience Store in Monterrey, Mexico

A man was struck by a car and crushed against the wall of a convenience store at the intersection of Fidel Velázquez Avenue and San Fernando Street in the Mitras Norte colony, Monterrey, state of Nuevo León, Mexico.

The victim was identified as 55 year old Martín Alonso Perez Camacho. Owing to the severely crushed midsection, including semi-amputation of both legs at the hip, he was transferred to the University Hospital, however according to the local media, doctors reported that he had no vital signs upon arrival.

I do not know what his current condition is, but that statement from the docs sounds like he died. Too bad he didn’t live in Connecticut. He would have been saved by a woman clearing the path for herself.

Props to Best Gore member @cyanide-whiskey for the videos. First video was filmed from a vehicle passing by the tragic scene:

Second video shows paramedics trying to recover the body of the man who seems to be still alive, although the way his leg is twisted out of shape is telling:

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90 thoughts on “Man Crushed by Car Against Wall of Convenience Store in Monterrey, Mexico”

    1. Omg when they started pulling him out, I seen his shoe right there by his hip area and I was praying it was just his empty shoe because if not, that’s mean his pelvis or leg bone was broken for the shoe to be where it was….sure enough it wasn’t just his empty shoe…poor guy. Ughh

  1. Juan left his house on his usual afternoon walk. He stopped at the local church. There, he got on his knees and prayed to the Virgin Mary to keep him safe at all times. He had donated 100 dollars to the church that afternoon. Confident that the virgen of Guadalupe would protect him from harm, he saw the pickup coming, but did not get out of the way.
    It seems that the Virgin of Guadalupe was busy giving head to three hells angels and missed the whole pickup truck thing. That’s what happens when you put it your faith in a virgin.

  2. He must have had a pulse or the paramedics would not have masked him for O2 or have been supporting his neck. If he were dead then it would have been an extraction without the medical support. You don’t put a C-collar on a corpse.

  3. According to the news, he was alive when the paramedics got to him and even gave them directions to the closest hospital (i think they would know that) but he died the soonest they got there. Poor man, he was pinned by his car that was struck by another.

  4. Store owner should be relieved that damage to his storefront was minimal. Just sweep some debris, replace the broken window and rinse away some blood from the sidewalk. Man of steel saved the store

  5. In accidents with severe trauma there is something called rapid extrication. It’s when the person is so gravely injured that you don’t worry as much about arms and legs and you just secure the persons’ c-spine as best as you can and get them out and to a hospital.

    That said, the way they let this guy drop to the fucking ground like a load of meat was pathetic. Right about the time I was thinking hmmm, kind of impressed with the response capabilities of these guys the guy is allowed to drop like a sack of shit.

    Rescuers should have been in that window it was being recorded from supporting him so he wouldn’t be dropped onto the jagged debris like he was. Yeah, the guy was masticated and likely dying or even dead but if you have any concern at all for doing all you can for him you don’t let him drop.

    I won’t vacation in any of these Third World hell holes any more. I’d be nervous about going to a hospital with a broken leg for fear of infection or death let alone with something life threatening. A friend of mine from work died in the DR from a heart attack. He made it all the way to the hospital conscious and alert and died there. If he were anywhere but some primitive dump probably not even as capable as a veterinary clinic he may just still be alive.

  6. When you can see the femoral head with the unaided eye, shit is bad. Not having him hooked up to iv’s in both arms before they moved the car pretty much assured he would die, though I think it was assured the moment the car hit him.

  7. The victim seems to be fucking the wall of the convenience store at the start of the second video. The first responders don’t seem to be very well trained. Dropping your patient on the ground like that surely must be a no no. You are just aggravating the injuries the poor bastard has already suffered. With his torn leg at that angle, I think he can kick his own stupid ass if he is of a mind to.

  8. I almost never feel bad for people in these posts but I felt bad for this dude. He looked conscious enough to be aware he’d been broken and mangled like a ragdoll. Who knows what he was thinking about there.

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