Man Crushed to Death in India, Left Leg Flattened

Man Crushed to Death in India, Left Leg Flattened

This happened in the town of Patharkandi, Karimganj district, state of Assam, India. The video from an aftermath of a fatal traffic accident.

The victim appears to have been run over and crushed to death. His left leg is flattened, and a mix of blood and guts splashed around him after being pressure squeezed out of his body.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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92 thoughts on “Man Crushed to Death in India, Left Leg Flattened”

  1. You FLAT-uiated again!!!!

    Maybe this guy was also a FLAT-uiatiator as well. That leg will bring him FLAT comments here at Best Gore.

    His must be FLAT-ambidextrous he can kick the soccer ball with his leg thru the fence spaces.

    What fucking FLAT ass !!!!

      1. His upper body looks intact so probs he was very much alive right after the accident took place. & yeah maybe even @ the time of recording the vid he showed signs of life or else who would try to give water to a dead person right ? & I think it’s a guy who’s giving him water.

  2. I couldn’t see the video, but the picture reminded me of the movie Rodger rabbit when that bad cop gets run over by a steam roller. He gets flattened but blow’s him self back up. This guy should stick his thumb in his mouth and blow. He’ll be as good as new.

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