Man Cut in Half on Road in Bangladesh Survives with One Shoe Missing

Man Cut in Half on Road in Bangladesh Survives with One Shoe Missing

According to the information I got, this happened in Bangladesh. A man was apparently run over by a vehicle, and left on the road cut in half. The video shows him being still alive, even flipping from being on his stomach to being on his back.

As we all know, flip flops are a co-conspirator with the death so where there is one, the other usually isn’t far behind. And when Ms. Death claims a victim, their flip flops depart and leave them behind like a woman leaves her husband for half of his wealth. But in this case, the victim wore proper footwear, yet one of them still departed. Ms. Death has a thing for shoes, me thinks.

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56 thoughts on “Man Cut in Half on Road in Bangladesh Survives with One Shoe Missing”

      1. Hindus believe that the water from the Ganga River can cleanse a person’s soul of all past sins, and cure the ill. So they often take a sip once they’re dying. I doubt that bottled of water comes from the river, but I’ve seen loads of Hindus being offered some water after an accident.

      1. Yea,,, these asshole belong with Neanderthals me thinks, with all these assholes recording what probably are his last minutes of life instead of at least trying to help this poor guy. But i guess it’s more important for them selfish bastards, to just let him bleed-out on the hot pavement, while the other asshole Neanderthal type drivers beep their fucking horns at him.

    1. Fuck, i cannot believe that he managed to survive with only 1 “ONE” fucking shoe on. Could you imagine what would have happened if he lost 2 “TWO”??? whaa!! i don’t even want to go there 🙁

  1. Of course, nobody will step in and comfort this poor Man, who is going through what must be for him, the most horrific time in his entire life. All they have to do is for one person to kneel down, and speak to him gently by reassuring him that help is on the way, as this alone will help lower his heart rate, and therefore slow his blood flow, and help keep SHOCK at bay, while another tries to locate the bleeding arteries and try pinching them off, at least until help arrives, in order for him not to bleed-out on the street. In my First Aid, or (Emergency Kit), i have 2 sets of thin locking surgical pliers that lock into place once it is squeezed, in order to pinch off blood vessels, or more importantly main arteries. But i highly doubt that anybody there has the proper medical training, or even the “Most Basic Of Emergency Kits” necessary to even administer any type of basic First-Aid. 🙁

  2. Fuck-Man,,, i just watched the video a second time, and noticed that out of about 10 assholes standing by, at least 8 of them were on their phones recording this poor Mans unfortunate situation. But that’s not the worst part, what was worse, was the fact that everyone of those idiots were recording it holding their Apple Products Vertically, instead of Horizontally. Will these SHEEPLE ever learn??? 🙁

  3. This site overtime makes me bless my life!!!

    Imagine being that poor fucker own the street! No one, NO ONE, gives a fuck. No “hey, bro. vereythings will be fine” and some cuddling! Nothing!!!

    This is world is sick. No CUMpassion, no nothing! Survival of the fittest ! Sad.

    While this fucker gets CRUSHED and 1 shoe is missing, I just made another 48,000.00 bucks of profits with crypto currency.

    I love being rich!

  4. fuck im high again today so its hard to not comment on anything lol hes probably gonna pass his rest of his life in whellchair if his lucky enough to survive wich i dont think just coz it happens in bangladesh so rip ….some other fella will enjoy wearing his shoes

    1. I was in a serious caraccident yrs ago and taken to the intensive care (got the scars on my face to proof it lol); after the crash i was still conscious and heavily bleeding, thought i was gonna die. But no panic, nothing; i was in peace with it, i remember thinking ”well this was it” before i went unconscious. Not much pain either, the pain came later like wow unbelievable. My face and (fractured) nose stayed over-sensitive for years, that sucked big time. Buy hey, can’t complain, i survived xD.

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