Man Cut in Half by Train in Africa

Man Cut in Half by Train in Africa

This video was captured in an undisclosed country within Southern Africa. Locals were treated to a grisly scene after a man who was trying to cross the railway track was cut in half by a cargo train carrying copper concentrates.

With the exception of South Africa, not many countries in this region have railways, and wherever there is one, the local authorities try by all means to erect barriers along its sides to prevent people from crossing it.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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      1. @A.A – you walked straight into this one, but love, you need every ounce of help you can possibly muster over there in Africa. The entire continent is in a complete shitfight crisis, always has been and will be for the forseeable future. Maybe, Africa is so troubled because you’ve said that before, and God thought to himself, ” Well fuck you, I will stop giving Africa any of my God blessings for a few decades and we’ll just see what a shithole that joint will turn into then! “…………

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  1. At 0:19 I have an impression that someone says “p?e metade a?, amigo” or am I hearing things?! Which it means “put half in here, friend” in Portuguese. This could be Angola or Mozambique but I’m not so sure of what I am hearing, I am probably wrong, but I didn’t understand anything else lol

    1. ?s Brazuka? You’ve got a good hearing buddy, they are indeed speaking Portuguese. Could be anywhere from Guin?-Bissau to Angola or Mozambique, since I doubt they have trains in Cape Verde and S?o Tom? and Pr?ncipe. These people, however, are not 100% fluent in Portuguese. Portuguese is the official language in those countries but they speak a mix of Portuguese and African dialects, what we call Crioulo. Only the more educated ones speak fluent Portuguese, but most tend to speak around 75, 85% of the language. It’s not like in Portugal and Brazil where nearly 100% of the population speaks only Portuguese (don’t the Brazilian natives speak Portuguese too?).

      1. Very true @PD. Infact, this applies to all African countries. 90% speak local languages. Creole in Africa is only in Sierra Leone and Liberia where they speak a common broken English as their local language like those niggas in the carribean.

      1. Try as the authorities might any which way into bringing awareness amongst the dickheads about the hazards around these places but always there are exception to the rule and there will be some who hate heeding cautions or love paying scant regard and later find themselves getting mowed ,knocked down or run over .

        I liked the way they tried conjoining both the halves and some of his meat loaves ; atleast in the bodybag

        1. @blucon – Yeah, but they laid the legs down backwards. I guess it’s pointless as he no longer needs to see what direction he’s going. I wonder if his upper torso remained alive for a bit like other accident victims severed in half?! Nasty way to go poor guy.

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    1. I so wish I knew a jungle Urkel that could answer that question with chest slaps, lip pops and tongue clucks and clicks…but we wouldn’t be able to understand him anyway.

    2. Nextie I lived in a small college town up in the mountains. The city built up around the train tracks. Long story short, every damn year some new crop of college kids comes through and sure enough, at least one gets hit by the train. Flashing lights, guards down, traffic stopped,…. nope someone is going to try and make it … and not.
      btw you can feel a train coming long before you hear it.

    1. well that conjunction junction train as you named it truncated cutting that pig in two unequal halves cause Trains in South Africa are sourced to carry out men slaughter so its easy on butchers to sale that meat out at throw away rates and he wasn’t guessing .Poor bloke just tried crossing thinking its a two way street .
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      1. It is true.
        Also the flies surrounding the halves must have the best vantage point.
        Fly1:-“hey look another biped split in two!”
        Fly7:-“should have been a fly surely he would have seen it coming…”

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  2. Those flies surrouding the body were already with him before death. 😆 He smelled worse than when he was still alive.

    I like how that other guy in grey just picked up that chunk of meat and walked the opposite direction… “Welp, this one is going to be my dinner!” 😆

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  3. Lol, That must be in zimbabwe, that country is useless and yes, there rail tracks from south africa to zimbabwe, if this was on our side in SA, i would’ve known the language, but they speak tshangwari there, so it can only be zimbabwe.. A few weeks ago a hippo fucked 3 of them up and the 4th one got mauled but survived, and no, we didn’t shoot the hippo, we deported the border jumber back to zimbabwe to a hospital there, if they have such a thing anymore.

    1. I’m much pleased to learn that; that , hippo wasn’t shot at @cholera182.
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      would ya Care to explain pse….

    2. @cholera182, you are a dumb ass nigga motherfucker. How dare standing on white man’s developments and insult your fellow nigga country. Ever since Mandela released you from the concentration camps you think that South Africa is your country. You’ve been murdering the white population since the downfall of apartheid.

  4. If they sewed him back together the same way as they laid him out, he would be the only guy who could look down and see his own arse and also he would have a hard time hitting the toilet with a piss.

  5. Thanks African Angel for the video, keep em coming! These guys are very good they make sure to get every little piece of him. There was a car was hit by a train last month killed a husband and wife. The family went to put a cross at the site and found a piece of one of the victims on a bush. Now they are suing the police. America is a very litigious country.

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