Man Destroyed by Truck from Chest Down

Man Destroyed by Truck from Chest Down

No backinfo, but it looks like it could once again be China, or elsewhere in Asia.

The video shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident involving a truck. One man is shown having been crushed and quite literally destroyed from the chest down. But it looks like there is another someone who was injured, because the witnesses seem focused on that cluster of flesh.

Props to Best Gore member @boscotkc for the video:

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32 thoughts on “Man Destroyed by Truck from Chest Down”

  1. The commentary doesn’t sound like Chinese at all. Maybe, some of the olden Muslim Soviet republics bordering China. The guy with his whole body below the chest torn away from him looks surprisingly alive. Wonder what happened to cause him to be ripped apart like that. It sure ain’t pretty. And you know it is not China, because people give a fuck here. They see their fellow humans suffering and come to help. They don’t do that in China. They only take selfies with the carcasses. Maybe it is because the Chinese have been exposed to a lot of harshness from a very early age, they have been desensitized in a way, so they don’t really feel empathy towards their fellow human beings.

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