Man Filming Nighttime Traffic Captures Someone Getting Run Over by Trailer

Man Filming Nighttime Traffic Captures Someone Getting Run Over by Trailer

Man Filming Nighttime Traffic Captures Someone Getting Run Over by Trailer

In the Philippines, a man randomly filming nighttime traffic from the window of his apartment captures an accident in which someone gets run over by a trailed of a semi truck.

It’s not very clear what exactly happens, but it looks like there is a motorcyclist forcing his way across the busy lanes and pushes the victim under the trailer. The victim’s head gets squashed like a tomato.

Props to Best Gore member @hanafusa14 for the video. The pop happens at around the 0:22 minute mark:

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          1. Absolutely unbelievable @janiel I’m 15 minutes from KOP myself in Montgomery County whoohoo I’ve lived there twice. It’s so built up now with all the ritzy hotels and restaurants over by the Wegmans

          2. @smileusb75, definitely a small world. We should start having Best Gore conventions. Philly is a good place to start. Lots of ugly trolls to make fun of, too! Please tell me you’ve been to a midnight showing of The Room at the Ritz.

      1. @janiel I have NOT seen The Room at the Ritz as of yet but I have heard things about it. Gotta put it on my to-do- list..and you’re right there needs to be a BG Convention it would be a huge hit. Closest thing I go to is the Chiller Theater and Monster Mania conventions in Jersey …unless you’ve done it already , this Halloween take a ride out to Pennhurst Asylum talk about some creepy, supposedly haunted shit….they put together a pretty cool Halloween attraction there. That’s in Spring City I’m like 5 minutes from there in Royersford.

          1. Haha maybe I’ve been there a few times myself ..i try to do a new attraction every year there’s so many of them…

        1. Very cool…the “Ghost Hunters ” did a TV show there where they stayed overnight testing paranormal phenomenon and what not it aired last October and was pretty good. I got some decent pics upstairs in the supposed most haunted building…good stuff

          1. You can actually sleep in the upstairs area with a party of ten or something like that for a night. I wanted to do it, but never found nine other people willing to join.

          2. I would definitely do it if you’re ever one man short let me know I’ll be there had no idea they allowed overnights wow

          3. Shouldn’t be too difficult to recruit 8 other BG sick fucks to spend the night together in a haunted asylum…. I’ll pay for the pizza delivery

          4. Count me out, girl. Where I am concerned, sanity and aircraft are inversely correlated; the closer I am to one, the further I get from the other. @janiel

  1. Filming night time traffic seems like a favorite pastime for this dude .Someday he could be the one filmed by someone like him meeting the same fate . Well that will have to wait but for now the camera put to use by him ; hasn’t done a justifiable job only the screams and some traffic snarls may sound audible even to a deaf from the clip .
    Most of it looks, deeply night washed with camera clarity at its lowest low .

      1. I couldn’t agree more to your having gone analytical ……. Seems like this piece of shit enjoys sipping on a cocktail of boredom ,lack of human interaction with a knack for adding a dash of plain insanity to his “someone gone overboard ” each night with nowhere else to look at but a hand on his camera phone and another one in between his groin to give him a sense of living in the present .
        God knows when was the last time he came down that lift pinching his dick to feel what it’s like to be standing on the ground floor .

  2. Take my breath a way.
    Watching I keep waiting still anticipating love.
    Never hesitating to become the faded once..
    Turning and returning to some secret place to hide.
    Watching in slow motion as you turn around and say.
    If only for today.
    I am unafraid.

  3. Screaming Asian isn’t helping she’s just being hysterical and should dismiss herself. this idiot got his reward for being impatience and costed him more than he could ever imagine.

  4. Hey at least in the wake of this so-called pandemic Jew-gle is a little slower about taking the videos down. Thus thinking for me about what I’d like to watch or not watch so I don’t have to do it for myself.

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