Man Gets Off Moving Train, Falls Into Gap, Takes Beating

Man Gets Off Moving Train, Falls Into Gap, Takes Beating

CCTV video from a train station shows a man trying to get off a moving train. He loses the footing and falls into the gap between the train and the platform while the train is still moving. Remarkably, despite the beating by the train’s undercarriage, he’s till alive when the train stops after passing over him.

Even though this incident has the typical aspects of India, according to the information I got, this actually happened in Thailand.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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99 thoughts on “Man Gets Off Moving Train, Falls Into Gap, Takes Beating”

    1. I THOUGHT it was his intestins guts and stuff that the camera cought when some white shirt he wore first caught by the camera. I was like that man with kid is so retarded to let him watch such gore and then when the train has gone enough to reveal the gore to us I was again like what am I looking at? Holy shit! He is alive! then what was it that I thought got ripped? arm? where is blood?

      he had so many good deeds to be passing away like this I think.

    2. I remember that. The subway ballerina. For something so horrible, I laugh every time. It looks so comical that I just can’t help myself. As for this guy, he may be alive, but I don’t think for long.

    1. Well it’s just curiosity. Something happened and they wanna see what happened. Not that they want to see him ran over.
      My question is why are you here on this site then? Not only that you’re here, but also have a profile. That makes you sick as well.

          1. I saw a guy get hit then pulled under a train like this in NYC. I thought I passed out for a minute, but then I realized I was inches from being dragged by this guy. I casually walked away,but I still wanted to see. Life is cheap and that’s the reason we still want to see.

        1. This is so true @Brokeback my man! If some guy would have giving this dude a swift kick in the ass, throwing him under the Bus,,, oops, Train, the action would have been on, and Cheers, & Tears, would have been heard throughout the Terminal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. I don’t really understand how he fell. He got both feet on the ground. I guess he forgot to let go of what he was holding on to.
    Looked the like the train was like NOPE and yanked him under. Haahaa.

    1. You had it right when you said he did not want to let that train go. He really loved that train and he just couldn’t let go when it was time to jump. Either that or his jizz covered palms stuck to those grab rails like crazy glue.

        1. He must have been still dizzy & flying, from his Quality palm Time, and felt like an Action Hero, but Failed miserably, trying to Jump that Train. Not good for the old Self-Esteem, me thinks!

  2. thats really rather horrifying once it quits dragging you , you’re just kinda laying there tight as it passes over you hoping nothing snags you.
    he is one lucky dummy

    I like the lady’s reaction at the end, the one balancing the tray on her shoulder.
    so disgusted lol

    1. He had to make himself think skinny thoughts. Nobody has ever hugged concrete so tight unless gravity was involved.
      As for the woman with the tray, those concessions won’t sell themselves. “Salamander Wrap! Cat rib! Get your snack on!”

    1. I Love you and your pretty face, my B-G Sister! I would never think of sleeping with my Sister, if i had one that is,,, but with you Sister, and the fact that there is no blood relation, the temptation would be too great, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yea, i know,,, i’m a sick Puppy Girl!

    1. Yep, that’s for sure. Planes, (BUSES), & Automobiles, from now on for this unlucky,, (or lucky) i should say,,, Dude. The closest he will get to a Train, ever Again, Me Thinks, will be from blowing the dust off that old Train-Set-Box in the Attic, that Dad his bought him on Christmas decades ago. Hell, he might even throw this one under that Train Also.

  3. happen to my mother , but was with a bus, she was get out of the bus when the driver start momving it, she fall under the bus and get her left legs crushed.

    not exactly the same as the bus was stopped and restarted, but here the train dont even stop.

    that me should have make a small “jump” out of the train and not keep grab it like he did

    some lucky peoples

  4. Probably not his first undercarriage beating involving a train.
    This might be the first one that didn’t happen in a bathroom stall at a gay bar though.

  5. It’s a tragedy that he’s still in one piece.
    I, along with with the people on that platform, were totally disappointed to see him waving his arms and legs after the train passed over him. I expected a torn arm or mutilated leg, maybe a crushed skull. He has brought shame to his people by not ending up splattered all over the place like his fellow Thais(Indian) who have been run over by trains in the past.

  6. Boss: Why are you more than an hour late?
    Worker: Got hit by a train!
    Boss: Now you see why I always ask for those quarterly invoice files to be in order. It’s so that if you get hit by a train or bus or whatever, someone else can pick up the job, and whilst I order roses for the funeral.

  7. Maybe he got caught onto something briefly, or someone grabbed his arm as he tried to jump to the platform?!
    It’s always going to be tricky to exit a moving vehicle without hurting oneself, even if you’re not travelling at much speed. I wouldn’t dare do that from a train!

  8. All races that stem from Tropical areas are retarded and less intelligent. This is because food is plentiful and they didn’t have to think to eat. Thailand, India all the Negro countries.. Same thing retards!

  9. I don’t feel bad for this guy; he should’ve known better than to exit a moving a train. He jumped off as if he had done so a thousand times, but just this once, it didn’t go so well for him.

  10. A trains mass at speed is unaffected by human interference, anything that snags flesh or reverses the joint just keeps going. Those impacts are hard, he was pretty well beat up after and looked like he’d lost a lot of quality of life in the definite near but potentially far distant future that’s IF there isn’t some fatal injury to his organs we didn’t see so well, especially in those first few seconds when he took a pretty decent squeeze but regardless shattered arm/s? leg/s? it was a stupid mistake to make around a train never fumble around big machinery unless you want to be featured ha regardless nice video could have used a better angle. stay agile friends =)

  11. Everyone’s reactions were so funny! The first woman sitting down is like”aww come on! Now I’m going to be late”. The second one is like “hehehehheeheehe”. That other one is like “anyone hungry? I have fruit for sale” and even the security person giggled when he saw the body right before taking out his phone for a video. I can’t say I would have done the same as any of these people.

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