Man Had His Head Brutally Crushed by Vehicle in Callao, Peru

Man Had His Head Brutally Crushed by Vehicle in Callao, Peru

A unidentified man had his head run over and brutally crushed by an unspecified vehicle outside of fishing terminal in Callao, Peru. The head was pretty much destroyed, pancaked on the road with brain matter squeezed out. Poor dude, never had a chance. The accident happened on June 15, 2013.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. My neighbour died this way few months ago. He was a lawyer until he discovered his love for whiskey and tequila. In the last months, he barely could open his door and the whole stairs were continuously full of his shit. I guess it was a quick death and a relief.
    The neighbour before him died on a overdose of heroin.
    In an other appartment, the guy who lived before me there hanged himself.
    I´m beginning to believe, that I´m a kind of a death angel and I´m scared what happens to the next. Or maybe I should just move to a better neighbourhood. 🙁

  2. Obli, currently, it’s 88 degrees, humidity is 55 %, so it feels like 92 degrees. A couple of weeks ago, we were hitting 100 for several days in a row, and with the humidity, it was sweltering. I hate our summers! I stay indoors, in air conditioning, as much as possible, so I don’t know how bad the skeeters are, this year, but one variety IS large. What’s it like up North?

    1. our first heat wave was in late May which I believe was also more humid, too. June has been very nice. high eighties mostly and the humidity is not bad at all. and the most humid days tend to create a cooling thunderstorm(I love T-Storms). I can also wait until 11am or Noon to mow the lawn and do other yard work without drowning in sweat, always a plus.
      lots of animals around but the bugs haven’t been too bad yet. there’s a family of chipmunks burrowed under the huge Maple in my back yard and rabbits are usually out and about as well as a myriad of bird species…but yeah, bugs have been laid back so far.

      1. Sounds great, 😀 especially your back yard…your own private wildlife sanctuary!! I love chipmunks, but we don’t have them here. Glad the bugs aren’t bothering y’all yet, or the humidity!

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