Man with Head Crushed Between Train and Platform in New York

Man with Head Crushed Between Train and Platform in New York

Man with Head Crushed Between Train and Platform in New York

Apparently this happened in New York. In the video, a presumed man is shown with his head crushed between the platform and a train in what looks like a subway station.

In a rather annoying fashion, there’s often somebody getting in the cameraperson’s view. Shouldn’t they all be at home, shilling for the police state on teh interweb like the good, obedient sheeple?

No idea if this was an accident or suicide.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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141 thoughts on “Man with Head Crushed Between Train and Platform in New York”

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    1. Another clear example of a covid death. If only the poor chap wore a mask, he wouldn’t now find himself with his head wedged where it is. If people would only listen and wear masks, these senseless needless covid deaths would stop occurring.

      1. hahahaa It’s paradise to them. It’s the only house they ever lived in that didn’t get washed away in a rainstorm.
        I wonder if they think if they wait long enough the train will just get moving again with the poor sod still stuck there. Mr and Mrs Low IQ.

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          2. @furioboyka
            You do know that there have been thousands of tainted unused covid tests right?

            Hospitals have financial incentive to call any patient a covid patient, even when they haven’t been tested for it.
            Oh and they have also called people up to tell them that they’ve tested positive for corona virus and they didn’t even get tested.

            Question everything you hear and see on tv.
            Are those real bodies or dummies that are fully wrapped up and being tossed into a mass graves or ditches?
            Question if the old folks that supposedly have covid symptoms were actually given the virus through those tainted tests or just happen to catch it.

            I won’t even talk about the diseased and immune suppressing vaccine that they’re gonna try and force on all of us, but just look up if re-breathing in your own carbon dioxide is good for you or not and what it does when you breath too much of it in, or should I say wear that mask for too long.

            Guess what, you’ll end up with similar symptoms as covid symptoms, since they keep adding more to that list of covid symptoms smdh..

            That’s why I don’t wear a mask because they’re telling us to basically breath in our own toxic chemicals.

            I hope this was helpful in case you were thinking of getting tested because by now you should know that they’re paying hospitals a lot of money to lie and create a higher number of false cases.

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  1. I just thought of something. How are they going to get this body out? Whether they back out the train or go forward, it is definitely going to still make an even bigger mess. Perhaps they can bust the concrete around him to allow space to free up the head or whats left of it? Im curious to know how the fire dept approached this.

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  2. Reminds me of that television commercial a decade or 2 back… where he’s walking around with the cellphone….. asking “Can You hear Me Now?”
    well… everybody is asking ….
    “Can you see it now?”

    Besides, He should have known better… Red Shirt’s always die first.

  3. What I can’t understand is that we are in 2020 and videos still have that awesome 2002 resolution! What the fuck. Can’t we get high definition gore once in a while!! Is that too much to ask!!!

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