Man Hit and Ripped to Pieces by Train in East Java, Indonesia

Man Hit and Ripped to Pieces by Train in East Java, Indonesia

In the district of Sukomoro, Nganjuk Regency, East Java, Indonesia, a man was hit and ripped to pieces by a train.

The video shows his remains, which are naught but large fleshy blobs. There are two blobs shown in the video, one a distance away from the other. I do not know if these are two blobs from the same guy, or if more than one person were mangled.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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40 thoughts on “Man Hit and Ripped to Pieces by Train in East Java, Indonesia”

    1. Hahaha I just listened to it ha…

      Poor person at least he did not receive the stupid pointer pictures …. they should have put banana leaves on him… shit

      Was that his nose and twisted flesh face by the right track????


  1. Does anyone want a sandwich…. I was thinking either Jason’s deli or jersey mikes ummm

    This thing on the tracks reminded me of food for some reason.

    Sorry to whoever died and was turned to lunch meat!!! Much respect but

  2. If you are offered to collect (as a collector) either of the following items, which one would you go for and why would you pick one on the other?
    1) Train Engines (those who have blood on their hands/wheels)
    2) The skulls of the victims (only those who are transferred by trains)

    1. I would collect entire trains which are iconic and famous from every part of the world and put them on a 1000 acre property and charge visitors a reasonable price to see these trains.
      Poor people would be given free entry and free food for the day.

  3. WTF was he doing by the tracks when he got blobbed . Not a part looks distinguishable from each other .
    Heaps of Banana leaves are kept though to the side to cover his body which has turned a mere pulp as a last mark of respect.

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