Man Holding Kid Fails to Save Son Playing in Road from Dump Truck

Man Holding Kid Fails to Save Son Playing in Road from Dump Truck

Man Holding Kid Fails to Save Son Playing in Road from Dump Truck

It’s such a conundrum and headache to figure out which 3rd world country has trash trucks. Anyhoo, contradictory with hauling away trash, a fast traveling dump truck litters man holding kid and child into the road as debris.

Perhaps bad parenting is to blame for this accident. No skid marks were made by the driver of the truck. The company of the vehicle seemed to install state of the art brakes for such blink of an eye instances.

52 thoughts on “Man Holding Kid Fails to Save Son Playing in Road from Dump Truck”

  1. You can barely make out the second kid across the road. I thought suicide at first but then noticed the other child. No clue why he’d run in front of the same truck though, maybe so he doesnt have to listen to his furious wife blaming him.

  2. Third world country or not, at least this man TRIED to do something. I seen a clip last night that, I swear, looked like a mother stopped herself, and sat back and simply watched her child get squashed by a truck. What a breath of fresh air.

  3. I swear! Do the people in this country even watch the road ahead of them while they’re driving? Seems like the drivers in these third world countries either don’t watch where they’re going or just don’t care about what’s in front of them. Worst drivers ever!

  4. Nah, everybody’s got it wrong.

    See how dedicated the guy is by using a baby as the football! This is just how you try out for the football team “Praise Allah”
    You can really feel the adrenaline race through your veins as you sprint in front of trucks, the baby being substituted for the football shows he’s serious about his quarterback skills.

    Oh what’s this? It looks like he didn’t make the team as he can’t take a hit. Until next time folks, live in India, I’m durpaaadeedill Shafeeq signing off. -insert generic sports outright here-

  5. Actually it honestly looks to me like he did it on purpose. I mean, all of a sudden he’s just gotta get across the alley like someone over there was offering free gonorrhea meds and just happens to play a bad round of Frogger Jr. doing it? I dunno…it really does kinda look like there was no good reason for him to try and cut across the truck’s path to begin with, making me think maybe this was a half-assed double kill that ended up going all the way pro at the last second.

  6. “No you fucking walking curry-shit, I said HUMP with the baby as the truck goes by! I’m not paying good money for blackmarket foreign baby-fucking videos only to have you dumbass Kali cuntsnorting cocksmokers fuck it up on account of a busted Google Translate app! God damn it! Apu, go call the backup dick…”

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