Man Hurled Over Fence after Van Overturns in Brazil

Man Hurled Over Fence after Van Overturns in Brazil

Man Hurled Over Fence after Van Overturns in Brazil

We’ve seen mighty gymnastics on Best Gore before.

The driver of the van, whom barrel rolls van, coincidentally is female. The passenger, presumably a pussy-whipped-cuck is forced out window during one of the many tumbles and is tossed over neighbor’s fence.

If this happened in Mexico, then I’d say, what a great way to hop a fence. Being this happened in Brazil, victim is lucky homeowner isn’t a constant off-duty policeman. The driver of the vehicle gets out of the wreckage unharmed looking for her partner, at least she gets to live another day?

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  1. That Fucking “”Dog Man”” Again,,, and Again we keep seeing Dogs seemingly having some Kind of Premonition, Or, E.S.P. of Some Type, knowing what’s about to happen. So Pooch High-Tails-It Da-Fuck Outta there, right before The Proverbial, “Shit Hits The Fan” as we say, Happens! That Is Just Too Fucking Freaky Man,,, & Yet,,, It’s Very Cool at the same time, no? 🙂

      1. Agreed, as It really was awesome to see @broke.

        And do you remember the Video not so long ago about the 2 older Men that Started Fighting, & Stabbing each other on the street, and right before it started,,, These 2 Dogs “one on one side of the street”,,,, and the other,,, “on the other side of the street” where the fight ended-up,, both Taking-Off from their different locations,, Only mere seconds before the fight broke-out??? That one was also Weird eh?

        So Broke Brother,,, What is your take on Animals having these Premonitions and such bud??

        1. @Dre, Yup, I remember that one. I really do think that dogs have a sense of things that us humans don’t. Not to say they are smarter than us but they seem to be aware of things that are about to happen… so that they can get da fuck out of the way when they do.
          Although they do get run over sometimes but nodoggy is perfect.

  2. Driver: Its just not working out, you should leave, Now!
    Thats how you dump someone.
    No note, text, ghosting, just throw their ass out.
    Reminds me of the car crash that tossed the guy onto the overhead sign.

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