Man in Hurry to Hitch Ride on Truck Gets Flattened

Man in Hurry to Hitch Ride on Truck Gets Flattened

Man in Hurry to Hitch Ride on Truck Gets Flattened

This happened in Nakuru, Kenya. A man in a hurry to hitch a ride on a truck seems to get his foot or pants caught under the wheel, which then runs over and flattens him. Other sets of wheels follow suit for good measure.

The cameraman was doing good job capturing the adventure, until actions began to happen and he made a vertical 360. Talk about fucking up the money shot.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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132 thoughts on “Man in Hurry to Hitch Ride on Truck Gets Flattened”

      1. I really don’t think he’s holding onto anything. It looks like that but that is just the way his arms were laying after he was crushed. This dude is stone cold dead. I think every bone in his body was broken instantly. At the end when the camera pans back onto the body, even though it’s only for a second or two, there is no movement at all anywhere. He’s not moving, rolling around in pain, nothing. He’s stone cold dead.

  1. Well .. there is 2 dickheads in this film – the idiot who went under the tyres, and the idiot who stopped filming as soon as the action started
    What a dick!
    Didn’t he know it could make it to the sacred BG?
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  3. This is a great video to show people how dangerous it is to be near a moving vehicle or near tires. It’s shocking how quick things happen here. In what seems like less than a second this man is instantly crushed by the tires as they pass over him. To be honest, I’m not totally sure this is a “slip”. Instead, I think it is actually that his foot got caught under the tire and it pulled him down and ran him over. Boy he went quick. I don’t think he felt a thing. It all happened so fast.

      1. Well he definitely felt some pain for sure as he was ran over but it was over quick because he was ran over by more than one tire and that is a heavy truck. This dude was crushed almost instantly. It looks like he was ran over three times by all the tires this truck and trailer had on it. You can even hear a cracking or crunching noise as no doubt his bones are breaking, ALL of his bones are breaking fast. This video shows us how quickly the end can come and at a time when you are totally not expecting it. This man does appear to still be fairly young and I’m sure when he woke up the morning of this incident he was probably in a good mood, he had no idea at all that he was going to be instantly crushed to death by truck tires. It can happen fast. SCARY! It’s great though that we can agree on this incident probably not being a slip or fall, but the truck tire caught his shoe, foot or ankle and dragged him to his end very quickly.

    1. I think this video perfectly demonstrates why niggers, and non-whites in general, are a liability to their employers and white workers alike. But in the west, it all comes down to muh flexible workforce (cheap labour)…

  4. It seems i have progressed beyond this group, as the racist comment dont bother me, and the blood curdling screams of these unfortunate victoms no longer fase me either.

    I hope one day this site and it’s user will move beyond race, and show quality death videos as a norm.

    Some people die, despite race. Despite wealth. Despite health.

    1. If you want to get technical, ALL people die despite race, wealth, and especially health. Judging from your grammar though, I assume you’re deprived of education and therefore statistically more likely likely to die as a poor person.

        1. Technically speaking we are only a few years of technical development away from bilogical immortality, that wont save you from your own stupidity either of course, and in the end all things must die, unless you find a way to accellerate past c and head on a pinpointcollission course with the singularity of a black hole

  5. Love the crunch ya hear from all his bones being crushed, and love the absolute reaction of the last blue gummed monkey , he threw his hands up in the air and said something along the lines of “ how could this happened?” LMAO

  6. If you listen for it, you can actually hear his pelvis being pulverized. It sounds like a low treble version of a soda can being stomped.

    Dude in the blue striped shirt has an expression like “Wha…wait…is he dea…fuuuuuck!”

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