Man Killed by Drunk Driver on MCLL Highway in Zamboanga, Philippines

Man Killed by Drunk Driver on MCLL Highway in Zamboanga, Philippines

Along Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat (MCLL) Highway in Zamboanga City, the Philippines, a driver of a pick up truck hit and apparently killed a motorcyclist. According to the info I got, the driver was drunk.

Seeing as the killer vehicle is a pickup truck with fancy rims and gay paint job, that was probably some loaded drunk that hit the biker, and as such, he’ll either get away with it, or will just get a slap on the wrist for show.

Prop to Best Gore member @proculo18 for the pics:

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38 thoughts on “Man Killed by Drunk Driver on MCLL Highway in Zamboanga, Philippines”

          1. but you use the whitemans computer.
            why don’t you go back to using your tootsi stick and mudfecal plates like your people used years ago before the whiteman.

    1. Dude had fucking lightening bolts on his truck fucking “A” what a badass especially with those black rims!!!

      I’ve never seen black rims before wow, that’s so coool

      Oh sorry Mr bike rider, that person needed black rims as well to stand out so they would have been noticed and not run over, what a bloody shame

      Bet you the bike rider knew how to swim, extra bloody shame!! Poor guy

  1. When I was a young man, I got away with drinking and then driving without (thankfully) a mishap. I am so thankful that nothing happened – and NEVER drive once I’ve had anything to drink these days. It’s too easy to just not do it.

  2. Cop: Sir are you ok? Please tell me what happened.
    Drunk Driver: The guy on the motorcycle rear ended me.
    Cop: Would you like to press charges?
    Drunk Driver: Yes of course. He broke my bottles of Grey Goose when his motorcycle collided with my car.
    Cop: We’ll make his family pay for the vodka.
    Cop: Is there anything else we can do for you sir?
    Drunk Driver: Can you get him off of my tire. I would like to get home to my wife and kids.

  3. I don’t know the laws in Phillips ? I know in the United States the driver would be punished w up to 20 years. Mostly 5 years or less. Still light for killing someone w your vehicle. DRUNK!!! Vehicular homicide.

  4. Couple nights ago as I was getting back home I heard a loud boom, then complete silence so I decided to head towards the “boom” and as I cross the street can see a truck that hit two parked vehicles, a person running and somebody on a bike chasing runner.
    I lost them at a turn for a split second then as I’m within a good ten yards away I see two people on the ground wrestling and I’m like “that looks like my little brother” my brother has this guy on the ground on a choke hold and he turns and says “who’s that” and then he says “oh that’s my brother” so I separate them then tell guy to stay sitted on the curve.
    My brother said this guy almost hit him on the bike and then sped off hitting those cars then jumped out of truck and took off on foot so my bro just chased him and tackled him and had left that guy with a swollen eye and scratch on elbow from take down.
    Drunk driver was lucky I got involved cause a lynch mob was beginning to form and I kept everybody from going at this guy.
    Guy just kept hiding behind me and telling me, “please help me, please help me”
    And I was like I’m trying to but stop lying saying there was another driver cause that shit is pissing my lil bro and thats why hes trying to get at you.
    Long story short, cops arrived and took him to jail.

  5. Here in Philippines, if you are rich like that dude in pickup , most probably you’ll get away with that kind of incident easily.. one thing is you will have just pay the family some amount of money for the loss.. or you will have to pay the court.. or police.. just heard it somewhere.. maybe that was true or not after all..

  6. Rich people in the Philippines own trucks like that? Fuck an insult to the rich people here, they rich people here own trucks like Ford Raptor and SUV the likes of Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes G-Wagon. That’s a poor man’s pickup truck! That’s an old model Nissan Pickup truck.

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