Man Left Unrecognizable After Accident

Man Left Unrecognizable After Accident

A man and his motorcycle were reduced to mere pulp after being struck by a car in the state of ParanΓ‘, Brazil. Looks like the impact from the Audi sent the biker careening into another car hard enough to destroy the drivers’ side and completely reduce this fleshy virus to just an unrecognizable lump of smashed and shredded flesh. The body could not be identified because it was too heavily damaged and the victim was not carrying any form of identification on his person.

His lower half seemed to survive. Some fancy boots he’s got there but they look almost feminine. Not something I would wear but damn, how fast was he going on that bike to turn himself into a human meat pie?

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  1. I dont know…he looks pretty recognizable to me. Those pants he is wearing though looks like skin tight leather or something very uhh fashionable at least he was wearing boots and not flip flops, maybe thats what saves his legs πŸ™‚

    1. Haha, when your girls were little did you used to tell them you were taking them out for the day at the farm. When you get there they’re expecting a petting farm and it turns out it’s day out and a picnic at the maggot farm.

      1. Haha, they would have run a mile. Those places have the worst smell I’ve ever experienced. I remember saying to one of the blokes that worked there ” how do you put up with the smell ? ” he said ” what smell ! ” .

    2. @stomper – I about puked when my husband said when he was young and went fishing they would put the maggots in their mouth to warm them up before casting. He said in the UK they did a lot of catch and release. Put a maggot in your mouth just to let the fish go??? WTF!

      1. @gramps. They do indeed catch and release in competition angling, which does seem daft, especially when they’ve had those filthy little critters in their mouths warming up.
        After seeing what those maggots ate, I would never put one within ten feet of my mouth.

    1. Flush? No, never in the US. Abuse of a corpse, etc.

      A way to attempt embalming would not be traditional arterial embalming, where the embalming fluid travels via the artery to the capillaries, capillaries to the veins, and fixes the tissue. There is a thing called “shell embalming” that is sometimes used for stillborns or amputated body parts.

      The fleshy virus part is placed in a large enough container and cavity fluid is poured carefully over it, closed, and left to marinate. The outer tissue is fixed like a watermelon rind; the inner tissues are still untouched by the embalming fluid, but the “skin” or “rind” tissue is seared by the fluid. The item is hard to the touch after being removed from the embalming fluid bath.

      Another way is to inject fluid via a large bore needle at various places, like a connect the dots game before you draw the lines. Fan the needle and the fluid will fix the tissue at the needle point, but this creates holes that need to be sealed with tissue sealer and covered with cosmetics. The stillborn will be more pliable; parents usually want to hold the baby one last time and it won’t feel like a brick.

      Another way is with embalming powder; shake it all over like confectioner’s sugar on a cake. Mortician needs face/nasal/eye protection and good ventilation. Never did it myself personally.

      The purpose of embalming is disinfection, preservation, and presentation, in that order. Mashed up meat like that would probably be best cremated with a memorial service.

  2. I can see a nose and mouth in one of the pictures but his skull looks like it’s gone it’s all just skin… Damn how fast was he going? How fast do you have to be going to be turned into taco meat?

  3. geez this is pretty nasty…..

    his intestines look like worms that were mutated by a nuclear spill in the neighbouring district…the worms have risen from the depths of spillage hell and are now hungry for flesh!! they shall rise from the dirt ready to feed…coming to you neighbourhood soon!

  4. This is two people. There is the woman that is still on the motorcycle with the leather pants and cowboy boots and there is the guy under the sheet. In 2 photos you can see the mans foot. One pic clearly shoes the mans right arm, his chest and nipple, followed down to a pair of torn to shreds pants and then you can see the tip of a shoeless foot. The other pic shoes less of his body but the man with gloves on is almost touching his foot. Don’t think he would pass the tickle test.

    1. Also, if you also look closely you will see that he was wearing blue jeans and a green shirt. If you look at the one where he is just a pile you can see some of his blue jeans. The woman is still on the motorcycle and the man was thrown, by the looks of it, into another vehicle. I believe the woman either had a white top on or someone covered her head with something white. I wonder if the bus was involved?

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