Man Had His Legs Run Over by Train

Man Had His Legs Run Over by Train

What makes this video are the screams of the victim and the apparent apathy of people around him. I don’t know much of the backstory but I was told that the man had his legs run over by a train. I wonder if he was drunk, cause he still sounds it and fell asleep with lower legs on the tracks? Aaaaayyyyy!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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182 thoughts on “Man Had His Legs Run Over by Train”

          1. A belated welcome gcs15, been awhile since Ive visited the site, so I’m trying to catch up with all the new people here, not to mention the drama.

  1. J, How can you do this to me? You say you love me and then you ruin my fucking life! All this time you said you would leave him and that money did’nt matter to you and now I find out it was all a lie. I gave up everything including my kids to be with you and now you won’t even answer your fucking phone or email. If you loved me at all you would at least brave enough to talk to me instead of leaving me stuck here like this. I left my whole life behind me and I can’t go back. I have nothing to go back to. I gave up my apartment and said goodbye to my kids thinking that we would start a new life togther. You knew how much I loved my kids and I had to make the hardest decision of my life. You just closed the door on my life J, it’s over for me now. I can’t fucking believe you did this to me. After I down this bottle of pills my pain will be over but you will have to live with this the rest of your pathetic life. I hope that you think of me every day and of my kids who lost their father because of you.
    Goodbye J.

    1. There is nothing worse than skank burn Brokeback… I’m so sorry she ‘did’ you this way. She never deserved you in the first place.
      Try and get your butt back on friendly turf (Canada)… if you can make it to Vancouver Island you can hit my couch, then we’ll get you back to your kids.
      Hang in there hun ~ you have friends here!

      1. @fiend
        this is an awesome comment – lets hope he listens to you – you kindness is shining through 馃檪 and if he doesnt take you up on the offer – can i crash on your couch – i adore bc!!!!! lol (just kidding about crashing on your couch)
        @brokeback listen to fiend – get to vancouver island if you can – it will do you wonders

    2. Oh nooooooo brokeback!!! I was so worried this would happen. Come back home – you have friends here – let us help you. We can find you a place on a couch or anything – just get your butt back to us. Dont do what you are thinking over this – its not worth it! Email me [email protected] send me your cell and we can talk it through if you like…please brokeback stay strong – you have friends

    3. If she didnt care about you destroying your life shes not gonna sweat anything you do man. So dont do what your thinking. And for fucks sake Im not a snitch so dont tell everyone on BG that your going to “down some pills” Now we all risk legal action if somthing bad happens because we all knew prior. Fuck. -__- YCTB. Ever. Listen to your friends on BG and get back to your kids because you never should have left them in the first place..

    4. BB Sounds like you had your own trainwreck. Sorry to hear that, but you had to know there was a possibilitiy things wouldnt work out. Taking the dirt nap is an answer but probably not the best one. Fences with your kids and whatever can be mended. Suicide can’t

    5. @BB- I do love you and I do want to spend my life with you!!! This is hard for me too!! Leaving him means I’ll be walking out on my kids too! I got scared when you called me from the airport and I couldn’t go through with it! I started thinking about my kids, how its Easter and i just started to panic! I want to be with you soooo fucking bad, you can’t possibly even understand how bad!! Now it’s YOU who won’t answer your phone and I’m shaking and crying because I’m so scared… I’ve left you like 15 voicemails- just answer Steve!! Please!! I’m praying that you are reading this and that you didn’t do it! =(( Steve!!!! Where the fuck are you?! I couldn’t live with myself if you were gone because of me!! I know you hate me right now for not being there- and you have every right to be mad, but please understand how hard this is for me too! Just don’t do anything stupid Steve!!!!!! Please call me back!! I’m leaving him to be with you- I just needed time to think and now I know that this is what I want!! Please call me Steve, please! I’m so sorry! I love you Steve!! =(( I’m sorry!!

        1. Congratulations Juicy….
          Not only have you pissed off the BG community and hurt poor Brokeback horribly.
          You have crossed the line with revealing Bb’s name here.
          WTF is wrong with you.
          It is up to Brokeback to share his name with us (if he so desires) NOT you.
          You are utterly reprehensible… Piss Off.

    6. When will people learn that love is just an illusion (?). BB I really fucking hope that you aren’t going to hurt yourself in any way over J. Is it really worth it? Take it as a lesson.

      1. goddammit is this for fucken real? This ain’t a dating site! Broke Back shit man you are a trusting soul. Didn’t something like this happen before and the “girl” ended up having a bigger dick than yours.

          1. @justinebeaney
            funny thing is i did actually…lolol…we just dont advertise it cos its not what this site is about – we been going strong for a good year now 馃檪 and thats about the most you will hear about it from me 馃檪

        1. Oh my ggosh!!!!! Is this for real?!?!?!” Ot are playing a big unfunny joke on us??? Dude leaves everything behind for you and moves to another country and you leave him stranded???? This has to be a joke

          1. @doll
            yeah could have had that ‘time to think it over’ BEFORE he left…im coming out of left field with this one i know but it seems logical to me?

    7. I think this story between BBMountain and Juicy is a fake… Who would be stupid enough to leave everything to go to a girl he nver met before ? And which girl would be stupid enough to host a guy openly druggie she’s never met ? Why both of them use this place to communicate, and not their own emails… there’s something weird… in any case,if all this shit is even true, yourself for someone… Especially for a girl you even don’t know and for who you will have forgoten and won’t even talk anymore in a few months…if this emotional blackmail isn’t a joke, it is quite immature and insane, and if you need support, you can contact me on [email protected]

        1. yeah, April fools for sure… BB-Mountain, take a plane ticket to Paris, I’ll be happy to help and make you visit the town, it will change your mind, and there are a lot of hot chicks over here

      1. Yes, I’m relatively new to this site but it seemed weird that communication was done on a message born vs phone calls or even private email. Either way, I hope it’s a joke. Leaving behind children to move in with somene you met online without meeting first? April Fools is a few hours away…

          1. Thank you, nice to meet you too Juicy. Sorry things backfired for you.. No harm was intended I’m sure, just got out of control and out of your hands.

    8. BB Noooo!!! You are one of my favorite pp on this site!! Juicy you goddamned cunt, if I knew where you were I would hop a plane and beat your stupid ass (anyone up for videoing the beating for BG?). BB i dont know where you are but if you can make it to North Alabama, I will do everything I can to help. If you need to email me, its [email protected]

      1. BB please. Email me, if theres any way I can get you here, i would be glad to offer you some good ole “Southern Comfort” and I ain’t talking bout the drink either, although we can get some of that too ;-). You are more than welcome to stay here until we can get you back to your kids.

    9. ooh noo ;(
      BB and J , not too fast my friends , talking and sharing ideas will always lead you to middle way , just don’t waste time, make good use of it . And when everything will be good for both of you , go .

    10. Brokeback, you have been on my mind all day. I wasn’t sure why. Now i do. Please don’t do this because of some one. Your kids need you. Thats all that really matters. They need you to be there for them when life deals them shit like you have been dealt just now. Pleas ewe all need you here at BG. Please, please just wait before you do something you can’t undo.

    1. This is what I pieced together Evil Eggman…
      J convinced Bb to pack up his life here in Canada and move to California to start a new life with her.
      When Bb gets to Cali, J seemingly wants nothing to do with him.
      What a cunt.

      Come back home to Canada where plenty of ‘beavers’ love you Bb hun 馃檪

      1. @fiend
        no kidding! hopefully he is sleeping off whatever or on his way back….if somebody has an idea where he could be in cali then they need to be calling for some help for him..ahem juicy…..just in case….

  2. I am so worried! I really hope they are just pranking us. If not….then Juicy….you deserve the mega cunt award for 2013. And would be wise to change your avitar and name so no one knows its you

    1. @doll
      im worried too….i actually said a prayer for him..well i talked to the clouds and the sun…and i dont really do that alot…i hope he is ok…its making me remember my friend and her hanging…be well brokeback and come home 馃檨

          1. ali, well, this is great. Hopefully, someone on here knows his number or where he was going, and can check on him. We’re probably worried for nothing, they’re probably together right now, making up. But one of them should definitely let everyone here know, that hes okay.

    2. common, it’s obivoulsy an April fools, don’t be naive and stupid ! they met on monday, chatted on tuesday, some people told them it was not a dating site, cause they exposed their romance here, so they decided to make us believe they would lieve together on wednesday, and then a drama on thirsday… You’re so naive all of you

  3. I keep coming on here to see if they have commented. I reallllly hope this is just a bad april fools joke. If its not….then I feel bad for BB…but doing all that….moving and such…..was really stupid…and Juicy is a huge bitch. At least pick the guy up and tell him you have changed your mind and give him time to make arragments to go back to Canada. I hope he didn’t take all those pills and have us see his dead pix on BG

    1. My guess is that its an April fools joke..I mean come on what a coincidence that this is happening the day before April 1st. Plus, why would they be talking about it publicly to the BG community? Egh..haha great one J & BB. They are probably going down on each other right now too, looking at the BG comments and laughing.

    2. @MGD….Forreals. Just dont fucking strand the man after hes giving up everything Juicy whateverthefuck. If you love somone its not somthing you have to think about. You make it work. Which, by the looks of it is what BB tried to do. Why would you wait until the man threatens scuicide to change it up. Scared or not you should have had the decency to let him knows your feelings and not be a dumb cunt fucking bitch. Im new profile was but Ive been ghost here for a while, and while leaving his kids was not the most intelligent thing to do, I have seen more extreme things done for love and you have no right to yank around his emotions like that. You should be doing everything in your power to find him, and if you really love him, SHAME ON FUCKING YOU. If somthing happens to BB I hope it rides on your fucking consience forever. I am absolutley against any sort of violent act towards women from men, but if I ever saw you I would run you over with my fucking car. Dumb cunt. BB, take some time to reasses your dcisions and think of all the people that genuinly care for you before you make such an extreme desiscion. Were all here for ya bud.

      1. YOU my friend have got it twisted! Think about it! Common sense- even just a smudge of it would tell anyone who meets someone online to have a back-up plan! If @bb wanted to leave his gorgeous kids without a Dad- then I must have some award winning pussy because nothing in this world should make you give it up! So pah-lease! Come run me over already!

      2. Trying to turn things around now . Aleezy isn’t twisted. Playing with other people’s feelings and breaching their trust, that is twisted. And have you noticed that the majority thought you capable of doing such an irresponsible thing? Wonder why that is?

  4. I don’t believe a single word of what BB-Mountain and Juicy told us… Anyway, if Brockeback-Mountain is really in trouble, we should all of use been concerned and try to help him, by sending him money or somewhat… If he commited suicide, I hope he at last had the brilliant idea to send us the suicide video here on BG !

  5. @STEVE-I can’t live like this. I know you are gone. You would’ve answered or called me back by now. I’ve driven around the entire afternoon and called every hotel and motel this side of California from Oceanside to La Jolla AND back to the airport!!! Nobody has heard of you! My life is over! If you are still alive, reading this and this is some kinda suck fucking joke- then I want YOU to know.. I am about to swallow whatever fucking pills I can find! How the fuck could i go on knowing that I- caused this?! I love you more than anything Steve and now I just don’t give a fuck about anything! I never meant for any of this to happen. I’m sorry, I really do love you. I don’t know what else to do, I can’t think straight. I never meant for any of this to happen.. I’m sorry. Alexa

      1. @Obli- you’re the only one I’ll apologize to! I’m sorry friend. I’d never really do this to anyone! I hated seeing you of all people, turn on me! =( I know your confidence in women has been tested lately and for that reason alone I wanted to end this early, but I had to stick to the master plan.. I’m sorry friend..

    1. Btw, Alexa you can’t hurt yourself. You have kids! Its not just about you and BB anymore. Please reconsider if you are series. Please, for the sake of your innocent family and your future.

          1. @@ Juicy…Thanks…Im sorry that it kind of backfired cause a lot of members couldn’t see what was going on (even though it was brutally obvious) and ended up being upset….It was kind of in bad taste but I got a kick out of it cause I like that kind of shit ! Good Show! haha

    2. you don’t need to commit suicide. You will pay for all your faults in this present life, in the next one. You will be reincarnate and lieve and feel exactly the same thing that happened to Brokeback. And it is not a kind of punition, YOU will ask this when you’ll be in the world of souls next to the great light. If Brokeback killed himself, he’s probably now not far from the great light, looking for some oxys, and waiting to be reincarnated in another oxy addict, till he manages to fight his addiction, that’s it

  6. Ok enough of this shit. BB answers us DAMN it. if you really need to disappear for a while fine email me @[email protected] and i have a guest room and meds for you if you are in need of them. I know your heart is shredded but it can and will heal.
    WE need you here your top dog and i’ve already lost “rotten stench”. Please i don’t want to lose another BG family member, you guys are my life. Juicy have to have an idea where he would go.

      1. Rotten Stench doesn’t have an actual computer anymore. He just fucks around on The Most Depressing Website on the Internet these days by means of cell phone. He says he’d like to come back to Best Gore, though. He’s not a “six monther”, or so I’d like to believe…for now…

          1. He’s alive, and well. I wrote him on FB last night after I saw these comments, and he pretty much told me that it’s only a matter of time before he’s going to be able to come back. It should be soon if all goes well. Just trying to save money for a new computer. Rest assured that he hasn’t forgotten about us. 馃檪

  7. Juicy don’t do anything dumb. We don’t need two dead peeps from BG. Give it some time please.
    I told BB the same thing, your kids need you now and later in life. Please just hang in there we will figure it all out some how.

  8. See brokeback is gonna kill himself and blame juicy for his kids losing their father, yet it’s cool if he just fucks off on them? And it’s her fault that he tops himself? This is bullshit. It is probably one person who made two profiles and is writing this drama right now. Bear in mind, no-one here hasmet either of them. Stink of bullshit off this whole situation…

    1. I appreciate your common sense way of thinking. Its amazing to see all the “lets fucking kill juicy” bandwagon jumpers! This whole joke shit bothered me all yesterday and last night but was also such an eye-opener too! Much respect sent your way for not killing me with hateful and spiteful words!

      If any grown person commits suicide and you find it justifiable to blame it on someone else- then I really feel for you! Come on!

      1. I’d like to say “awesome prank!” You two fooled NEARLY everybody but ya can’t fool all the people all the time! As a lover of fucking with people’s heads myself, much respect to the two of you, I had a proper fucking laugh when I logged in and seen it was a prank. It was interesting to see people who say whatever they want about pics/vids of dead/dying people suddenly lose the plot when someone who they know through a website pretend to kill themselves. Had your story been real, id have said you are human, and when push came to shove, you hesitated. Like a human does. Welcome back and much love to the two of you! Epic prank, not an epic fail!

  9. i wormed my way out from the woodwork just for this “drama”.
    two self admitting failed parents, sacrificing it all for “love” awesome.
    this is nothing but a bunch of bullshit. provide vid of OD or a homemade pr0n. either way happy april first fools!

    then again maybe an online romance can work
    I met my wife of 12 years online and also my mistress, that was fun but cost me an annoying rash.

    we live and learn for the lulz

        1. Don’t lump me in there with Juicy or whatever the f*** her name is.I’m as clueless as the rest of you.But my gut feeling on this that it’s not a joke.BB really fell hard & fast for that little tart and I hope the hell he is strong enough to get through this one!!!

  10. hey if anyone is familiar with california @rebelk could use some help with hospitals in the area juicy mentioned…also if anyone has an idea as to which airport he would have flown into please let us know.
    @juicy please help us find him…email me or any of the others…we need help

  11. With all this talk about going to great lenghts to find him….if it was fake…you’d think they would of fessed up a while ago. Man…..I really hope he is alright. Juicy I hope you’re ok too and I hope you learned a lesson. Dont fuck w peoples feelings and lives

  12. Sorry Sage i was hoping if you were involved, Joke or real , i could get you to fess up by calling you out. Just tryin’ to get some answers. hope you’re not angry.
    It’s now been almost 24 hours since anyone has heard from BB.

        1. Yea- that’s ok though. She ain’t much to look at herself and she’s kinda right- I got a nice fat ass and I love for it to be spanked too!! Haha- she should’ve added freak to that list of pet names for me though!! Haha, who cares though! She ain’t nobody to me!

      1. Haha you sound so jealous of J. It’s like you’re bitter bb wanted to be with her. Why is j getting all the hate? Lighten up it’s not their fault you all can’t tell when you are been had.

  13. I’m a (very) long time visitor to BG but BB and J managed to make me come out of my hole… nice job!

    Come on people, of all days they’ve chosen today do this. Can’t people take a joke anymore. A guy that went through hell and pure misery with surgery and loads of painkillers and all, would just take pills, come on, you don’t give him credit to come up with a more BG-worthy way to finish it all…

    J, nice job. As you said, it is more an eye opener than it was a joke. How can people not like you? You have such an angelic figure and always have witty comments…

    I must congratulate both of you since this obviously needed some planning and coordination and of course you made me come out since people are obviously over reacting.

    For the rest of the those that are still pissed, as you all know, life can be really shorten fast… please laugh it off, forgive, forget and enjoy the rest of your lives.

    See ya around…

    1. Me either. But it’s good it was just a prank. I’m a little late on this I’m seeing all of it after the fact. My birthday was yesterday(April fools day) and that’s no joke I’m 22 now in an unrelated note. Juicy for the record if I had been following this I wouldn’t have jumped on the fat ugly whore bandwagon I think your great. You too broke back props to both of you on the prank 馃檪

  14. This was the best April fools joke I’ve ever seen personally.
    I’ve been around suicide, so it did hit quite hard and at some points felt like Juicy was being over dramatic on purpose to trivialize suicide, felt a bit like I was reading an excerpt from a failed Shakespearean play… nonetheless, it worried me reading through at the time, I always enjoyed BB’s humor and Juicy has contributed greatly too, but looking back over it all…
    well fucking played guys.

  15. I literally just joined, pretty much to make this post..but first made some other random ones…I have to say, anyone who didn’t know this was a joke off the jump, I’m sorry but…seriously? I am a lurker, I’ve been around here for like a year maybe?

    It was flashing neon, black man in a Clan hood, cross burning, puppy kicking crazy clear it was fake. Anyone who has read BB’s replies, should have questioned the randomness of his post. I mean why this post? He just blurts that out there….train wreck pics make him bare his emotional soul?

    Yah I think not.

    Back to the shadows I go!

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