Man Mangled and Ripped to Pieces by Train

Man Mangled and Ripped to Pieces by Train

I don’t know where this video is from, but I have my guess, and it starts with a letter “I”.

The video shows the aftermath of an apparent attempt to hug a train in motion. he guy got mangled, cut in half and otherwise ripped to piece. The white baseball hat looks like it came right out of a washing machine.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Man Mangled and Ripped to Pieces by Train”

  1. I was walking home today from the gym and approached the train tracks. Signals came on and I heard and saw the beast coming from a mile away. I laughed but then SERIOUSLY said fuck that. I’m not crossing until it’s way gone. Sat went on bestgore to see this SHIT. Don’t understand why it seems like a popularity contest on who will be most smeared in these places. So common yet I can’t figure out how. Suicide yes makes sense. Hanging by the tracks doesn’t

    1. I love how we BG fans seem to have a shared mindset of, “Fuck that (insert mundane activity we’ve seen turn deadly time and again), I’d much rather read a BG post than be one!”

      Also, I’ll never understand how someone can be accidentally hit by a train. It’s not as if they roam free in the wild and employ stealth, so even if someone’s got music blasting in their ears one would think they’d notice the freaking tracks under their feet. “Hey, is this one of them newfangled sidewalks Joe-Bob was tellin’ us about? I think I’ll try it out for a mile or two.”

    1. I’ve seen that distortion on a couple of vids on here (I’m working my way through the archives) and I’m wondering if it’s the result of a really crappy motion stabilizer being used on footage shot by someone with extremely shaky hands.

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