Man Mangled by Train Put on Stretcher, Shredded Arm Tossed on Top of Him

Man Mangled by Train Put on Stretcher, Shredded Arm Tossed on Top of Him

Them trains in India, they never quit, do they?

According to the information I got, this happened in the town of Jehanabad, state of Bihar, India. The video shows a man partially mangled by a train. He is loaded onto a stretcher, and a guy helping with getting his remains cleared off the tracks, places his shredded arm on top his beat up body, like – “hey, keep your bloody mess to yourself.

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89 thoughts on “Man Mangled by Train Put on Stretcher, Shredded Arm Tossed on Top of Him”

    1. The trains do what they can but they usually only get one at a time. Maybe one day trains will be able to swerve up onto the platform and make a real difference.

          1. Thanks for translating that.

            To answer the question, it’s mostly suicides. Sometimes, at the last moment they get scared or end up changing their minds or botch it really bad and end up all mangled/dismembered.

            Indian trains are very packed and everyone’s always in a hurry, so just as the train arrives, many idiots try to get on it early, while the train is still coming to a stop. Same thing when they want to get off the train early.

    1. Believe me. No sane human being would try to scam insurance this way. Jumping in front of a car is another thing, but here you are talking about high chances of permanent loss of limbs and probably death too.

      The person who gets into an accident should have a ticket and the payout is ₹8,00,000 that is about $12,400 (for death or serious injuries).

      And the Railway doesn’t just come by the victims house and drop off the money, you have to claim it and go through tedious government procedures, bribe the officials to speed up the procedure and then finally get the money which isn’t enough to feed the entire family.

  1. I mean at least these people are trying to do SOMETHING. Most of these train accident videos show people in agony probably in their last moments of life with 100 bystanders fumbling to get their phones out to take a picture. I get the arm thing but at least a few guys are TRYING to console him to some degree.

    1. The people don’t keep their surrounding clear. Simple answer. They are just too full of themselves. You know your country is fucked up when even the literate don’t hesitate in throwing the wrappers out of the window and make it someone elses problem.

    2. If some parts of it are dirty then it doesn’t mean the whole country is dirty. Most of you idiots can’t help but generalize. You have this narrow-minded picture in your mind about India and what it looks like. If you are shown a picture that breaks those stereotypes then you will be blown away and wouldn’t believe it was India. So, drop this narrow minded thinking, first of all. You have really no idea how big it is.

        1. Oh, I’m not getting offended. I know many parts of India are extremely filthy but there are also many parts which are remarkably clean. There’s really no one way of looking at it.

          But I will admit that our administration sucks in these regards. There’s no order in most of the cities. They can’t even keep the capital under control. If only there weren’t so many poor fuckers in India, it wouldn’t be such a terrible place. Population is our biggest problem.

          1. I understand what your saying. Population is getting rife in most countries now. I’m in uk and it sucks here too. We have rich parts and poor parts. But our government don’t give a shit, as long as they are lining their own pockets.

    3. @PIGgray, the best of the best graduates over there are the ones that emigrate to other countries.
      The best of the rest normally stay there.

      A lot of them live in absolute poverty and filth and can’t afford a basic education. They don’t have an NHS or welfare system to look after the poor, sick and crippled. I’m not sure schooling is free there. It is a hard life I guess.

      1. Thanks for all the feedback. I have never seen a picture that was taken in a “clean” section of India. I’m sorry @hindustan if I offended you for it want my intention. Maybe someday ill travel over there and we can do some cow tipping.

  2. Fuck Man,,, with all the time spent, wasted arguing with one another, and talking with the guy, He could have been done all with his Surgeries and “Eating Jello Pudding with Bill Cosby Himself, while reading some “Vintage” Playboy magazines with him.”, (as they had ample time to fly him in to serve-it) in his hospital bed with Surgeries all done by now! Like W.T.F. guys??? move your asses as every precious seconds count when dealing with such a level of trauma. You,s will have plenty of time for your conference later!

    1. @thedre

      I imagine it wouldn’t of done any good. I mean, with that level of overpopulation, I imagine every ambulance, plane, car and “10 men to a scooter,” were filled to the brim at that time.

      Just have a cold beer, and place bets if he’ll pull through by himself or not. 🙂

  3. Guy on the P.A. bout 30 secs in…
    ” Will the guy wearing a pink shirt that just got runned over by the train please GTFO of the tracks there’s another train coming in two minutes, and don’t forget to take any severed limbs with you or you’ll be fined for littering, thank you.”

  4. Holy fuck ……………..ain’t nobody told him its dangerous jerking off in a moving train …..and this is what happens when the climax is reached and you stumble and fall off on to the tracks with the cum all over your face.
    He should have been jerking off in the loo instead with doors closed

    How dumb ……what the fuck is wrong with the people why do they disregard safety in the first place and go getting severed .

    1. Who among us has never jerked off in the open door of a moving train car? In fact, the cum on this guy’s face and in his eyes wasn’t even his. It was airborne load from 3 guys jerking off in the doorway just one train car ahead of him. Maybe a flying sperm guard and no-slip steps would be in order.

      1. Oh for Pete’s sake, guys.

        Loads of fellas jerk-off near the open doors of moving trains.
        But sometimes when the train engine mis-fires and the train itself jerks, sending everyone flying, the guys around you (with both hands active instead of one hand holding the guardrail, as is advised per the sign), can suddenly bump into you, and before you know it, you’re bundled out of the doorway. As your hands are so slippery, you have nothing to hold so you go under the train’s wheels and lose your right arm.

        Poor bastard. He will never have such fun again.

      2. @Dan-A-Conda @mrspock & @thedre Bro Hahaha its kinda funny when the fingers go all slippery with the laced up
        cum and one loses the grip of the door handles finding the train coming to a sudden stop and then the fella sees himself falling off with one arm severed and the other rested on the flaccid dick still oozing out left over cum in misery and pain.

  5. I wonder how all these accidents happen when the trains go so slow, of the journeys I did i don’t think we ever went above 30 mph. It must be like the guy in the previous post running over the old woman sooooo slowly

  6. If India had electric rail trains, like in the UK, there would be fewer accidents, other things equal.

    With live rails, nobody dares fuck around on the train tracks, or steps past the yellow platform line. You respect trains a lot more in the UK.

  7. In U.K. we surprisingly get a lot of train deaths/suicides. Including the London Underground. I see around 10-15 suicides a year were I work. Nothing to do with trains though. My workplace is listed as 3rd most suicide spot in the world. Behind The Forest and Golden Gate Bridge. Only shit is I cannot video as I would be jailed and lose my job. Too many CCTV

    1. Dammit you’re so lucky. I was in a train coming up at Preston Road station in London Underground, 2-3 weeks ago and a guy jumped in front of the train.

      They locked all the doors of the train and no-one could get out for a whole 30 mins, whilst 2 ambulances, a fire brigade, and a police car arrived at the station, plus an overhead helicopter.
      Flipping maniac inconvenienced everybody and used up a lot of resources.

      I saw the train driver at the station entrance, looking all shaken, covered in blankets, weeping, and drinking coffee, whilst being patted sympathetically by ambulance staff.

      And that is the difference between the train driver and a BG viewer. One needs counselling and restorative mental therapy for weeks, the other just wants to gawp at the site with no empathy whatever and make snazzy remarks 🙂 HAHA

  8. Uk granny state its called, produces men with no backbone. Bring back national service and Nigel Farrage. Nice to see India getting on and helping with daily events rather than uk faggots feinting at the sight of blood and gore

  9. I blame the rising fares. Up until recently, poor people could afford to ride the Indian railways. Theses days they’re forced to cling onto the outside of the cars, since the tickets cost an arm and a leg…

  10. Said it before, and I will say it again….how the fuck you get hit by a train… travels in a predetermined direction on a set of tracks 5 feet wide…..avoid the 5 foot wide tracks….not fucking rocket science. Happens a lot in India it seems….especially the ones that dive in front of them on purpose. But by accident? Really?

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