Man Meets a Bloody Demise After Impalement in Car Wreck

Man Meets a Bloody Demise After Impalement in Car Wreck

Video of a nasty wreck which left a man impaled. He appears to have sped over a railroad as the gates were lowering because he crashed through and flips the car. It looks like part of the wooden guard is what ended up embedded in his chest. We see responders sawing through the wood and then pulling him from the vehicle. The way that it went right through his chest like that, you’d think some high speed would have to be involved, eh?

As far as I understand, it was an accident which only killed the driver and involved no other vehicles or injuries to others.

Many thanks to MrsPink for the vid.

54 thoughts on “Man Meets a Bloody Demise After Impalement in Car Wreck”

  1. At first i tought that if he didnt had died yet, he probably did after they removed him from the wreck in such an brute way… But then i watched carefully, and he was as dead as a ragdoll already… 😆 So yeah, keep removing bodies and laughing doing so.

    1. makes me wonder Der Kopfsammler, being intelligent Americans, not speaking the language would be a problem, but is there a way to make a boat load of cash in areas like this? doing something to make the death better for those around? im just curious.. I don’t mind dead folks. seen bunches of them. If I charged to be a death scene cleaner in bumfuck wherever. profitable maybe? just wondering your opinion. you seem like the epitome of a straight shooter. so hit me with the reasons not to try to follow it up. thanks in advance.

      1. To be honest, youre asking the wrong guy for that… 😆 I dont even know who makes the cleaning, if its the rescue workers themselves or some other specialized biohazard removal team, but i suppose that depends from country to country. Then theres the salary question that you should make your own research based on what country you desire to go to work. Other than that, well, you can allways take the money from the victim’s wallets… its not they will be needing it anymore. 😆

      1. Its a dog eat dog world. But i dont understand what has laughing to do with being “savage”, its not we dont use our common senses and are deliberately mass murdering people for religions or tribalistic reasons, so who are the real savages here? Should i remember you of the Rhodesia example?

        1. Actually, no one is telling you what you should or should not be laughing at, right? How about you return the favor? Just because you are shocked and appalled does not give you the right to be rude. I find that behaviour more appalling.
          Lighten up Francis, don’t read the comments if it pisses you off.

        2. But you could have clicked on the puppy @mrchopblade. Don’t get me wrong, nothing mean in this commentary. Let’s be honest, we’re all here for the same reasons? If you realize at some point that you made a mistake, you have the right to not come on these posts. Just to tell people that they: “Take death very lightly”…I won’t answer for anybody here, but, personnally, I don’t, I take this website and its content as genuine information. What the news on TV don’t allow us to see, and never will, as it only gets worse…It’s not because you watch videos here on BG that you’re some cruel bastard, a savage with no heart (well, I am, but this is only my business lol…). And all morbid curiosity pushed aside, we need to see life and death, as it is. Not through the annoying prism of the small, square TV. And I’m not ashamed to say that sometimes, I get caught-up and laugh, just like in this video, because the guys don’t seem to give a flying fu**. Death is part of life. Some are more shocking, or whatever term you would rather use, but it’s a fact: it’s happening everyday, and it could be me, could be you. Fascinating, in a way. But I just take it as another form of information that seems way more realistic than what I’m given since I was born by the classic media. We are free to open our eyes while we can. I’m only using my right to do so. And I’m not gonna apologize, but I did laugh, a little bit, with them…Chill out 🙂 When it’s our turn, we will be all stiff, and as Buddha said: “Trouble is, you think you have time…” So accurate here…

  2. Sweet………………with a capital “s”……………

    did he lose his feet too?………..

    or were his trousers too long?………..

    i’m confused……………???

    thanx MrsPink…………with a capital “P”. 8^)

  3. what in the world is that? Guy just seemed too much in a rush for a brush with the death!. At most times being slower on the wheels does matter after all you don’t wanna just mess around with your precious life in one go . While on the wheels just pledge never to be this rash or end up dying . I wish he knew that he only was to live once . RIP fella.

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