Man Picks Up Severed Foot, Delivers It to Owner at Traffic Accident

Man Picks Up Severed Foot, Delivers It to Owner at Traffic Accident

At Musuan, Maramag Bukidnon, Philippines, an unknown citizen filming the aftermath of a traffic accident picked up a severed foot and delivered it to the injured owner.

After he picked up the foot, someone told him “That is the owner over there, sir“. The foot bearer laid the amputated foot next to the owner and said “Here is you foot, sir”. At the end of the video, he also asked him “Are you still okay there sir“?

Props to Best Gore member foxboy2005 for the video:

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  1. Reminds me of the lady paramedic who got caught with a foot collection. Apparently she had a sort of foot fetish and over time had managed to collect a number of severed feet from accident victims. A little different from those who collect penises.

    1. Wow, this NEW site really takes some getting used to. Not to say that is not, nice, and fresh, on many levels,,, but, when did it change to this platform??? Can anybody help me with this, please! Thanks in advance you guys & gals!

    2. Hang on just a minute.., I have a feeling that foot belongs to our collection of severed feet.., it started back in 2007 when we had several separate instances where severed feet were washing up on our B.C.’s shores.., fkn asshloes can’t do anything right. Anyway.., yeah thats it..!, they all belong to accident victims.., lying, cheating, big fat rat looking accident victims.., yeah.., thats the ticket.

      1. @xxxtopher, I was reading about those washed up feet just a while ago, so odd, they haven’t even found the owners of some/any? Some were even found still shod (in a shoe) They think some of the feet just rotted off a body floating in the ocean, but some were more suspicious. This is a very interesting topic, the washed up feet in Canada.

          1. I wouldn’t have picked it up unless keeping it was part of the deal. I know someone here would bid on it. New format working fine for me. No more porn advertising make it much more classy.

    1. When I had taken my I.F.A. ticket, in one of the classrooms they had fetuses in jars.., some were obviously 3rd term.., I came Sooo Close to taking one of the late tri-semesters home with me., twas lunchtime no one in the room and I developed a connection with one.., till today I kick myself for not taking her out of there and home with me.

  2. This little piggy went to market,
    This little piggy stayed home,
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    And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home….Well, not really………

        1. Obli….probably no way to easily ‘undelete’ them, huh?
          Damn me for taking too long to go back through all the old stuff.
          On another note. Obli, will you be contributing still? I enjoy your take on humanity.

      1. nothing. they retain the right to fuck any channel at will on a whim. the fact that they allow worse things than our content and the fact of when they did the shit they did, shows they are sleazy ass motherfuckers taking orders from somewhere else. to quote Acneska, “they can’t be trusted with a second chance”.

        1. @ Obli,,, brother, when did the site change? What a shock, when i saw this new platform. NOT that it is bad, or anything, i am just not used to it yet! I miss my OLD B-G with all it,s holohoax footages, that i would read, and watch related video,s periodically. πŸ™

          1. @dre it’s like walking down a street from your childhood and no longer recognizing the neighborhood because of the changes…shocks the senses….and that’s not easy to do with this crew.

          2. I’m starting to dig the new design @thedre but I’m definitely missing the old videos. I really wish we could get a straight answer from Prochan as to what really happened but I’m not holding my breath.

          3. I keep thinking that people like @danielray will never find the correct comment box again not to mention the fact that if he logs on drunk he’ll just think he’s on a different site…insult and troll everyone and tell them how great Best Gore is. πŸ˜›
            He may not ever be sober but he knows what he likes and who he loves…when he recognizes them anyway.

          4. @ Rayf,,, You could not have explained it ANY BETTER, my man. That is how i felt Exactly. Lost, sad, but then a little excited afterwards, when i realized that i still had the most important thing of ALL. You guys, my B-G Family, then it was not so bad, after all. πŸ™‚

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        2. I want to thank you all for keeping our best interests at heart, people will get used to the new design and find something else to moan about.
          Cant believe they have deleted over 4,000 videos, im glad ive been coming to this site for years but not to sure when i became a member (been trying to find out how i change my pic but ill sort that out inabit)……..anyway thank you and fuck everyone else who bitch about the site because they are to scared to open their eyes and see the truth, people are to scared to realise death is brutal at times but oh well.
          Anyway thanks and keep up the good work all of you please, you have a lot of people here who support you, fuck the rest!!

    1. @Obli
      I was confused as well. I don’t believe Prochan deserves one fucking iota of promotion… bunch of spineless pussies in my book.

      Just my opinion but it may be time for BG to look into a solution where they own the keys to the castle. Even if another “trusted” provider is found, what is to say the same shit won’t happen again?

      I definitely have some trust issues after the last butt-fuckery that occurred.

        1. NOPE @ WoodWork,,, me likes it too. But i am positive that the Guys, & Gals, at B-G headquarters are doing their utmost best, to restore our beloved Archival Materials! Thank-You Best-gore Staff, for all the extra time i,m sure that you had to put in because of the recent, unfortunate events that occurred. But like Obli, has already stated, It will be a monumental task to recover all this lost material. πŸ™

    2. Still working on a replacement arrangement. But there are other pressing matters to take care of first, as without them the site will be off line more often then on. Until then, PC may be the necessary evil.

        1. @ Acneska, can you please answer my question ? As i am concerned with the method of payment, that i will be using to send a donation. As i cannot find a DONATE section in the sidebar, or anywhere else, and also because i am worried, and concerned, about the recent attacks, and breaches, received on here. In other words, is it safe to send any $$$ at this time, or should i wait awhile? Thank-You.

          1. You’re funny when did you start saying dude and bro (atleast to me). I’ve never heard you talk like that……well I forget shit easily too….anyway πŸ˜‰ Yay for feet

  3. Bukidnon, I believe is in Mindanao. You guys might have heard of it because of the terrorist posts like the MILF. The title already got to me and wow, this shit happened in the Philippines? Lol. I’m not really from that place but I understand the language. Some guy said that the other guy is dead. And he was like, hey, here’s your foot. If I was there, I would have mistaken that to a Halloween prop. That was oddly funny, however.

    1. @Stacie Jaxx, I have heard of Mindanoa because of the ‘massacre’ that happened there a few years back. It was a political massacre with one party ordering the killing of another party’s very pregnant wife, family, etc. along with foreign journalists. They were mowed down with bullets and buried in a mass grave, about 60+ of them. Of course they were missed and found very quickly. Incredible story.

      1. Ah yes, the Maguindanao Massacre. That shit made the country very dangerous for journalists and the whole region of Mindanao is still dangerous for tourists.

        1. @Stacie Jaxx, If I remember correctly, the group thought they would be safe because of the foreign journo’s present. They weren’t. I bet it got a lot more global media coverage because there were foreigners there though? Did they ever really think they could get away with something so audacious? I wonder if the perpetrators were charged? Wasn’t it ordered by a family of politicians? It’s never good when the same family runs the country for decades (like North Korea) the power goes to peoples heads and they have to run their country through fear.

          1. I am not sure if there was a foreigner present in there, though. But, there was a conviction that occurred however. The Ampatuan, a very powerful political family (politics here are dynasties) with strong Islamic radicalist ties, were placed into legal heat and was convicted. Along with their conviction is a piling amount of evidence are government-issued firearms illegally sold by corrupt officials. I don’t know if they too are caught.

            Maybe they thought that they wouldn’t get caught because of their ties but somebody is bound to do something because the Ampatuans attacked yet another family of politicians. What happened is that the other family (for the life of me, I cant remember their family name) was on their way to file for a Certificate of Candidacy as either a mayor or congressman, I think, and along with them were his family, companions and several journalists for different media. Being the only strong contender for the Ampatuans, they took action when they learned that Mangudadatu (finally recalled the name) is filing for candidacy and can possibly win. On their way, their vehicles were riddled with bullets. Women were raped and shot. And there was this huge outcry because so many journalists died that day, it made history.

            I believe it got a tremendous media coverage because of the journalists that were murdered plus the mass grave.

          2. @Stacie Jaxx, thanks for that extra info, mate. I’m going to go research that a bit further later. I can still remember watching the ‘diggers’ when they found the bodies, it was terrible to watch. I’m glad whoever ordered the shootings (it was the Ampatuans own private army? something like that) were convicted.

          3. He died last year, if I remember correctly. Ampatuan guy, I mean. Memory’s a little cloudy now hahaha.

            Yes, they do have a private army, same as with many powerful political families in the country.

          4. @Stacie Jaxx, I’m not sure why, but I always thought there were French or English journos that were killed too but I just went on Wikipedia and they were only local journalists there (I think they were from some of the countries biggest news outlets though?) Some of the names sound ‘Western’ maybe that is why I thought that? I shouldn’t have said ‘only’ it was a terrible thing to happen πŸ™

          5. Well, we have Spanish surnames which is a product of three centuries of Spanish colonial rule so maybe that’s what made the confusion. My real name would make me sound like a Mexican-American hahaha, as most of us have English names and Spanish surnames. And actually, I would say these aren’t major media corporations (looked on the Wiki article as well) but those must be major news sources in that area because the locations mentioned are heavily infested by terrorists, so there is always unsettlement to peace around.

            Yes, it was a terrible thing indeed. We call those unfortunate events ‘ambushes’ and it often happens near election time.

    1. @ BOOZER. That was too cool. I looked for that video a long time, and never found it, cause i could not, for the life of me, remember the name of that American Speedway, or Town. Incredible find, my man! Top Left,,, brother!

          1. I hope that wasnt a trick to see if i watch magic mike…..cuz i DONT!!!! I never even heard of big dick richie… I HAD TO GOOGLE BIG DICK RICHIE, I SWEAR ITS TRUE!!! Oh god, why do i keep typing BIG DICK RICHIE? Somebody help me!!!! :,(

          2. @GoryCory, lol, funny guy, I bet it’s your favourite movie! hahaha, I have seen the second one only. I think they’re ok for men to watch? They are very funny movies, I just love saying Big Dick Ritchie out loud, lol. (I’m female btw, you probably knew?)

        1. You know, I just noticed there are a lot of those searches that contain the word “rape”.

          I know we’re not “normal” but man…some people are just awful.

          On that note, “raped her little ass” was one of the gems on my page load…smh

          1. I hate the word moist. It’s such a weird word.

            I loooove the word wenis though, I use it all the time. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the skin that covers your elbow. My friend and I like to do wenis slaps (aka bump elbows) or if she’s putting lotion on her elbows I tell her she shouldn’t rub her wenis in public. It’s so much fun πŸ˜†

          2. @LF, lol ‘wenis’ that could get you into trouble! Also in Australia we always say boogies when in the US you call them boogers, so funny either word!

          3. Haha I like boogies even better! I’m gonna start saying that. It’s so fun telling people what that means, their reactions are priceless.

            Yes @Stacie a wenis! Spread the word!

          4. @BornToRun, hahaha that word makes me laugh. You know there is a European white-goods company (ovens, microwave ovens etc.) called Smeg? While looking at the goods once with my ex, I got the giggles when he showed us the Smeg range, I literally had to leave the store to try stop laughing.

          5. @tas Ha-ha, that was an unfortunate name for cooking appliances. I hate it when I have the giggles when reading the comments here and my wife is all, “what are you giggling about?”. I read that Adam Ant came up with that name from Adamant urinals, I guess in England. It always astounds me where names come from.

          6. Big Dick Ritchie has moist smegma hanging from his squishy wenis!!!!! Hows that for a mental image @Tas???

          1. “Or I?ll rip off your penis.”

            She might even eat it…I wouldn’t put it past her @DOS…

            *runs away screaming with flailing arms*

    1. Woah! Someone wanted to see pics of hemmies? Not nice, big purple veins on your arsehole. My poor friend had a hemmorhoid the size of an apple on her ring, a doctor snipped it and later on in the bath-tub there was so much blood, it looked like she was bleeding to death! I don’t think they are cut these days? Back in the day, it took an adventurous physician to trim one anyway!

    1. Its nice when someone gives you a helping hand in life…or should i say a helping foot?
      At least he brought it to the guy as that foot flew some distance.
      The guy who is missing his foot looks like his chilling and relaxed just watching the world go by, no pain etched on his face, nothing lol must be shock.

  4. There was once great and famous philosopher by the name of “the vulva eater” that lived in the 21st century that said,
    “before you criticize a man, walk a mile with his foot. this way, you will be a mile away from him when he realizes that you’ve stolen his shoe”.

  5. I was disheartened when I just came back on and read Acneska disclaimer. I don’t care about setup or anything I’ll just view and post. However many times they need to make adjustments in order to makes things easier and more presentable. I feel it should be done in a way that helps the people who run this site run things easier. No matter the layout we all can adjust to it accordingly? Right? Everything is hard enough with everything that’s happened than to accommodate everyone’s wishes although I’m sure appreciated. I just want everything to be better for everyone involved.

      1. I agree and its very true what I said. If we would like to see more change then dig into your wallets and donate to the site. As many users there are that come to BG to view the content and able to add to the discussion this site would succeed far past anything anyone has seen.

        Then the eyes in the sky (BG staff) might get paid back with all of the work they put in. Honestly that bothers the shit out of me that their is no course of true earnings for them, yet they put up with a constant flow of utter bullshit and at times difficult people (myself included). I agree strong changes need to be made. A new reinvention of best gore is what is sorely needed but not in the popular way

    1. @horny Well that’s certainly earned if someone loses a limb they would get some kind of compensation. I’d give money if they asked. What really pisses me off, is when you see able-bodied twenty-somethings bumming money.

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