Man Rests Next to His Leg Severed by Train

Man Rests Next to His Leg Severed by Train

According to the information I got, this happened in the town of Karimganj, state of Assam, India. The video shows a man with an amputated leg resting net to the railway tracks, suggesting that the leg was severed by a train.

The man rests his hand on the severed leg, and keeps his head right next to the bloody part, as witnesses try to make his agony in the heat of the day a little more bearable by fanning his face.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Do these people in India not look both ways when near a train track? Do the trains have a quiet sneak up on trick so they can hit all these people?
    Are the trains responsible to thin India’s population?

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