Man Riding Scooter Killed in Road Accident

His Knee is Completely Fucked But He Is Dead Anyway

Man Riding Scooter Killed in Road Accident

Scooters are a popular means of transportation in South East Asia. Just as most two wheeled means of transportation, scooters don’t offer riders much protection in accidents. This one looks like it took place in Thailand or maybe Cambodia – I can’t tell one gibberish writing from another. If you take a look at that wider photo with scooter in the foreground, the dead rider looks like he pissed blood at time of death. Sucks to have to die with blood stain in your crotch area.

His leg doesn’t look good at all either but that picture where busted leg shows the best is crashed by those two guys posing for the shot behind him. Some of those Asian countries are full of posers – I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked the photographer to wait until they check with their pocket mirrors whether their hairlines are not crooked. Asia rocks like that.

Gallery of pictures of one unlucky scooter rider who got killed in traffic accident is below:

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