Man Ripped in Half by Light Rail Train in Baltimore

Man Ripped in Half by Light Rail Train in Baltimore

Man Ripped in Half by Light Rail Train in Baltimore

On Thursday May 10, 2018, a 58 year old man was fatally struck and ripped in half by a light rail train on Howard and Clay streets in downtown Baltimore.

Police identified the victim as Timothy Mullins of Baltimore. A Baltimore Police spokesman said the man was dragged by a southbound train for several blocks.

Props to Best Gore member @cfh0384 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. People here walk right into the street all the time. I’ve lived in many large cities and this is the only city I’ve lived in where people constantly non-chalantly just walk right into the streets and expect the cars to stop for them. They take their sweet time too. I call it the Baltimore Lottery. You cross the street safely, you get hit by a car and get a nice settlement, or you end up like this guy.

      Just want to add, most of the people in this city are just like the guy recording the video. Loud, obnoxious, and unaware of the world outside Baltimore.

  1. At least it wasn’t serious.
    Oh, and could someone put into the dumpster where it belongs as it’s not only making the place look untidy but it could also attract even more vermin to the area.

    1. They’ll get shot. If you stay here long enough it’s almost statistically inevitable. I see so many people handicapped by gunfire. Intentional and stray. Not to mention how many homicides we have. It’s a war zone.

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  2. He made me laugh, he said “Now the police wanna come” he had to blame the police but there is nothing to blame them for. These shared spaces are the cause of many deaths now, bikes, cars, pedestrians, trams all share the same road.

      1. haha that’s actually what i did once, a train driver died in a crash and i emailed the service saying that as they were now one less driver can i apply for his old job, didn’t get a reply.

      1. he was smoking a goint while crossing the tracks and his nose got gisgointed.
        The brother has done his bit now, he died to provide us with a good laugh and he would tell you slavery is over, same as it ever was no matter who you vote for. BLM.

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    1. I live in a sanctuary city. My town made the top ten list of cities americans are pretty much terrified to live in. While these immigrants do work(sometimes). They are also shady af and expect everything to be handed to them and then some. They lie about their income to collect the maximum amount of benefits. They too rely on free food, housing, and healthcare. Yet they can afford to buy brand new suv’s and the latest iPhones. They’re rude and their kids run wild without discipline. We have a constant rampant lice epidemic in our schools. Their kids will come to school with lice and get sent home with a note (in spanish and english)instructing them to Not let their kids come back until the problem has been taken care of. They ignore it and send them anyways. Schools stopped letting parents know about lice outbreaks anymore because it’s constant. I use to work in a grocery store for a long time. I’ve seen food stamp abuse to the max. I’ve lived in my town all my life. Use to be nice and peaceful. Now it is a shithole. Virus’s come in many forms.

      1. Very sad. A lot of people from US tell me their once -nice towns have decayed .

        I’m putting my devil’s-advocate hat on. Surely, US industry being shipped out to foreign parts by Capitalist Fat Cats has also led to this phenomenon of low income ,crime,abuse of free benefits ie Rust Belt?
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        So in other words, is it economic policy causing your city to tank or simpy that the illegals run down any town they go in?


  4. Only happens in Baltimore… Sure, why not. Accident happen, suddenly you’re the star of the video. I’ll treat you as the star when you’re talking shit while dragging your cut in half body rambling on selfie video.

  5. I grew up here in Baltimore md. I actually know this guy. He at one time not long ago worked for my father & was a room mate of a good friend of mine. He was recently working for a masonry co .earlier that morning he was at a job site, located in a high rise building. About 20 stories high, he had tried to jump to his death. His fellow employees was able to stop him. Instead of calling 911 to get him help, they sent him away. Told him to take the rest of the day off! 20 minutes later he jumped out in front of the light rail train. His employer really pooped the bed on this one. He obviously has had decided on killing himself, someone should have been called when he tried to jump to his death. How he ended up a smear on the streets of Baltimore.

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