Man Rips Off Penis Crashing Motorcycle in China

Man Rips Off Penis Crashing Motorcycle in China

A young man cruising the roads of China on a high performance motorcycle crashed, and ripped off his penis. I imagine he kept asking himself what’s the purpose of protecting one’s head with a helmet, if other equally important goods are completely unprotected.

The pic of the severed member on the dish – what the fuck? Did they not at least try to put it on ice for a chance of re-attachment? But then – the balls seem gone, and maybe he doesn’t care for franks without beans?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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106 thoughts on “Man Rips Off Penis Crashing Motorcycle in China”

        1. Didn’t you ever watch the video of the guy with the “innie” penis he sticks shit into the inverted dick part and says he can orgasm.

          Apparently he is ok with his wife fuckig random guys since he can’t penetrate her. Weird.

  1. There’s a new American penis museum that would love to have the guy’s orphaned penis.

    And just because he and his penis didn’t get reunited, is no reason for him to go through life without a big penis. They’re now doing penis transplants, and who knows – he might pick out a new one much larger than his original.

  2. Cannibals say the penis head is the best part of the entire human. Penis heads are so excellent that they can be enjoyed raw or lightly cooked. Season to taste.

    The shaft of the penis is tough as the tires on your car. Best to pressure cook for some time before trying to consume it.

  3. If you think you are having a bad day today, come back and look at this again.

    THIS is a bad day.

    If you get through the day and still have your dick and your balls when you crawl into bed, it’s a good day…if you have a woman next to you to use it on you’re having a GREAT day.

  4. I think some of you guys here watch way too much porn. Average (by world standard) penis size of a flaccid dick is anywhere from 3 to 4 inches long.

    And we’re talking about FLACCID penis size people. You can’t get erect 24/7 unless you are in severe priapism.

    You can’t automatically know who has small or big penis just by seeing their average flaccid size. Unless their flaccid was like 6 or 7 inches but most of men’s flaccid penis size by world average is 3 to 4 inches long. And we do have showers and growers. Please get educated.

      1. “Shower” penis is a large flaccid penis that doesn’t increase much when it gets hard (erect).


        6 inch flaccid penis that becomes 7 inch erect penis

        “Grower” penis is a small flaccid penis that increases much when it becomes hard.


        3 inch flaccid penis that becomes 6.5 inch erect penis for example.

  5. Nothing to see here……but a forcibly severed lil penis in a matchbox …..
    Funny how they make matchboxes out of metal in China??????
    I didn’t know that shit…..
    Cotton on the bottom would have looked more dramatic….!!!!

  6. First of all, how the FUCK do you rip off your penis in ANY kind of crash? Its in between your legs, safest place it could be, how could it catch on something in order to tear off, unless the guy had a piercing. Also, he’s fucking Chinese. I’ve seen women with clits bigger than most of the Asian guys I’ve seen in locker rooms.

    Second of all, the reason the penis is on that aluminum tray is CLEARLY obvious. Throw in some sliced onions, carrots, and bitter squash, a dash of Chinese 5 spice, a little bit of water, cook at a low temperature for about three hours until the meat breaks down, take out and let the meat rest for five minutes, then serve over fwied wice. Pizzle, its culinary term, is actually a very chewy cut of meat (think chicken gizzards). I draw this from two sources: Arwin Mewes, the German cannibal, attested to this fact; a Japanese artist actually invited several people to a banquet in which his penis was to be the main dish, and that was also their reaction.

    I get the feeling a lot of people went home hungry that day.

  7. Wonder if he got it reattached? If not, suicide wouldn’t be out of the question. That or castration. Living with sexual urges and no ability to satisfy them would be a living hell. Either take it away entirely or take my life.
    The latter is still sounding like the better option.
    Someone order Dick’s famous chinese takeout?

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