Man Running After Argument in Street Gets Hit by Car

Man Running After Argument in Street Gets Hit by Car

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Brazil. The video shows some kind of altercation in the street. With tensions rising, one man takes off but as he enters the road, he gets efficiently stopped by a vehicle.

He may have been stopped for good. The terminal stop – Brazil. Everybody get off.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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182 thoughts on “Man Running After Argument in Street Gets Hit by Car”

          1. Sorry Doc. I didn’t. I don’t read my mail. Too many bills. I already owe several other people keyboards. They were ruined by other means though.

          1. Yeah you’re probably right… my hot wife and 3 awesome kids are just an elaborate ploy to put dumb queer cunts like you off… speaking of dumb..
            How’s your flat earth theory working out for ya..?

          2. please… don’t dodge the question..
            Seriously, how do you walk outside your front door everyday thinking the Earth is flat?
            I’m genuinely curious..

      1. If I ever record a gore video ill shout out both of your names while i zoom into the disemboweled remnants of the scene. caRnAGE takes priority though.

        1. Hehe, As it’s still an unsolved crime, SL zooms in on all the fucked up innards, mangled body parts n’ severed head and says, “caRnAGE and mattjack666, I see you guys, love your work!” Next thing you know mattjack n’ I are both on the news getting indicted! Bahahaha! 😉
          If it were me, I’d have to bring a fuckin’ list, too many names to shoutout, I know I’d forget some. 🙂 Then again talkin’ through a good video is very rude so I’d prolly keep it short and generalized.

          1. it wasnt as if i even prepared for it but carnage and protocols of zion were gonna get a shout out. lol

            if anything did happen, after saying this i probably wouldnt shout out at all…. now its an old idea. i act on impulse.

        2. Ya, it’s not like you can even prepare for that shit, one of those right time, right place situations. Good to know you were at least thinkin’ of the homies, at least give a shout out to besgore though. That’s prolly what I would do if I seen some crazy shit I was lucky and quick enough to get on film.

    1. Colby, ltfol. He did look pretty white. Hey, who says white boys can’t jump? Did you check out his vertical and take off skills? This dude could prolly dunk from the half-court line!

        1. You really are giving zero fucks lately, aint’cha, Sphinx?
          Eating out a hen’s pussy is no joking matter, sir! Sure the chicken prolly loved it and skipped merrily across the street, feelin’ like a whole new bird but that still doesn’t make it right. Sheesh, C’MON MAN!!

      1. Yep, fuck me, as well. I can handle slashes n’ gashes all day long but brutal bone damage (especially knees, shins and forearms), that shit makes me cringe, man. I don’t know what it is. That’s why I can’t believe that kid from the other video wasn’t wailing her head off. Fuck shock, I’d still be wailing like a little sissy girl.
        Ugh, negative thoughts, gotta go to my happy place.

      1. I was waiting for someone to address that, lol.
        Would’ve lost the bet, puttin’ my money on Svarg 😉

        Funny ‘gone wild bit’, remmember when that series actually got you off? That shit was like hardcore porn to me back in my day, now it’d be like, well how the fuck am I gonna get a hard on from this shit?

        1. Yeah, it had to be said. I definitely feel ya. Porn has messed me up. It takes just the right combination of things to do the trick. These days it would have to be called “girls gone mild”.

    1. Sir, are you suggesting that this fellow risked his life to satisfy a basic impulse created from the lust of MONEY? Now that you mention it, his moves looked a little predictable, scripted and rehearsed. The car driver was probably a stooge in on the scam. That camerawomen definitely did yell CUT at the end of the video. A professional gang of scammers, bent on defrauding a dear sweet old insurance corporation. You sir, are the Sherlock of Brazil.

        1. Wow, thanks Sphinx! You and my mother are the only ones who say so. It’s quite the opposite when I’m out in public, though. As soon as someone looks at me, they don’t just run away, they fuckin’ haul ass! I don’t know what gives…

  1. He must of gotten knocked 100 feet in the air and hit the ground like a rag doll, This shit is popular around special education kids when they see a car comming in a freeway going over 200 mph and they jump the last moment and get hit like a cartoon.

      1. Svarg would run to the edge of the world and fall off the edge. It’s alleged that there are holes developing in the ice wall due to global warming, but we don’t know coz NASA keeps photoshopping them out. I’ll let you be the judge.

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