Man Runs Into Flames of Burning Fuel Truck in Grabouw, South Africa

Man Runs Into Flames of Burning Fuel Truck in Grabouw, South Africa

Man Runs Into Flames of Burning Fuel Truck in Grabouw, South Africa

A retired couple got involved in a traffic accident on Houwhoek Pass near the town of Grabouw, 65 km south-east of Cape Town in South Africa. The two were in a passenger car and collided with an oncoming fuel truck.

The woman, identified as Riana Wiid died in the collision. Her husband – Ben Wiid, apparently could not bear the thought of his wife no longer being by his side, was caught on video running into the flames of the burning fuel truck, falling on the ground and burning to death.

Ben was a retired pharmacist and Riana a retired teacher. They lived in Somerset West. They are survived by two daughters and three grandchildren.

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        1. Grabouw is a town located in the Western Cape province of South Africa. … The town is the commercial centre for the vast Elgin Valley, the largest single export fruit-producing area in Southern Africa, which extends between the Hottentots-Holland, Kogelberg, Groenland, and Houwhoek Mountains.

          The valley was also home to early inhabitants of the Western Cape, evident in the name of the surrounding mountains, Hottentots Holland – “Hottentots” being the name given to the Khoikhoi people who lived in the area before the arrival of European settlers. The predominant Coloured and Afrikaans-speaking population is testament to a diverse cultural heritage and as in many other parts of South Africa, this cultural mix represents a history of complex relations. Before the arrival of European settlers, this fertile region over the mountains from False Bay was a place where Khoikhoi pastoralists grazed their cattle and wild animals no longer seen in the Cape today roamed freely.

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    As a retired pharmacist he probably could have gotten a nice drug cocktail to do the trick.
    You got to give him some credit though, not even one squirm or attempt to get out.

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    Woman: And it’s a petrol tanker
    Woman: Is there petrol in it?
    Woman: I thought you drove it?
    Man: No I drove the lorry (truck)
    Woman: Why did he do it?
    Man: I don’t know. He can right into my lane and then he came over to this side. Look, you can see my brake marks on the road.
    Woman: Mom, look you can see him raising his hand.
    Woman’s Mom: Did somebody call the emergency services?
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