Man Run Over by Army Truck in New York

Man Run Over by National Guard Truck in New York

That must have been one of those truck drivers I spoke of who like driving a vehicle larger than everyone else’s.

The accident happened at around 1:15 pm on November 6, 2012 on Canal Street in New York’s Chinatown, between Centre Street and Lafayette Street. An eye witness alleges that he saw the convoy of at least 10 National Guard trucks like the one in the photo above run the red light when crossing the previous intersection.

The middle-aged man who was run over was of Asian descent. He was reportedly crushed like a ripe tomato under the truck’s wheels but survived. He was carried away on a stretcher with a neck bracelet by paramedics and taken to Bellevue Hospital with life threatening injuries.

There’s been a bit of a media blackout about it because it was an army truck that crushed the man, so all there is are reports by eye witnesses who allege to have seen the accident.

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41 thoughts on “Man Run Over by Army Truck in New York”

  1. You’re in the middle of the street and you need to watch for on coming traffic. When you fail to see big deuce n half truck coming at you, well you end up flattened like a tomato! No second chance after this meeting dumb bastard..

    1. Hahaha! I was thinking the same thing! That’s actually the Duce and Half. It’s called a 3 Ton now. Their made in Wisconsin by Osh Kosh. The point is the trucks are both fucking BIG! And they don’t exactly go really FAST or move quietly! It you get hit, it’s truly your own fault!! Stupid idiot!

    1. I was thinking that. On the flipside though, how the hell do you miss ten of these huge trucks? Do people not look before crossing any more? I go when the traffic says it’s safe, not when the light says I can

    1. damn straigh pale we own a double duece n 1/2 and that fucker is a fucking monster i still remember when we took it camping and we yanked a 6′ diamiter tree right out of ground with the roots pulled out of the ground we had to the chains out of the trunk of the tree trunk to and we camped out for a month. though we got a 1k fine for takeing a live tree that didn’t need be removed out 😛

  2. I say run the bastard over again!! I live in Seattle and ill tell ya, the fucking hipsters do NOT look both ways here. If there are 3 major things I remember from kindergarten its learn to share, don’t cut in line, and always look both fucking ways!!! He was probably homeschooled.

  3. There is a media blackout because i live in New York and this is the first time hearing about this story. The guy walking probably had headphones on and not paying attention to the big ass convoy truck. How do you not notice a convoy truck. Fucking people crossing streets need to pay fucking attention.

  4. Mm that idiot driver of the convoy must have thought they were still in vietnam or something. He should have spotted that red trafic light. Accident my ass, that is murder. l hope the family of that asian gets a big check for xmass.

  5. What is it with people getting run over by great big bulky vehicles, fist a steamroller, then an army truck! Is it that the vehicles are so high off the road that the people driving them can’t see low enough, is it just carelessness, or are the pedistrians somehow at fault? Personally I think it’s allt three!

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