Man Run Over by Train Survives with Both Legs Mangled

Man Run Over by Train Survives with Both Legs Mangled

Looks like India again?

The video shows a man next to the railway tracks after being apparently run over by a train. He’s picked up and moved onto the platform, where the extent of trauma to both his legs becomes apparent. That is – after the cameraman removes his fingers from in front of the lens. But he gets props for not filming the video vertically like an Iphone retard.

I have no idea why not a day seems to go by without somebody getting mangled by a train in India. Now he can board a train sitting on a skateboard and sing: “I have no legs, I have no legs“. Props to whoever gets the reference without looking it up.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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71 thoughts on “Man Run Over by Train Survives with Both Legs Mangled”

        1. All right, then i guess i was wrong, so when Mark asked us to guess who sent it he meant the reference to the (i have no legs), i right away thought that it was yourself. Aw, shit, i read wrong what he stated about the props,,,lol, as i Fuckid-It-Up, Oooopsy!

          1. The reference came from the movie “Kids”. It’s a cult classic from the early 90’s I believe. That movie was crazy and is a must see.

          1. @kaneisable Maybe not
            Maybe you are full of shit and are so scared to confess.
            Maybe no one likes you.
            Maybe you are so ugly(which I probably assume from your dp) so you vomit your anger on others

          2. children children children let’s take a break and talk about Kids. IP was right it is a must-see. first 20 minutes gave me a paedophila vibe and then I was kinda left with sobering first ever am I too old to watch this vibe as I thought of the real life parents of the girls watching them up on the big screen chatting up their sexcapades ..just call it good acting. overall thumbs up damn good film

    1. Sounds like a norm around Indian rail-tracks/railway-stations. One “has to” be mangled at every track every day in India. Great population control and government policy – the public acts accordingly.

  1. Trains are good as it kills the stupid.. Because of such stupid people, you’ll hear 24×7 announcements on Indian stations telling people not to board a running train, use the bridge to cross the tracks…and not to accept food from strangers.

  2. One thing I’ve regularly seen while traveling in Mumbai local trains, if the train is crowded, everyone wants a seat to sit (and watching them hunting for the seat is pretty hilarious its like a predator spying for a prey) and when the train is empty, everyone wants to stand on the door and enjoy the view.(Although there are virtually no door)

  3. The only good thing about getting your legs run over by a Train is that, because of the Hot, Heavy Wheels, and Rails, your limbs Arteries are compressed shut, and cauterized, all at the same time, therefore bleeding out is a non issue!

    1. Train Track Jumpers, are the people in your neighborhood,
      In your neighborhood,,, In your neighborhood,,,,,,,
      Can’t re attach those legs inside the Neighborhood,,
      But their people that you meet, when your walking down the street,
      They’re the people that you meet each day!

  4. Damn killer trains are at it again…they spared this guy so he can tell his friends, not that theyd heed the warning based on history. Can we bring some of these killer trains on over to the US? Theyll be well fed there plenty of dumbasses to go around, and they all seem to be on the road when im driving haha

  5. Clean shirt, new shoes
    And I don’t know where I am goin’ to
    Silk pants, black socks,
    I don’t need a reason why
    They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
    ‘Cause every train crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man

    Gold watch, diamond ring,
    I ain’t missin’ not a single thing
    Cufflinks, stick pin,
    When I step out I’m gonna do you in
    They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
    ‘Cause every train crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man

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