Man Run Over by Truck, Skull Cracked Open, Butt Cheeks Exposed

Man Run Over by Truck, Skull Cracked Open, Butt Cheeks Exposed

This video is audio dubbed with “Silent Night“. Hopefully the victim is not Santa Claus.

A young man was run over by a truck. His skull was cracked open, brain matter spilled and smeared on the road, and his shorts and underwear pulled down to expose butt cheeks. One of them had a gash added to it.

Author: Acneska

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52 thoughts on “Man Run Over by Truck, Skull Cracked Open, Butt Cheeks Exposed”

    1. Uncle Roy got run over by a semi…. Walking home from the bar drunk Christmas Eve…. You may not believe in drunks getting run over by semi’s and their brains getting splattered all over the road and pants pulled down to reveal their asscracks…. But as for me and grandpa, we believe.

  1. Ok this is officially the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on this website. “Sleep in heavenly peace” with the close-up of the ass and I fucking LOST IT!!! XD

    I choose to believe that this guy was run over by a reindeer…

  2. Every time you see someone on the road cut to half or run over . Its phenomenal how the linen worn undresses all by itself as if hating to be on the corpse’s body .
    Look at the way his undies and the trousers slipped right down and T-shirt moved right up . The clothes seem to come to life .

  3. It’s just cool how the brains shoot out and roll a few feet away looks like the car road over his brains I mean this poor guy got the lot arse crack hang in out brain hang in out no bystanders covered his sweaty hairy arse no there more interested in recoding the poor twat ..bastards even stole his flipping flops

        1. @milton61, Hello Mr luuuurve muscle. Nah, mate we only chuck shrimps on tha barbie. Hahaha just kidding! The Aussie ecomony is quite strong, we usually choose good cuts of steak. Also a good Aussie BBQ is not complete without snags (sausages). I have never seen any brains at an Aussie barbie….

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