Man with Severe Leg and Crotch Trauma Receives Treatment in Hospital

Man with Severe Leg and Crotch Trauma Receives Treatment in Hospital

I believe the video is from Brazil. It appears to show a traffic accident victim, presumably a motorcyclist, having his injuries cleaned for treatment in a hospital.

The victim suffered severe leg and crotch trauma. Lower leg bones are shattered so much, I’m not sure how successful the surgeons could have been in salvaging that limb. If it didn’t get amputated, I suspect at best his right leg is shorter than his left leg.

His penis was almost ripped off, but the rip happened right around it, so he probably still has the tool.

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          1. It pretty much was. I’ll say this, body parts when received do not look like real body parts. They look very fake, it’s kind of weird how that works.

    1. I know, right? So much anger, has fate had lately, towards the male genitalia.

      I can almost hear the raspy laughter escaping through lips tightly sealed round a cigarette that drops ashes on the plaid vest worn by the bull dyke who sinisterly rubs her wrists while she watches men robbed of their glory…

    2. I will sweetheart…I’m gonna go look for a kevlar jockstrap first thing in the morning…

      You just take care of that cyclopean nipple of yours…who knows…it can make you famous…

        1. “Do they make nip guards?”

          If not…I could always fabricate one for you…
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          I’m a general machinist by trade…I’m good at making stuff… πŸ˜‰

    3. I know that it looks unnecessarily rough, but they have to be sure that all the dirt, pieces of clothing, etc. are completely cleaned out. Anything left in the wounds can, and most likely will, cause a massive infection.

  1. I believe the scrubbing down and flushing is just a procedure to debride the wounds from dirt and contaminants. That’s a pretty nifty leg pan with a drain and everything. South East Asia could use a shit load of those things with all the scooter and motorcycle accidents they have over there.

    I worked in hospitals for a long time and have seen many murders, suicides, and terrible accidents. One year on New Year’s eve, a very hot lady came in unconscious wearing nothing but a feather boa and she had a gallon ziplock bag full of lime green buds tucked under her arm. If only I coulda taken pics of some of the shit I’ve seen πŸ™‚ Whenever a motorcycle accident came in, it was good for at least an ankle injury. Your feet are the closest thing to the ground on a motorcycle so if ya must ride get a good heavy pair of motorcycle boots.

  2. Finally we get a cooking video featuring Julia Child.

    This recipe calls for a mangled leg and a severed penis from a Brazilian motorcycle rider. The dish is called ?Pata y Huevos Da Silva?. This dish has been around for centuries.

    This recipe calls for premium cuts of body parts (the most popular being the right leg also called the rump cap) are seasoned with no more than a liberal shake of coarse salt, some black pepper, a little bit of cumin, white wine and a bit of steak sauce before being grilled to pink perfection over charcoal (or wood, if you?re doing it the old-fashioned Southern Brazilian way).

    For an added bonus, we will also grill a small sausage, some queijo coalho (squeaky cheese-on-a-stick) and chicken hearts. All manner of legs on skewers, from pork to lamb and motorcycle riders, will be sliced by waiters straight onto your plate.


  3. You gotta be a little psycho to be a surgeon, don’t you guys think? Or in any other medical profession, really. If you’re not a little psycho at least, I don’t think you can’t handle that sort of thing on a daily basis. No wonder why being Surgeon has attracted a lot of psychopaths lol

  4. Why even bother trying to save that pinkie finger dick just push it off to the side…I’m sure if this guy was able to say something he would tell them to just fuckn stop there is nothing left to save here plus it doesnt look like he was fucking anybody just his own body…I also have to say as a gore fan I found that cringing how they were using like Brillo sponges on his mangled mess of legs..

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