Man Spins Like Ballerina Getting Crushed Between Train and Platform

Man Spins Like Ballerina Getting Crushed Between Train and Platform

Man Spins Like Ballerina Getting Crushed Between Train and Platform

This bizarre accident – if it can be called an accident as it looks more like a suicide – happened in New Delhi, India. It’s an old gore classic in which a man inside a metro station jumps off the platform and waits on the tracks for a train.

Of all the options the man could have taken, I think he took the most painful one by allowing himself to be crushed between the train and the platform. Taking the train head on or laying on the tracks would have been much quicker – if that’s what he was after. Instead he ended up trapped there while still fully conscious for who knows how long.

By getting caught between the arriving train and the platform, the man was spun around like a ballerina on acid. I’m sure the spin cut him almost entirely in half, leaving his bottom part dangling on just a few threads of tissue. The one guy on the platform who witnessed the accident first hand doesn’t seem disturbed by it in any way. I wonder what his story is – Best Gore member perhaps?

Props to Best Gore member @Spureken for the video:

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119 thoughts on “Man Spins Like Ballerina Getting Crushed Between Train and Platform”

        1. lol But still he was very stupid to think the train was gonna stop. At least he could have gone on the other side, I don’t understand this HUGE mistake he made…
          Well, at least it was his last (and spectacular…) one 🙂

          1. Oh, the mistake is mine. I watched it again, and it does look more like a suicide…Now I still cannot understand how the witnesses can manage to remain so calm and quiet…Weird………this is a weird world we live in O_o

      1. OK, retard. We get it. It’s all “artistic” and shit. You got one “Lol” the first time you said it. Stop chasing laughs. Your comment was lame the first time. The second time, just desperate.

      2. But still he was very stupid to think the train was gonna stop. At least he could have gone on the other side, I don’t understand this HUGE mistake he made…
        Well, at least it was his last (and spectacular…) one 🙂

    1. Well no-i dont think its painful actually.The spine is severed without a doubt.I have to think theres little or no feeling going on.the sever point and upwards has to have disrupted the brains nerve/pain signals.I do wish he couldv died instantly tho. The worst though-when someones suicide is self-immolation and the fuckers around them douse the flames and put them out.So fucked up! Seriously-if someone goes out on fire have the decency to respect their statement or protest or if not that simply respect the awesomeness of it…assholes !

  1. Weird how people choose the most gruesome and bizarre ways to off themselves. Seems to be a male thing mostly, although I did read one article about a woman who chainsawed her own neck – very unusual. Of all the ways to go – yikes. And who can forget the guy who jumped off the fucking Hoover Dam? Jesus Fucking Christ. Supposedly these are people striking back at someone else by doing this stuff.

    1. Hhm thats odd. I’ve always disliked the idea of a bullet to my brain, I like the death but to me it seems To quick. I would prefer to jump to my death because you have the time you’re falling to think and what I’d be thinking is thank gosh I finally ended it! You know the point were there is litarally NO turning back. Seems sweet. Or Id like to go in a violent shoot out with people trying to kidnap my dog. But I’m a giant pussy 🙂

  2. Just think that to get him out they either had to let the train roll over him unitl it had passed, or they had to amputate above where he was crushed, or they somehow had to saw away at the train itself to get him out. Either way there would have been no ‘quick fix’ to this one.!I would be extremely suprised if the guy survied.

  3. Holy shit…can you imagine being that guy warning him…that must have hurt like hell. I could see the conversation going something like this:
    Suit: Hey, hey…you better get out of there, a train is coming!
    Man:I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that….a what? (train approaches)
    Suit: A train, genius! You’re gonna get yourself killed.
    Man: Bane? from Batman?
    Suit: A TRAIN!
    Man: Ooooooh, a train………(train gets closer)…I know 🙂
    Suit: Ok, fuck it. I warned you….
    *Ballerina time*

  4. Right as the train comes to s atop (around 1:07), it looks like the guy on the right who was talking to him is like, “I told you so!”

    Man, imagine hearing him scream and crunch and the flopflopflopflopflopping as he gets twisted up. That guy watching is definitely gonna have trouble sleeping.

  5. Most graceful encounter with a train I’ve seen so far.
    Nice! Maybe the guy’s lower body look like a wine bottle opener now.
    A lot of times I don’t understand the behaviour of Indians at all…possibly it’s a Hindu thing…

    1. I saw this video a month or so ago and it was an instant all time favorite. You know the guy was in serious pain and although it was awesome I’m willing to bet the dude wished he chose a quicker way to die after being spun around like a top!

      I have watched his spin move so many times and I am fascinated.

  6. Maybe he thought he was superman, either that or he was a sheep who thought that death could never happen to him only to others so he decided to see if maybe it could. I wondered if he was thinking “ah fuck it did happen to me”

  7. I can imagine his twisting spun him to where his middle is real small & tight like a rope and all his blood & guts accumulated in the area that was his ass and now it’s puffed up like a huge medicine ball!

    And on another subject it’s MY Birthday!!!

  8. I just imagine him wedged between the train and platform, his insides dripping everywhere and the thin bits of tissue holding his once waist together just slopping off and him just there like.
    “Well. That didn’t go to plan.”

  9. Something similar to this happened quite awhile back at a station near where I live, and yes the man involved was cut in half but fully conscious. He had his family and a priest come to say their goodbyes before the train was moved away.

  10. That guy who witnessed the incident did the right thing by not offering his hand and pull out that guy. In such circumstances, never try to give an arm as the guy may pull you on to the rail track and die together with him. Remember those fuckers in Brazil who wanted to save their friend who was electrocuted, it resulted in three deaths.

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