Man Still Alive After Being Cut in Half by Train in Southern India

Man Still Alive After Being Cut in Half by Train in Southern India

We’ve seen these before, but they never get old. A man was cut in half after being run over by a train. He is still alive in the video and I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that he is in quite a bit of agony over it. Imagine what that must feel like. To feel and hear maybe even be able to watch your guts sliding out of your body all while being taped by a crowd of slack-jawed gawkers and indifferent police officers.

His ultimate fate is unknown. Police are investigating as to whether or not this was an accident or a suicide attempt. Looks to me like attempted suicide, as he was laying right on the rail. Looks deliberate to me.

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        1. It doesn’t cauterize anything. The friction created hardly creates any heat at all. It’s the fact that the wheels are broad, and the edges are squashed, rather than cut, in effect pinching both halves. The person can thus survive for some time before succumbing to organ failure & loss of blood pressure.

        1. I suppose stranger things have happened, but I can’t see him surviving that for very long. The shock and endorphins were aiding his initial survival, but once that’s worn off I reckon it’s all down hill pretty quick for this fella.
          Must be surreal as hell seeing that. A truly terrifying way to go.

      1. @Stomper.

        How the fuck did he raise himself up! I’ve watched it over and over , I’ve even laid on the floor and tried to sit up (no arms) and my legs and feet raise slightly off the ground.

        This dude has no such counterbalance to raise a heavy head and chest.

        Answers on a postcard to @Bobcat ( AKA Sceptical bastard )

        1. @bobcat.

          Don’t ask me mate, but you’re surely not suggesting this is bullshit are you !?.
          Looks real enough to me even if he does appear to be defying the usual human capabilities.
          I tell you one thing, I bet he can’t touch his fucking toes !! haha.

          1. @Stomper.

            I’m just saying what I see and he seems to be defying gravity!

            Maybe his God was being impatient and tried to carry him off mistakenly believing he was a goner?

            Does remind me of the legs buried in sand prank on the beach!

            With added gore!

      2. The main clock-work consists of the abdominal aorta (high pressure blood from the heart) and inferior vena cava (low pressure blood back to the heart); the remaining vessels are immaterial.

        Complete transection of an artery will, often, result in retraction of the vessel, spasm of the muscular walls and thrombus (clot) formation.

        Death occurs when the clot gives way; this may occur during attempted resuscitation when IV fluids are administered raising the blood pressure, or as arterial spasm reduces.

        The rail / wheel combination will certainly assist with temporary haemostasis.

        Lower injuries (pelvis and femur) may kill within a relatively shorter period due to pulmonary fat embolisation.


      3. It will cauterize almost everything no matter what gets ran over. All that depends on how fast the train was going though and if they were ran over by the locomotive or just the trailing cars. Can save somes life if it was an accident and just an arm or leg was severed or make dying much more painful and drag on for a while if you know, you get cut in half.

    1. Lesson learned! If you want to commit suicide by train be sure to lay your neck across the rail not your torso. Otherwise you just might live and will be forced to drag yourself around on a skateboard.

    2. It looks like he immediately bled out after flipping himself over, as you can see his arm doing the “death relax” thing at the end, probably as he (mercifully) lost consciousness. The cut ends of his body were compressed closed against the rail, and when he moved, stuff just opened up and fell apart.

  1. His legs are the opposite way around to his body so no doubt he spent his last moments looking at his own meat cushion whilst despising onion bhajis for what they had done to his girth, In between the bouts of excruciating pain that is.

  2. Let me guess, some stupid retards think this man would survive with proper “first world” medical treatment.

    This man is spoken for by the hungry dogs, even the cop knows it, so he keeps eating his sandwich.

    1. Surgeons have the ability to change a person’s sex, add inches to their penis, give women larger boobs etc. but they can’t reattach a body cut in half. Why? Because there’s no money in it. Sex sells.

      1. Reattaching an entire half of a body is a little more complicated then adding a silicone implant or tucking in some skin. In a third world country I imagine they don’t have the ability to do so nor do the residents have the money to pay for it. Even in the US I would imagine such a surgery would have a low rate of success. It would involve organ transplants and reattaching major arteries. I highly doubt his severed half was in an ideal condition to successfully complete that kind of surgery.

    2. Fuckers are hard to kill…most First Worlders would not survive this to become the freak show this fella did.
      Mentally he was ready to check out but the body fights on….even when we have given up.

      1. What’s worse? Being conjoined twins? Or separated conjoined twins? Mentally, Noone is happy and we all think we are freaks in our own way. Even the ones that spend money on surgery become bigger freaks than what they were before.

        1. Could you imagine needing a lower body transplant and they don’t have your preferred sex or color ??? That’s the kind of shit us common folks would have to put up with @Elma. 🙂

  3. He probably didnt survived after that if he damaged the lower intestines. 😛 If its a suicide, its rather a failure of one… He certainly was not a BG member, or he would have known to let the train pass through your neck instead. 😆

    1. lol, you guys are funny-man! Somebody should have stood him back up on his legs, and tape him with duct tape. Then scream at him to walk it off! C,mon dude,,, you can do it,,, WALK for fuck sakes!

  4. More than likely he is wondering just what the fuck else he has to do to die…it’s funny when I think of him wondering that with an Indian accent. 🙂

  5. I think what is sad, and makes me angry too, is nobody offered any help or comfort, yet they’re clicking their cameras like crazy. Wish I could take those phones and shove them up their bungholes!

  6. I’ve seen a few vids of people being cut in half and not dead, it just makes me wonder what do you say to these people when you are trying to console them ? Don’t worry mate your be ok, it could be worse or sorry mate your fucked !!

  7. He has major arteries severed, I don’t understand how in the hell he is still alive, by all accounts he should have bled out in a minute.

    When you think a sucicide is a sure death, you find out it isn’t, damn, totally cut in half above the hips and still alive. Crazy….

  8. I can stomach a lot (obviously, or I wouldn’t be on this site) but anything where someone is still alive and suffering… man… it’s really stomach-turning and sickening and disturbing to me. I think it’s waay more disturbing though how many people have their damn phones out, and the fact that not one single person, even those official-looking guys, is down on the ground with that dude in his last moments trying to offer him some sort of comfort. Actually all the camera phones out reminds me a lot of the “White Bear” episode of Black Mirror.

  9. I like how nobody cares they just keep looking at him like an animal in a zoo taking pictures, but there probably used to this sight ….he should have put is head on the rail , instead of his body….. If your going to kill yourself, make sure your die quickly,

  10. train man lays down the breaks really hard in case someone jumps on the track or there was an obstacle endangering the train… SO ,the extreme friction from steel wheels on steel tracks heats up the wheels to an extent that they cauterize any arteries or veins they squish(think more like sealing a plastic freezer bag)

  11. Hard to say,

    There are a few hat have survived this. It all depends where the cut it made and believe it or not the attitude of the body .

    Lower down you bleed to death. Higher up you lose you kidneys and bleed to death.

    Falling between in the gap between train and the platform happens quite often in NYC and is death 99% not the time because the insides fall out once they get free. Oddly enough because the spine is severed there is usually no pain.

  12. theres a couple of other videos like this one with the person still alive its truly unique and maybe the very hot train wheels cut thru and stopped the blood cleanly. I wouldnt be surprised if you put his upper half on a wheel chair he would do a fucking wheelie out of there.!

  13. i highly doubt he survived this but some people have survived being chopped in half like this. but in a shitty country like india odds are even less. he most likely died shorty alter.

    I also don’t get why anyone would try suicide by train, seem fucking horrific, especially chopping your body in half.

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