Man Suffers Arm and Leg Compound Fractures

Man Suffers Arm and Leg Compound Fractures

Man Suffers Arm and Leg Compound Fractures

In Latin America, a man is in disbelief about what has become of his life. Your guess is as good as mine as to who, what, where, why and how this God forsaken man has come to the predicament he finds himself in.
Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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      1. I was talking about the beaner guy in the video that we all were commenting on. So, unless you are him, then no, I am not talking to you.
        Not judging, but, are you some kind of a retard?

  1. Nice flappage of the foot there!! I was gonna say he probably bailed out an upper floor window after banging somebody’s wife and the guy came home but in these Third World arm pits these vermin live in single story tin shacks and lucky if they have more than one room!

    1. She doesn’t indicate what happened.
      She said, “Stop fuckin around Alejandro. You need to be at the Smiths house with your leaf blower in 20 minutes. We have 17 banditos to feed.”

  2. This was here in Argentina. This guy was a thief who was escaping from police,crossed an avenue and a bus pinned his car against a tree. I have the pics. I couldn’t understand how he got out of the car,let alone how he survived

  3. Yo soy de argentina y se que es lo que le paso a ese idiota ladrón!! Una parejita de pitbull lo agarro!! Defendió su hogar los animalitos mientras los dueños se fueron de vacaciones y ahora están juntando firmas para que no maten a los perritos que solo protegieron su hogar y pertenencias !!!

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