Man Survives Being Cut in Half, Slaps Himself on Forehead in Disbelief

Man Survives Being Cut in Half, Slaps Himself on Forehead in Disbelief

It’s not uncommon for people to survive being cut in half. To what possible extent that can be a good thing is a whole new matter.

In the video below, a man cut in half appears to slap himself on the forehead in disbelief over his ordeal. He’s effectively immobilized, but conscious, and since he can still control and move his arms, all he could really do was perform a facepalm on himself.


This happened in India. The guy was asking to be killed. Here’s another video of the same aftermath:

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    1. This happened in Karnataka,India. the guy recording the video said ? Do you see this anomaly?
      used to see these in movies , now i saw it in real
      few minutes later 2nd guy said: how did this happen?
      camera guy : there is a piece here, there is a piece over there and there.

      Update on this post : The victim told paramedics to donate his organs and eyes before he died.
      here the news link .

      1. Thanks a lot! Wow just wow! He was so heroic.. Man, we need people like him in this world.. Why not people like Bill Cosby, OJ simpson, Obama or other filthy disgusting asshole die this kind of death? Anyways, deep condolences to the family! I wish America had East Indians as slaves instead of the Negroid subhumans, at least the east Indians show some intelligence and dignity. I am an Asian myself, but I seem to like many of Indians from educated families..

        1. In a nutshell they were slaves, but when they got their freedom and independence they educated themselves and integrated themselves into civilized society.

          The negroids on the other hand didn’t go that route.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking.
      A real forehead slapper.
      “I’m alive but can never choke my choad agian!!???”
      Honestly, how could any human live WITHOUT their genitals available, and/or WITHOUT feeling in them?
      THIS GUY NO LONGER HAS HIS JUNK!!!! That’s heavy, heavy shit, man.

  1. Some shoe strings to tie off the major arteries might have saved this guy long enough for an ems to arrive…. I doubt he lived much longer after the video cut looking at the ever growing twin trails of blood.

        1. @tas-tas I don’t know πŸ™ That wasn’t even my original question for Am0ur. That wasn’t even a question I needed answered. Void that question. Her comment was about keeping him from bleeding out with shoe strings until the ems arrive. Once the ems get there, what is their ultimate goal? Would they actually aim for re attaching his lower half, “why even bother?”or prep him for some sort of ventilator to live our his days on? Or can he (top half) even be saved?

          1. @Re-pete, I just meant that once you have severed your spinal cord, you cannot move under where the cord was severed. That is one thing that surgeons can’t fix yet. So yes he would still be paralyzed.

          1. @tas that was not kind to be sarcastic to @Re-pete for asking a question. You may be in the medical field, or just have more knowledge on the subject-I myself have my RN, BSN-but not everyone can know everything. Re-pete may be in a field that you know nothing, or very little, about; and I hope if you had a question he would answer it with kindness and not sarcasm. We should not go out of our way to make people feel bad in this world…we need to educate and be kind. I’m glad @Re-pete that your question did eventually get answered, and more than likely-had he survived-they would not have tried to re-attach but just save what they could. He would have had a colostomy bag (for poop) to evacuate his bowels; and a urostomy bag (for pee) if he still had a bladder. If he didn’t, but had his kidneys, even one-they could do another kind of drainage system called a nephrostomy. All the goal of removing the fluid and toxins from the body. Otherwise they would have to do dialysis on him 3 times a week. Anyway…I saw another sarcastic comment as I scrolled down a bit-something about kneecaps. He would be paralysed from where his spinal cord was severed and whatever that controlled. Keep asking questions @Re-pete-that’s the only way to learn! Ignore the sarcasm and have a great day!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Although he was moving his arms around, he seemed to be losing feeling and control. So sad. I’m sure he’s thinking of his family and how sad they’re going to be when they find out what’s happened to him :'(

      1. Cory that is so sad, πŸ™ I think that is exactly what goes through a dying persons mind, how upset their loved ones will be.
        On a brighter note, I just had a look again at some of the older ‘cut in half’ pics, I found some of my older comments from YEARS ago, they’re always good for a giggle.

    2. Hey @am0ur, do you know how much pain this guy would be in? They say it’s amazing how shock masks it but I just don’t get how someone can be ripped in fucking half and still be able to speak to the paramedics. I shout and let it all out when in agony πŸ˜›

  2. This happened in Karnataka,India. the guy recording the video said ” Do you see this anomaly?
    used to see these in movies , now i saw it in real
    few minutes later 2nd guy said: how did this happen?
    camera guy : there is a piece here, there is a piece over there and there.

  3. A few more minutes and his daylights will stand shut forever watching the Death do a gory naked dance before his eyes .
    Death has done its bit ; in tearing him apart and will leave soon to see someone else get Ripped ,Blown or shredded apart .

      1. @Obs I am so glad they were able to reattach your bottom half and seem to be making a fast recovery. You need to start taking a bit more care, or something really serious could happen next time…….

          1. @LF, fuck me that’s terrible mate, was it a gas stove? Or something else, a candle? I have never used a candle unless there is a power-failure (rare) I never burn scented candles to make the house smell nice, not while I have kids. I know a man who lost an arm in a house fire, he lost his wife too. The were so smacked out on heroin they just didn’t, or couldn’t wake up! It still didn’t stop him from using…

          2. I don’t know what caused it actually. I never found out and didn’t want to bring it up for obvious reasons. If something happened to my babies I couldn’t forgive myself. House fires scare me so much because it’s such a painful way to go and they would be trapped in the house with no escape. It makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

          3. My step mother lost her mother in a house fire when she was a mere tot. Smoke inhalation, passed out, and then she burned to death. I believe she was five or six when this happened. It’s ridiculously tragic to lose one’s family member(s), not to mention one’s own mother in that way. She was in her late twenties.

            Sometimes, I think about all the tragedy and chaos in our midst, then I’m almost too scared to take a leak for fear that will be fucked up, too. Then the fear, like the leak, passes. It is a beautiful day today. I get to be outside in it killing weeds. The hawks and owls will be hunting and calling soon. I enjoy watching and listening to them.

            “Trade them for a package of sunshine and flowers.
            If you want the things you love, you must have showers.
            So, when you hear it thunder, don’t run under a tree.
            There’ll be pennies from heaven for you and me.”

            You can find me easily. I’ll be the one in the hard hat. πŸ˜‰

          4. I agree @Harumph, it’s easy to be afraid to do anything seeing the things on this site but it also makes me want to live and do everything I can before my time is up. I just make damn sure there’s no fire hazards before I leave the house πŸ˜†

          1. Very nice, @dutchy.
            I remember a quote similar to the view you expressed:
            Don’t spend your life trying to avoid the storm. Just learn how to dance in the rain.
            The storms are horrible at times, but they make us stronger. They cause us to appreciate the good things more, and we learn important coping skills as we go through those hard times.

  4. I’ve seen more than a fair share of these videos, but this really touched me. The inevitability of imminent death. There’s something beautiful to it, too. I don’t see it entirely as a bad thing. The faces of death are many, as you know, fellow BestGorians. A clip has to possess that something that makes it stand out from the bulk. This clip definitely has it, as does the one where a corpse of a boy eaten by pira?has is carried and set on a tarp, or those good stone-lynching videos from Africa or Brazil, for example.

    Can you put yourself to that man’s place on this video? I can. It might’ve even crossed his mind that he’d made it. Maybe for a short glimpse, through the shock. That man cannot be fixed. His time has come. Exitus. No more pain.

    1. @tas-tiger
      Its always hard for me to comment on these types of posts. It hits a little too close to home.
      When i was 22, i was serving in the US Navy. In 1996, I was on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68). We had just left the persian gulf and on through the Indian Ocean. Next port of call would be Pattaya Beach, Thailand. Everyone was excited because basically we were on our way back home to the states. It had been a long and grueling deployment of 16 – 18 hour days and nights. But for some ridiculous reason it was decided we were going to fly that day……for no good goddamn reason. Our mission was over, we had been relieved by the on coming battle-group. But there we were launching and recovering aircraft better than any other navy in the world. Making it look so easy, even though there’s a million and a half things that could go wrong at any given time with little to no warning and with the potential to kill hundreds of men and women, some just barely out of high school. Well, it happened that day. We were launching off the bow catapults and recovering from the angled deck. One of our sister squadron’s aircraft was parked at the “crotch”. The area where the two decks separate. I always hated being in that area. You’re basically a sitting duck. Your back is to the landing area where the planes are trying to catch the wire that will stop them. The best you can do is keep your head on a swivel and stay on high alert and hope that nothing malfunctions. Well on that that fateful day, a Chief whos name i wont mention out of respect to his family, took the place of a young airman who was standing in that dangerous spot. And as fate would have it, that choice to protect that young kid would cause that chief his life. An F14 Tomcat caught the wire, but it snapped under the tremendous tension. One of the turnbuckles that holds the many sections of cable together came loose like a small missile. It ripped through the tailcone of the external fuel tank, making it highly likely that 300 plus gallons of JP-5 jet fuel will quickly spill onto the deck that could potentially set off a series of fires and explosions that could kill us all, so we quickly grabbed the nearest AFFF fire fighting hose and dragged it towards the fuel but we were told not to charge the hose unless we saw flames. The turnbuckle had torn the tailcone off the droptank, and ripped through Chief’s upper torso, separating his ribcage and knocking his heart and one of his lungs out of his chest along with hundreds of unidentifiable chunks of flesh, fat, and organ meat and what seemed like gallons and gallons of blood. The projectile nearly decapitated him, but it continued its path completely through the jet he was standing near, causing a huge fat streak of red along side the plane as if someone through a bucket of red paint, then it came out the other side, flew over four more jets and came to rest just feet from the edge of the ships bow. Meanwhile, there i crouched, manning the fire hose a mere 2 or 3 feet from this bloody, rubbery looking “horror movie” prop. His heart is laying inches from my right boot. I cant stop staring at it. My boots are beginning to get soaked with his blood but we’re not allowed to move from our position until they change out the arresting wire and all the planes are safely back on deck. When flight ops are over, the medical team take the body down below decks. And the corpsman come back with rubber gloves and ziplock type bags to collect the rest of his remains…only after that, were we told to wash the rest of the blood overboard. I felt like such a fucking heartless asshole for doing that. This Chief was my friend. I looked up to him. And here i am washing his life source off the deck as if he were roadkill or something. He was only 34 years old. The day before, i was in the hangar deck working on one of my engines and he approached me with a hand on my shoulder to ask what i was doing. He knew, he could just tell that i was sad from missing my family at home. It had been months since id seen them. He said it would go quickly from here on. He was like a mentor to me. And he mentioned hed just spoken to his wife and son. They had been separated but they had agreed to stay together and get some marital counseling because she still loved him. His son told him to hurry home because he missed him and his bike had a flat tire, and he needed his dads help to fix it. None of that ever happened. He was dead and scattered all over the flight deck and all over my boots not more than 15 hours later. I STILL cry about that shit to this day. The anniversary of his death is a couple weeks away. I stood in that area so many times and nothing bad ever happened to me, i had no wife and no children. Nothing to lose. He didnt have to stand there. He was a senior enlisted. And he was violently killed for it. Id have traded places with him in a heartbeat. He was a good man. And here i am 20 years later and i still have no wife or kids. Life makes no sense sometimes.

      And for anyone who thinks i wrote too much or i talk too much or that this has nothing to do with the post….YOU CAN KINDLY GO FUCK YOURSELF.

        1. Cory, you know we’re all here for you right? You know we take care of our own here, like Obli said, we’re family here. I’ll email you later when I can get away from everybody. Talk to us man.

      1. Sorry for your horrible experience and thank you for your service. That is the best I can do and in your case, the best you can do in honoring that chief and you have. Obviously it was not your fault and never question fate. Its just a part of life and you were not standing there for a reason….you sound like a great person so I hope you realize that and your life is just as important as anyone else’s. I’m glad you were not physically hurt that day and I truly hope you will fully recover from the other injuries you experienced………I’m sure it isn’t easy but just know that people do care. I would not have written this if I didn’t.

      2. @gorycory73

        Wow brother that is a very touching story. I’m sorry you feel that way, but don’t blame yourself for his death bro. When death wants you, there is nothing you can do to run away from it. Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us SOB’s πŸ™‚

      3. @GoryCory, that is a terrible thing to witness, it would have been sort of ok to look at if you didn’t know they guy? So young, just awful. I have a lot of heart, I feel very sorry for most of the victims on BestGore, πŸ™ I know you do to, if you need to vent go to my username, I’m checking all the time. xx Judy

      4. Wow, Cory, that is such a sad story. I cried after reading it. I felt compelled to create an account to comment. Life is often filled with what ifs. I just wanted to say that I am in such awe of people like you and your chief who sacrificed so much, who were willing to give your lives in service to your country. I know it could never be enough, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      5. Survivor’s guilt can prevent people from pursuing a happy and meaningful life. I’m sure telling you there was nothing you could do means little, but you could not have known and you’re not required to achieve “greatness” in life in order to honor your friend or make sense of his death.

        This psychological damage is hard to repair without talking about it. Preferably with a professional but also with friends, close ones or even in forums like this. You have no responsibility for his death.

        Sorry for making this a Dr.Phil episode, but I know survivor’s guilt can be devastating and make for a huge obstacle in life. There’s a lot to be read about the subject. I suggest you read a bit about it if you haven’t already.
        Sorry for your loss. @gorycory

  5. BG has been the only thing that makes me glad I live in the UK.

    I do understand the poverty, etc, but what fucking backward savages that there’s very little compassion.

    In honour of this guy, I’m going to skip round the garden and be glad.

    1. @WastedSperm Im with you. I’m 28 weeks pregnant and have been bed ridden with a back injury from work. Today, for this man i will remind my mum i love her and sip my coffee in the garden. Life is way to fucking short.

  6. This proves that in the future when we merge body parts with pieces of machinery and animal parts that if the procedure is carried out correctly it will work. it seems as long as the brain and upper torso is getting a ready supply of blood then a human body will work. the heart, brain and spinal cord is all’s thats needed the rest can be attached or detached like lego.

    1. People have been getting “pieces of machinery” for decades. Pace-makers to keep your heart beating, very technical hearing-aids etc. I’ve seen stories where a guy had a bionic looking arm! Also we use “animal parts” too. Heart valves from goats, my neighbour had a photo of his donor goat blown up on the wall, it saved his life, he was grateful, that was 25+ yrs ago. I know we use some pig parts too.
      Once a spinal cord is severed though you are rooted, surgeons cannot repair a damaged spinal cord, that’s why we have folks in wheelchairs, quadraplegics etc. Of course their are people working on it as we speak, stem cell research.
      Personally I don’t think this dude will survive to “prove” anything, he hasn’t even got someone to hold his hand let alone put him back together with machinery and animal parts.

      1. i should have been a little more specific instead of sounding generic. I know about pacemaker’s etc and some animal parts but ive seen some documentary’s about science of the future and there will be robotic legs that almost mimic human legs in movement etc. they are struggling at the moment to find legs that have the fluidity of movement of human legs but they will get their. and thats what i mean about the spinal cord eventually either from stell cell or even animal expirementation they will find a way to grow a spine probably. somewhere down the line you literally will have a brain that can be attached to robotic parts and even animal parts and just be alive as all of us are alive today. and then as long as the brain is kept healthy the human brain/mind/personality could be immortal onec attached to other parts that wont decay.

          1. @steaknsidneys, I think as long as a reply has your user name in the reply, you should get a notification? Not 100% sure here but I always put the persons name I’m replying to, just in case that’s how it works! πŸ˜†

        1. Thanks @tas-tiger for the help. But im affaid thats not working for me. Iv had a few members reply to me using my @ and no notification or email. Its just making it very tedious for me to reply to people. And i dont wont to come across as a ignoramus. Maybe i should just start a new account. Thanks anyway πŸ™‚

  7. This happened in Karnataka,India. the guy recording the video said ? Do you see this anomaly?
    used to see these in movies , now i saw it in real
    few minutes later 2nd guy said: how did this happen?
    camera guy : there is a piece here, there is a piece over there and there.

    Update on this post : The victim told paramedics to donate his organs and eyes before he died.
    here the news link .

  8. I know this is real and not CGI as now I’ve seen it several times on this site. However, how can this be possible? You can lose your legs I get that but to lose everything from your stomach down, including your ass, half your digestive system, etc. just doesn’t seem possible he could remain conscious. Why don’t these victims bleed out immediately? From an anatomical standpoint, how is his heart circulating blood to his brain when the anatomy of his body that returns/circulates the blood is entirely gone? Yes I do believe my own eyes here but the damage to his body is so severe I don’t get it. People die in minutes from a single cut to the main artery in their legs and in this case, he has no legs. If anyone is a Dr. or expert here who would like to explain how he remained alive and conscious for as long as he did, I’d love to hear why. Thank you.

    1. I find this one very sad,he looks like my own and that’s why I think,usually I got no feeling at all towards them,if its murder or whatever,only thing I can think of is his guts and main arturys got so twisted and stuff that his blood kept going around,stopin him from passing out,he didn’t look in pain at all,like he just missed a goal at a football match

  9. It’s amazing humans can survive the initial trauma. But he will only last 1-2 minutes due to the huge blood loss and turn cold. The faster the better for him, as no one of the surrounding morons are willing to give any aid.

  10. Cars passing, no one cares… Like they say to their spoiled heads.. “I don’t want to traumatize myself, la la la la la la, i don’t see anything, nothing happened, la la la la lala laa, it’s nothing…”.
    Not a single one to go close to guy, give him piece and condolence… What humanity became..Please God help us.

    Guys, are we heading to global zombie state of mind? I mean seriously?

    1. at least you don’t have a lady screaming her head off next to him. theres always the one lady that just stands there screaming as loud as she can like that will comfort the poor victim lol. honestly if i saw this I’d probably be in shock at traumatized and have no clue what to do other than call an ambulance. like wtf could you do?

      This makes me sad. this is probably the worst way to die. seeing your own mangled body and can’t move and knowing you will die as roadkill. I’d just be thinking about my family and feeling sad that i can’t say bye to them.

      does stupid drivers that don’t pay attention and cause this should be punished. today i had a chinese driver in a big truck swaying in and out of his lane almost ran me off the road.

      1. I have no idea how i’d comfort someone like that. maybe i’d cover his lower body with a blanket so he doesn’t have to look at his mangled guts coming out and just talk to him. if he was religious maybe ask him to say a prayer. I honestly don’t know. This is why I don’t ride bicycles or motorcycles on public roads. It sucks for this guy but if you are going to ride a death cycle you have to be ver alert to your surrounding and be prepared for idiot drivers that can do this to you. better yet don’t ride a death cycle.

  11. What are all the people honking for? It’s not like he can get out of the way at the moment, and no one is rushing down to stop traffic. WTF? All the other cars driving by him almost run over the rest of him. SMH

  12. Wow, …just frickin’ Wow! He seems 100% coherent and vividly aware of what just has happened to him. I can’t even imagine what he’s going through. To look down and see that you have been split in half… your brain kicks in immediately and puts you in to deep shock as a way to cut off the (massive) pain and trauma. Even-so your eyes give you the cold hard fact! Damnnnn!

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