Man Taking Ride on Train Films Man Cut in Half by Train

Man Taking Ride on Train Films Man Cut in Half by Train

We’ve seen a ton of videos of people cut in half by a train, but never from this perspective. I don’t know if the cut-in-half man was killed by the train the cameraman was riding, or by one of the earlier trains, but the camera guy quite obviously knew there was a gun on the rails and stood ready to film it as his train passed over the corpse.

I didn’t get any backinfo about the video, but per usual, it has that Indian/Bangladeshi flair to it. You can really expect the unexpected if you take a train ride in this part of the world. There’s often more to see than natural scenery.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Nooo folks you got it all wrong!

      The man you just have seen, is “Currycunt Sleepack” the legendary human railway sleeper.
      Whenever there is trouble with a broken sleeper, Sleepack gets carted in to support the railway with his own frail body.

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      Here you will find answers to tough questions such as:
      – How do you fasten railway sleepers together ?
      – Who is Currycunt Sleepack ?
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      – How can I clean crushed skull fragments, blood, shit and muck off the surface of my railway

  1. It’d be funnier if this happened in some place like Alabama, instead of India. People would be like, “How the fuck an injun manage to get all the way up HERE?”

    “Sounds like a country song!” (Old Man in Bar, The Wedding Singer)

  2. These trains in india are goddam racists! Leave the poor common indian folk alone! When will the madness end! Curry lives matter. Curry matters. 7 eleven matters. Cab drivers matter! I will stop and bend my knee the next time i cross some train tracks!

      1. @terminator_g @dassaer-ds

        “Definition of cowcatcher: an inclined frame on the front of a railroad locomotive for throwing obstacles off the track.”

        I think you two are thinking of different things. A cowcatcher/pilot/’cattle-guard thingy’ is basically a wedge on the front of a train that lifts obstructions off the track and sends them flying off to one side or the other, thus keeping the tracks clear and keeping anything from either getting stuck to the front of the train or going underneath it. What we see in the ‘male hood ornament’ video appears to be some form of coupling. The train’s front in the ‘female hood ornament’ vid is obstructed by the body, so no clue on that one, but it did seem too flat to be an effective cowcatcher. (Awesome vids, by the way, thanks for the timely links.)

    1. I don’t know what is more entertaining:
      – curry muncher getting all the way under the train and getting his ass dragged to the next station
      – getting half way under like this
      – getting quarter way under, then doing the Curley Shuffle or hand walk.

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