Man on Train Platform Thrown Against Steel Pillar and Split in Half

Man on Train Platform Thrown Against Steel Pillar and Split in Half

Man on Train Platform Thrown Against Steel Pillar and Split in Half

I have no backinfo whatsoever. The CCTV footage from what looks like a train platform shows a man being violently thrown against a steel pillar supporting the roof over the station. The impact with the pillar splits him in half.

You guys tell me what the hell happened here, cause I have no idea. Was he trying to exit the fast moving train, which may have been an express train that doesn’t stop in small towns, or what?

I wonder what would have happened if the pillar was not there. He was obviously thrown with a lot of force, but if he kept gliding until the kinetic energy wore out and he came to a natural stop, would he just brush off and carry on his merry way?

Props to Best Gore member @weedguy6080 for the video:

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        1. @pigsonthewing

          I “half” no time to deal with both funerals, lol. I have to report to Capt Kirk soon.
          @Mr JXK777 is writing ‘Split personality’ on both coffins, before dumping each half into a separate coffin. Both coffins to be buried together.

          1. It was either a curry fart, or he was hit by the train and pushed into the pillar at warp 4.

            That pillar is gonna be infamous to the people that work there for a long time.

          2. Yes assuming he was hit by anything, we only see him hitting the pillar.
            If one slows the video he appears intact before his final destination Splat.

            So again assumption, he may have been Indian special forces engaged in an H.A.L.O Exercise which went seriously wrong..?

            Tho, for my 2 cents worth I’m fairly certain that it was a Fart..!
            Perhaps the ‘pillar’ could shed more light under further investigation..?


        1. @12jewlz4u4U22

          Let me explain.
          A few years ago, there was a guy here called Uncle Dilf, who rocked the boat a fair bit, he was a unique man. He had the habit of using strange phrases and one of them was
          “Did he dieded?”

          The “ed” after “died” was just for extra effect, I have no other idea why he wrote it that way, his English was fairly good. But the bad Grammar of “Dieded” just became iconic (at least in my mind) and I just find myself doing it.

          1. Mr Spock.
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            Certainly shake on that.
            You keep a good Vulcan eye upon the Captain.
            I will provide the certificates no problem.
            Plus it is a full time job, never had one of those with all the benefits of some of the lovely corpses to take advantage of.
            Speaking of which I think that there is a little catching up for me to do.
            Peace and Prosperity
            Mr Spock…

          1. @MrJXK777,

            The previous Coroner was ‘retired’ from his job after attacking Capt Kirk for making moves on his wife, the old smoothie. That man does strange things.

            As such the vacancy arose, leaving a hole in the Universe. I used to do the certs, but nobody could keep a straight face when I tried to logically deduce the cause of death. Starfleet Command is happy to pay you per Cert as long as you stay in the job. Otherwise I’ll have to take over whilst being No 2 on the Enterprise, which is hard as I have to control Capt Kirk.

            “Dieded” amongst you sentimental humans is more final and striking than “Died”.

    1. Looks to me like he was standing near the edge of the platform and when the train came he didn’t realize he was so close and it smacked him making him fly into the pillar. I’ve seen it happen in NY a man standing at the edge of the platform with his back to the oncoming train and on his phone got hit by the front corner of the train he went flying into 4 other ppl on the platform seriously injuring an older lady and a kid they all survived if it weren’t for the ppl he flew into he would’ve been a cream pie on the wall!

      1. @12jewlz4u
        Yes, upon repeated viewing it’s looking more likely than a train surfer falling, or most other scenario’s suggested.
        Whether he was indeed oblivious to the train, or possible suicide, maybe pushed as there’s the other person close to him just at the start, well again guess work is the best we have in only 4 seconds of video but, the angle of flight again points to him being struck by the train so. I’d be inclined to agree with you…
        Oh, also welcome to you.
        Any chance of a pedicure..? Ha.

    1. I agree…

      It appears he was pretty much intact at the beginning of the video. So I doubt he was hit by the train at the start. Also like most security cameras, they are set up to record at a lower frame rate, making anything moving, appear faster than it really is.

    1. That’s what I’m seeing too.
      He jumped from the platform late as to not be drug under, on the tracks.
      Instead, he jumped directly in front & hit the engine, while still at or just above
      platform height. At this point, his body was like a baseball & the train was a big bat.
      The pole, to the mid, was the first stationary object his body hit, after being hit.

      1. Did you ever catch a documentary, and something makes me think it was on HBO, maybe regarding transit authority and it was all about people getting busted up by trains. Had to be 10 or 15 years ago

        Anyhow I recall a scene where a guy was caught up beneath train and he was all talking and shit, no idea, but from waist down he was completely wound around himself and the minute they lifted train/weight off of him he was going to unspin and die so they were trying to get his wife down there.

        It was really morbid. Some say Twisted


    New Glasgow terror stabbings

    The black knifeman named by police as Badreddin Abadlla Adam

    The 28-year-old asylum seeker had travelled from Sudan

    Yet our political leaders still continue to let these filth come to the West to ‘enjoy’ our society

  2. I think maybe the jerk got on the train, clinging to him somehow, maybe his shirt was hanging on the doors and then he was thrown out … spine that ended his life … anyway, they had died with a neck fracture or skull fractures …

    my doubt is saber if this person died instantly or continued dying for a few minutes … no one will ever know.

  3. Maybe a case of dwarf bowling gone wrong? And what appear to be his feet getting chopped at the first pillar seem to dissappear at the end of the video? Maybe just a case of video editing? Looks a bit fishy to me. Still, a great way to test migrants suiatbility for entry into Europe 🙂

  4. I’m sure someone already posted this, but I’m late for the show, and I don’t have time to read everything before me.
    I’m seriously thinking this guy was standing on the tracks to get run over on purpose. Instead of falling UNDER the wheels, his ass was catapulted out onto the platform like a pinball, and lost the first turn.
    Remember that gut wrenching vid years ago when a dumbfuck couple were attempting to cross a railroad track by the station, the train wasn’t stopping there, and had to be doing at least 60 mph if not more. The man sensed the danger and held back, while the woman proceeded. She was quickly knocked about 50 yards down the incline, bouncing like a human basketball, and right into a camera that happened to be video taping the exact moment.
    It seems fair in comparison to the physics of train deaths.

  5. One fact and one thinking about this video

    THE FACT : It is not in India. It is in France. I work as train driver for more than 20 years. I can say that definitively the Colors of this train are standard Colors of around Paris area trains.

    THE THINKING : I think this is a fake video. This model of train called VB2N ( Voiture Banlieue a 2 Niveaux) has a security system and all doors are locked when more than 5 km/h. You can’t open doors. And also there is no windows that can be open.

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