Man Trapped in Car Burning Alive

Man Trapped in Car Burning Alive

In what seems to be Mexico, but not certain, a man is trapped in his car and is burning alive.

A bad male driver crashes into curb at high speed, causing him and his vehicle to go up in flames. Unfortunately, for the driver he wears a seatbelt that malfunctions, trapping him inside a raging inferno. Unable to pry the driver side door open, pedestrains try in vain to save man. Pitiful fire extinguishers attempt to put out a giant flame ball, engulfing man’s immediate surroundings.

This video is almost as good as the classic from 2018, with woman slowly roasted alive behind security bars.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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    1. I would like to see you posting these funny-wannabe comments if you were on this guy place, suffering torment from another dimension in smoldering flames. I would rejoice this, throwing concrete bricks with little force to not kill you instantly but to crush your skull a bit so your brain would slowly cook siphoning steam throgh skull cracks.

      1. The shrieks were chilling. Anyone translate please? That frame grab thumb nail is a work of art, face presses to glass while burning alive. Hail Satan!
        It looked like his legs were trapped.
        I think he called for mami at the end. Fuck that whore for bringing you into this hell, to burn, motherfucker

        1. Don’t listen to these idiots ! i will translate .There is a woman screaming Danny ! Which I suppose is the guys name . The guy trapped is saying “Help me” He then starts yelling “I am burning ” The woman says “Dany NO!” which je then cries out Mommy ! That is horrible I believe the woman is his mother .This one was hard to watch I hope he survived .

          1. I hope he survived but only if he didn’t have to endure the burning and then living with it afterwards. My friend’s sister was badly burned when I was 12 (I’m 54, now) and she says there are still pains from it.
            Since I don’t speak the language, I’ll just trust that you do. I guess the best thing is that he could hear somebody he knew/loved was there and calling out to him. He didn’t die alone. No matter how you die, it’s always much worse to die alone, I believe.
            Thanks for the translation, Roger213. 🙂

  1. That’s why I like to keep a pistol tucked between the seat and console.
    If there’s ever a good time to put a bullet in your head that ranks right up there with Mrs. Doe cleaning her snatch and getting that ‘Devil may care’ look in her eyes.

  2. Wearing seat belt saves lifes my ass. Well, if he weren’t wearing a seat belt, he probably would die during the collision and avoid the horrible, horrible suffering.

    Thanks BG, I’m going to buy a strap cutter and always have it in my glove case.

  3. I feel like way more could have been done in situations like this, but ‘stupid’ is amplified when under pressure. React and grab a fucking steel bar, and not spray what looks like flammable hair spray on the occupant in agony.

  4. WOW!! A for effort my niggas but Jesus, pull him thru the window for fuck’s sake you’re not gonna get the door open. Sure, maybe he was trapped at the legs but you’re not getting that door open.

    This just happened days ago near where I live and four other motorists pulled a guy through the driver side window. It was pretty much the same thing, the back of the car was going and they had just a little time and they got him out before the rest of the car got going. It was pretty impressive on the news.

    One time a guy committed suicide by torching himself in a mall parking lot in a car. I didn’t go but guys I work with had to scrape the charred carcass from the metal frame of the car seat because everything inside the car was gutted to nothing. He doused the entire inside with gasoline and set it off while people tried to talk to him through the locked windows and doors.

    Any people trained knowledgeable about suicide and the psychology of suicide on here know what makes a person take the most heinous, painful way out of this world??? Is it just what’s available at the moment they decide to do it and get the courage up? Is the method an indication of the level of self hatred they have? There are far less painful and slow ways to go than fire, hanging or even a gunshot.

      1. Probably 25+ years ago as an EMT I learned about “rapid extrication” where in the case of severe trauma to a victim you don’t be as concerned for limbs and get the person out of the vehicle as quickly as you can by any means, of course trying to protect their spine as best as you can.
        Now it’s very possible this person may have been pinned at the legs and nobody was going to get him out but it was a total waste of time trying to get that crushed door open.

  5. The piss poor excuse for a fire extinguisher looks like it’s making the flames bigger & more intense.

    Also I get so PISSED OFF when the person filming only films a little bit and doesn’t record to the ending. I want to see WTF the end result of the fiery accident was!! Yes, yes I know death, crispy, burnt alive.

  6. That has got to be one of the worst ways of dying, right up there with
    A Da-Silva Style, Dull Butter-Knife Beheading. 🙁


    1. I think burning alive would be much worse! Like I have said before I have been severely burned in the past and it’s horrendous! But I haven’t been beheaded by a dull blade before so can’t be 100% positive. Btw my mom was on a first aid squad for over 10 years and remembered a lady who crashed her car into a gas station. Her seatbelt was stuck and my mom saw her burn alive. This gas station had no fire extinguishers and I think no one knew where the emergency gas shut off valve was. Ever since that my mom refused to wear a seatbelt. I feel so bad for this guy.

      1. @Nic
        Yes i truly believe that burning would be the absolute worse way to go too bro! But some would say that drowning,,, beheading,,, eaten by a great white shark, and so on would be worse. So i was just curious to see what others would say, if they did not agree with the burn factoor as we both do. 🙂

        But since nobody else replied i think they agree with being burnt alive as being the absolute undisputed champ of Bad-Deaths eh? lol. 😉

    2. Any sort of extreme prolonged tortute, in my opinion I think. Burning and drowning sound awful like others say, buttou get the sweet release of death relativly soon. Months or years of torture sound worst than drowning. Although fuck drowning

      Or buried alive. Fuckk that’s got to a mind breaking last hooryah

    1. Hey@thedre bro ya can’t be this disagreeable, since what we have here is because of him for Best Gore’s eyes only.
      What if the dude with the lens eye too was thrown in tell me where would have been the footage ?
      Alright relax , he did capture the best he could depending on his camera and the scene involved ,after all he too had to save his goddamned skin , filming it .
      I hope ya’re doing well bro . Cheers!

      1. @blucon ???
        Am i seeing a fucking Mirage, or is it really you dude, he,he! 🙂

        Yea i hear you brother, as i would be smashing the window, and cutting-off the seat belt with a piece of the glass, even if it meant myself getting 3rd. degree burns on my hands, and arms. But there is no way that i Could not just stand there and film-it, and i’m sure that you would do the same as I.

        But yep,,, thanks to him we do get good gore. And holy-Dude where you been, and how you been, my good man??? I Ask cause man it’s been awhile brother. I Hope that You, and Yours are doing well, and that 2019 has treated you’s good so far!

        1. Its no Mirage @thedre bro … Its me your bro and for real .
          Now that’s the real compassionate side of you which I love . The Samaritans although were trying and doing their best they could but that inferno must have kept them at a bay because of the searing heat . If I was on the scene I would have tried breaking the windshield knowing I too would end up with the 3rd degree burns but if it was for saving another man’s life …. my life’s purpose would have been served.
          I have been here all along and yep on and off I did and do browse by leaving not too many comments .Hey but I am fine as my folks are . hope ya’re doing well too . From
          now on watch me hanging around the way it used to be.

          1. Well i,m happy to know that all is good with You’s All. Cause when A Good Caring Member like yourself goes Awol,,, i always worry that something bad might have happened to them, or to one of their family members.

            So just knowing all’s good Old-Man Dre Has Got less stress-weight n his shoulders.
            And good brother i am happy that you will be around a little more from now on, cause everybody has always liked you my good dude. So Welcome Back! 🙂

  7. Can’t imagine someone getting roasted alive ..The funk is if its Mexico or a weird location neighboring it ;one can expect nuts , bolts , seat belts and what not ending up misbehaving . The problem here was just an impact against a curb that rendered seat belt go crazy , leaving the car to go in flames, next .
    You could see the hungry flames licking mercilessly on his entire self like a fire dragon .
    I don’t think anyone can survive this burning rage cause by the time even if they had managed to pry open the car door the driver must have been found seated as a big blob of charred coal.

  8. This is a good example of what happens when a slow fire suddenly gets a better supply of oxygen…They had to get that door open to try to save him but it did make the fire much worse.

  9. There was an easy way to save him, turn the ignition off in the car and then extinguish the fuel fire under the car. With the ignition on the fuel lift pump was still feeding fuel to the fire and in that situation there isn’t a fire extinguisher around that’ll put that mess out. But if you cut off the fuel supply then you’ve got a fire that’s easy to handle. They won’t get him out of that car short of hacking his legs off, which is done sometimes in severe entrapment crashes, but if the fire is out and stays out he’s in no danger to wait for rescue…
    There’s no way that guy was getting out of that car without the jaws of life, you can see how twisted it is, the dashboard will be down on his knees and his feet are almost certainly trapped by the pedals being squashed together…
    Unfortunately, there’s only one way this is going, the sudden rush of flames before the video cuts off is the fire starting to ignite the fuel tank. Unless fire fighters got there within the following two minutes and started fighting the fire, that guy’s a goner. Once the plastics in the vehicle start burning you’ve had it, they give of some really nasty, poisonous fumes that will destroy the respiratory system very quickly, and as his skin burns off he will suffer massive septic shock from the burnt material inside the car poisoning his system. With no sound of sirens on the video, this guy is already a dead man begging for help…

  10. It’s simple. You break the window, cut the seatbelt, and lift the guy out….but apparently of all these people around the scene not one of them is smart enough to figure that out? Almost takes this into the realm of natural selection.

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