Man Uncomfortably Bent Inside Crashed Vehicle

Man Uncomfortably Bent Inside Crashed Vehicle

Video form Thailand shows the aftermath of a terrible accident. A vehicle appeared to have run off the road and rolled over a few times. Passenger was gotten out of the wreck looking pretty beat up, but able to stand on his own two feet so he’ll likely be OK. The driver fared much worse. He’s still alive but in a very rough shape but his worst problem is that he’s uncomfortably bent inside a crumbled slab of metal and the rescuers showed up without proper tools to get him out of there.

Looks like the crash may have broken a few vertebrae in his neck. Slurping noises he makes as blood and mucus get in the way of his air passages are rather disturbing. He’s obviously in a lot of pain and his neck is beyond messed up, but his outlooks of getting out of there quickly aren’t the greatest. Best start driving carefully and responsibly to avoid ending in a situation like that.

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29 thoughts on “Man Uncomfortably Bent Inside Crashed Vehicle”

  1. Talk about a very flexible person! I’d he wasn’t before- he is now! My bet it’s that if he ever recovers, he’ll walk like a pimp with an old skool limp!

    I loved the dude with the black and yellow playboy shirt! His stunna-shades completed his cool outfit! Perfect for a first-responder especially if he’s wearing ripped jeans and cheap ass flip-flops to go with it!

  2. Am I right is this just a site for racist fucktards & self harming faggots? If I was there i would sit in the space and push as hard as I could on the roof as to ease the discomfort for the suffering man. Get at me. I’m waiting.

  3. wasn’t that the squashed tin can pose from yoga 101???

    either way I feel for the dude…sucks…but yes he can now suck his nipples..a definite bonus believe me…errmm so ive heard… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Poor guy, damn he suffered! Would love to know what the outcome was for him. I’m usually ok with watching gore but was watching this with my hand over my eyes and had to turn off the sound.

  5. Guy with camera recorded everything but action.

    Poor poor guy, i fell sorry for him.
    -Once as kid i jumped inside sofa and my friend make joke by closing it: I was terrified like never in my life! Also as kid we play with a elevator and he stopped; The most horrible fear i sensed.
    Being a stuck is scary feeling. I hope he’s well.

  6. poor fellow hope everything turned out ok for him … ppl tend to forget these are dangerous machines we drive around in as long as we respect them and their power then they will respect you … and i wouldnt be seen dead in that playboy top … ponsey faggot ๐Ÿ™‚

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