Man Under Train Survives Being Partially Mangled

Man Under Train Survives Being Partially Mangled

I didn’t get any backinfo about this video. It shows a man under a train with blood staining his white shirt. He seems to be alive, but is injured to the point of not being able to get himself out from under there, nor perform any kind of movement beside moving his hands a bit.

While it’s south Asia that completely owns the world of gore with train accidents, at the 0:08 mark, there is someone in the video wearing the Jewish hate symbol on his jacket. This could even be the cameraman, taking a maybe unintended selfie of himself.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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29 thoughts on “Man Under Train Survives Being Partially Mangled”

  1. It’s good to see another variation of the choo-choo cha-cha, especially when a fellow oldtimer cheats the system. Haha, mother fuckers!

    Regarding the appearance of the hexagram at 0:08, this was an important symbol of the Indic religions which was crudely copied by a band of outlaw butchers that set up a row of hedge bet gambling houses along the eastern Mediterranean. Real cockroaches.

  2. Real Cockroaches they Are.
    I mean check this guy out mangled under the train,
    He just won’t die, like a cockroach.
    ‘I have a splitting headache’
    Is a thought running across his Mind i’m sure.

    1. These are the Jews, who migrated from Iraq and raped and murdered their way to Palestine.

      They established all sorts of evil practices such as money laundering, loan sharking, extortion, speculation in futures and hedging short and long, Ponzi schemes, leveraged buyouts, and anything else that made money while avoiding the callouses, dirt and blood on their hands.

      Now they’re in every corner of the world, but enjoy their high rise condos along the Tel Aviv beaches and summer homes sprinkled throughout the West Bank so they can laugh at the locals who are getting pushed out.

      They are the bandits of the eastern Mediterranean.

  3. Fucking bunch of degenerate retards. You would think that at the very least, one (1) of these fucking Neanderthals, would try to assess his injuries, and maybe help pinch off an artery, or two, to stem the blood flow, while a few others dig up some rock, and dirt underneath him, in order to slowly slide him out FFS. Fuckers need to grow up, stop wearing their turban as a fucking diaper, and put it on their heads instead. Maybe then,,, (and that,s a Big Maybe), they could begin to think clearly without Sun Stroke affecting them, and limiting their capabilities to only knowing how to barely operate a camera.

  4. Haha, my brain read “man under train survives by being partially mangled”. Laughed my head off, pool of blood here, and first post 🙂 proud of no longer being a lurker just laughing about all the fucked up comments you guys are posting.

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